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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: bloodlust whip Public submissive Choke
Location: A park
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

We were set to meet at the park 5 minutes to close. I look at my watch, it's 10:50pm. Five minutes to go, and then I'm getting the hell out of here.

I am distinctly aware of the odd smell that I'm putting off.. Sort of like grapes mixing with lemon and menthol. The cigarette I'm smoking dusts it all with smoky tones. The smoke trails into the vanilla mint of my toothpaste... I really need to get a scent set down, instead of all this mixing around.

It's warm, the sweat trickling down the back of my thick thighs and knees. The skirt I wear, a black with white accents, is light but it sticks to me. God only knows why tonight is the only night in months that I've decided to wear the black G-string panties. The skirt is clinging to my ass; self-consciously I pluck it from my skin, trying to catch it in the light breeze so to dry out a bit.

Fuck, it's 11pm, any minute now the cops will start patrolling the area and looking for idiots like me to ticket for loitering. Gathering my belongings, I curse under my breath as I tuck my cigarettes into my sweaty cleavage. My lighter falls into the sand... Cursing some more, I bend over to pick it up.

A hand presses into the small of my back.

"Don't... speak.."

Frozen in place in the heat and the touch, the hand slowly slides over my barely covered ass, an appreciative sound slipping from his mouth as he plucks the string of my panties, snapping it against my skin. Sneaking his fingers around it and tugging it hard, tucking my underwear into my slit, he speaks again: "Come"

Leading me by this haphazard leash, I walk backwards, my feet slipping from my sandals and into the warm sand. He tugs hard every other moment, a painful yet exquisite friction against my clit. Guiding me deep into the shadows, he says nothing.

"Put your hair up... Don't look at me! Keep your hands above your head."

Pulling my hair into a ponytail, I keep my head down, my gaze on my toes until he snakes the blindfold around my head, putting me into a complete darkness that speeds my heart, and brings my breath shallow. Coarse fingers brush against my cheeks for a moment, then bind my wrists resting atop my head. A rustle, a toss, and the silken rope falls against my back... He pulls it until my arms are fully extended above my head, and ties it. I am strung up on a tree, nearly on my toes.

Fingertips trace my throat, and hook into my shirt. Then the cold, as the blade of a knife runs against my jugular, I try not to swallow as the point presses, nicking my skin. His tongue tastes the bead of blood as he cuts into my shirt, between my breasts, nearly stabbing my heart into oblivion..

Suddenly, he grips and rips my shirt, slashing it sharply with the blade until it is in shreds around my straining feet. Same for my bra, soaked with sweat, ripping it to pieces and tossing it aside so i wait topless in the shadows. He walks away.

I stay suspended, untouched, exposed, blood trickling from my neck to my breasts, salty and sweet running down my torso. Seems like an hour, the breeze doing nothing to soothe the heat and the torment my arms are in.

"Don't scream"

The whip cracks, snapping dangerously near my face, my ankles.. The lashing begins. Snaking its long bite around my torso, scoring my back and licking my nipples, jerking me back and forth in the night air that is filling with my gasps of pain. Tears start to stream down my face as it continues, tenderizing every inch of my back and stomach with long, glowing red stripes, so hot I could swear they must be shining through the dark.

A momentary pause, he roughly removes my skirt, then whips every inch of my ass and my legs, my body shaking and jiggling in its heaviness with every hit. Harder and harder and harder, the liquid running down the backs of my thighs is no longer just sweat, the blood trailing down to color the base of my feet, I'm feeling faint, I can hardly take anymore, I'm going to scream...

Gripping my ponytail, he roughly pulls my head back and with his mouth barely touching mine, he speaks again "I said don't scream" and I whimper just a little too loud. He bites my lips together as he presses his nails into the lashes and roughly tears through them, gathering pieces of my skin in his hands and my body shakes on the verge of unconsciousness. He pulls back and slaps me roughly, waking me to stars behind the blindfold. He continues to rake every inch of my body, down my breasts, my stomach, up my thighs in that amazing way that makes me jerk every time. Growling against my throat, he tugs my panties again, forward now, hearing my wetness slicking against the string, I finally feel his erection pressing through his pants and against my belly. I'm on fire.

Guiding my feet from my underwear, he flings them aside, and I hear the delicious sound of him undoing his pants, but not dropping. He groans as his erection hits the breeze, he roughly pushes my legs apart and my shoulders scream in agony as he devours my warm spot, sucking the juices from me as if I were an oasis in the desert. It's so good it hurts.

He rubs the smell and taste of me all over my stomach and breasts, soaking his face now in blood and sweat, the whole revolting taste then placed against my mouth as he kisses me roughly. He grips my legs tightly as he guides himself to my dripping delicious slit, and roots around with the head of his penis until he finds the tight hole he's hunting for... Gasping, then moaning, my body wants more but I can't get there because of the binds...

He brings up the knife, and cuts the rope, thus making me fall and impaling me upon his cock in one rough stroke and he grabs me tight just before I fall. Moaning loudly now, he presses my mutilated back to the trunk of the tree, the bark digging dirty and scarring touches into my raw skin. He fucks me there, grinding into my hips as hard as the tree grinds my back. Harder and harder and harder, fucking deeper and deeper, it feels so good and it hurts so bad. My throat opens for the mixed scream he's been teasing from me...

Suddenly wrestled to the ground, he presses me into the sandy grass, my mind whirls for moments in how devastating the infection will be, but is swept away by the insistent strokes of his hips. He forces my knees to hook over his shoulders, and as I almost call out again he catches the call in my throat, squeezing with ever-strong fingers and I cum... Orgasming hard around his invasion, and again, till he pulls the blindfold off just moments before I pass out, so I see him over me, looking adoringly and gently touching my face.

I woke hours later, still in the dark, sprawled naked and bleeding in the grass. I see no one but I know he's watching me from somewhere, perhaps in a tree or across the park, somehow making sure that I wake undisturbed. I'm crying it hurts so much to move, every inch of me either bleeding or bruised.. I find the skirt, pulling it up to hang from over my breasts down, and gather the remnants of our night as best as possible in the darkness. All of these things I bundle together, wrapped with the whip, and finding my cigarettes, I light a smoke and begin to walk in my slick sandals the half-mile back to my house.


And even now, sitting in the bath with the water turning pink around me, the blood soaked skirt draped over the sink, I can't help but flick my clit at the memory.

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