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The train ride

Back to the daily commute. Each day was a drag to get to the office, due to the heavy crowds in the peak hours of the morning rush. But sometimes it's nice to be trapped in the middle of a bunch of OL's able to bump into them in the swaying motion of the train. Btw, OLs are Office Ladies for those who are curious.

They would be bumping about especially those who are wearing heels and swaying about in the train carriages. And my hand would be there in the vicinity of their butts ready to lean into them and feel the soft round flesh. Occasionally there would be those who are less sensitive and allow me to keep my hand on them longer than the norm.

Just the other day, I was totally in luck. I was on the peak hour train and there was a whole bunch of commuters on the train crammed into the train with me. I was surrounded by a couple of OL's and stuck between me and the doorway which does not open until an interchanging stop was a young girl of about 17 or 18. She was dressed in neat office attire, probably a young intern trying out for the working world before she goes on to the university life.

She was facing the doorway and her cute firm butt was right in front of me. I took my time to grind myself against her short black pin-striped skirt, feeling her smooth butt thru the thin linen material. Every now and then, the train would lurch and I would be able to get the back of my right hand onto her butt. I was testing the water so to speak and I didn't want to push it too quickly. Without any objections from her, I allowed my hand to stay on her butt a while longer each time. Next, I cupped her butt using the palm of my hand and she didn't object or make any movements either.

Groping her butt openly, I squeezed her right butt cheek lightly and slid down towards her thighs below the skirt. She squirmed slightly from the squeeze and flinched slightly when I touched her bare skin on her thigh. And still no negative reactions from her yet, some would have smacked my hand away or twisted away from the contact. I moved my hand up the flared skirt and reached up towards her panty covered butt. Caressing her smooth bum thru a thin fabric gave me a wonderful sensation and elicited a soft sound from her. Was that a moan? Hmmmmm...

Continuing to massage her, I moved my left hand up under her apple green blouse and cupped her right boob. She hesistated as she considered to remove my hand, then she stopped fidgeting. Since there wasn't anymore resistance, I pushed further and reached in under her panties with my right hand. My fingers on her butt, I felt her bare skin cool from the air-con. Circling a few times, I then dipped lower towards her love box. Aiming for easier access, I pulled her panties to a side and cupped her vulva with my hand squeezing lightly. She gasped softly and looked down to her blouse where my hand was still covering her breast and massaging her.

Sliding my middle finger between her labia lips, I could feel her body lubricating herself copiously in anticipation of the sexual act. Dipping inside the honeypot, I felt her vagina walls grip me as soon as I entered. She must be really sensitive, I didn't enter any deeper yet as I had more plans in my mind. Removing my right hand, I moved myself such that my crotch was back right behind her butt. My zip was already down in a flash and I had extracted my hard cock as I made my move. Pushing slightly with my hips, I nestled my cock squarely under her pussy lips. With each sway and shake of the train, I was sliding my dick under her wet pussy further increasing her sexual tension.

Reaching down, I held my dick in position just outside her pussy and leaned over towards her neck. I sniffed her neck and gave her a light kiss before asking her, "Are you ready?"

Not waiting for a reply, I thrusted upwards and felt the crown of my penis penetrate her tight vagina. As I slid in deeper, the tighter she felt. Pulling out a little, I slammed up against her again, with both hands holding her hips. This time, I entered her fully and I held her before I moved my hands under her blouse. Feeling around, I realised her bra opened from the front and undid it with a quick snap and exposed her boobs to my hands. Twiddling her nipples, she got even more excited and I felt the nipples stiffened and stood up at attention very quickly,

Moving my hips only I began to fuck her slowly, trying not to attract too much attention to our copulation in the train cabin. Her moans were all gurgled in her mouth as she tried to prevent herself from crying out loudly. When I had pumped her too deep and reached her cervix, she nearly cried out, but luckily she quickly covered her mouth with her hand. Realising that I was reaching my station soon, I increased my speed and fucked her harder. She was probably close too, but well...

With a final slam, I thrusted deep and began spurting my thick white cum inside her. Withdrawing my cock, I arranged it into my pants quickly and zipped up. Before I turned and exited, I whispered to the girl, "If you want to have more fun, follow me."

I turned and walked out the train door on the other side and sat down on the platform bench. She was walking towards me with a smile on her face...

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