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The last train ride was an enjoyable one. The young girl, Joey was an intern as I guessed in a arts firm which explains her cute dress sense.

After that day and an enjoyable afternoon in the nearby motel. We both called in sick and fucked the whole day.

Today, I was on a long bus ride out to another outlying town. At least the bus was a big comfortable one, I got that out from my company when I knew I had to make this trip. And I was sitting right at the rear beside a young hottie. We were occupying the corner right seats with me on the outside and she was on the inside with only a window to look out of. She pulled the curtains when she sat down and was getting ready to take a nap when I moved over and sat beside her.

There wasn't anyone near us with the closest occupied seat being more than 4 rows away. She was clad in a white pinafore dress which ended above her knees and pushed her C cup assets up firmly. She pulled out the light blanket supplied by the bus company in front of the seat and covered herself and turned away from me. The ride was going to be long and I tried to catch 40 winks too, but with a hot chick next to me, I was too distracted.

Looking down at her covered body, her long hair was draped over her shoulder revealing little peeks of her skin in between the hair wisps. Checking once more to see if we were alone and undisturbed, I bent down slightly and listened to her breathing. She was breathing very deeply and seemed to be in a deep sleep. Would I dare to try anything here now? Why not? I tugged at the blanket slightly and pulled the top of the blanket down slowly, revealing her pinafore dress top and her spagetti strapped shoulders.

As soon as her pale while slopes of her boobs came into sight, I stopped pulling the blanket. No movements from her yet, she's probably quite exhausted. Looking closely at her, I realised her eyelashes were nice and long, almost touching her white-rimmed glasses. Her lips were full and juicy, almost as if they were calling out for someone to kiss her. She was not wearing any shirts under the pinafore and her B cup sized assets were pushing out nicely showing off a nice cleavage. I couldn't help but sneak in a feel of her skin. I started with her shoulders, gently feeling her skin and checking for any response. When there wasn't any, I continued lower and move down her chest towards her breasts.

Her soft smooth skin was a delight to my fingers, her boobs soft and bouncy making me wish I could squeeze my face into them straightaway. I caressed her softly and unbuttoned her pinafore shoulder straps. They came off easily and her front panel fell down revealing her bra clad bust. Examining the pink bra carefully, I found out that it was a front clasp type and would be wonderful for me in this case. With both hands on her bra clasp, I gingerly undid the release mechanism and lifted the bra off her chest.

Her breathing was still slow and deep, lifting her breasts up and down with each breath she took. Circling my palms on her boobs, I teased her nipples until they were hard and erect. Her body was responding to my caresses as they would if she was awake. Now to move on to better pastures, I carefully lifted up the blanket and exposed her legs to the cool air of the bus's air-conditioning. Her dress ended above her knees and with her sleeping posture, the hemline was actually lifted a few inches higher.

Her flared skirt was easy to lift off her legs and I soon had her pink matching knickers in full view. It was a bikini cut and showed off her legs nicely. I remembered a little bit about biology that a person may fall into very deep sleep if her oxygen was deprived. I wanted to test that out if I could do anything more to her in her sleep without any reactions from her. So I timed her breathing and breathed out close to her each time she inhaled. She breathed in my carbon dioxide rich air continously for more than 3 minutes as I tested this theory out. After that exchange, I touched her harder and pushed on her thighs as well to test if she would react to my stimulation.

She was still out cold as if she was in a very very deep sleep. With her top exposed, I bent over towards her bottom and lifted the gusset of her panties to one side, revealing her bare pussy. Pink and glistening, I couldn't help but reach down and stroke it lightly up and down. I could feel her lubrication beginning to flow even more, preparing her body for sex. Her clitoris was under the hood, but as I teased it slowly, it popped out and engorged itself.

I slid my finger inside her vagina slowly and moved it in and out. Her canal was tight, gripping me and only allowing a very slow movement. Without any lubrication, I dun even think that would be possible at all. Finger fucking her calmly, I reached over and massaged her breasts with my free right hand. No reaction still. Would I dare to go all the way with her in this bus? And how can I do so? My lips reached down towards hers and I gave her a light kiss sealing the intention to rape her.

I spread her legs wide apart slowly and released the mechanism which allowed her seat to recline further down till it was almost horizontal. Since I was wearing sweat pants without any underwear inside, it was a cinch to move between her and tug my pants down slightly to whip my hard member out. I bent over her slightly and dipped my body to allow my cock to reach her vulva. Holding my dick in my right hand, I rubbed up and down her wet slit for a while before I pushed it inside her. Her cunt was very tight and allowed very slow entry inside her as I pushed my cock in, raping her in her sleep. It took me more than a minute before I was fully inside her right up against her womb.

Using my hips, I retracted just enough before I slid back inside her again slowly. Her pussy walls was gripping me as I pulled out and closed in, and when I pushed in, the walls relaxed very slowly to allow me to enter. Her lubrication increased as I fucked her and this allowed me to fuck her faster even though her vagina was still clamping down tightly on me.

I pistoned in and out of her with very slow pace and while I was rock hard, I knew I would not be able to come so fast with such a slow speed. Increasing my pace, I rammed harder against her not caring even if she were to wake up now as I desperately wanted to come. Fucking her with my increased pace and tight pussy was all it took for me to get further aroused and in only a few more minutes, I was ready to release my seed. With a final thrust, I quickly extracted my cock and I moved over towards her mouth and I squeezed her mouth open with my right hand and jacked my cock off with my left hand. My cum spurted with a strong force inside her mouth and some dribbled on her lips. I wiped the spilled cum and pushed it inside her mouth where she swallowed it instinctively.

After cleaning myself up, I re-arranged her clothing back to how it was previously and I covered her back with her blanket and I laid back down beside her and fell asleep...

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