To exhaustion   added 7 years ago
  By: Nathalie  Age: 30  Country: France

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive, Being Taped
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

My master had begun by stripping me naked, then blindfolded and ball-gagged me. Gently, he took me by my leash and led me to the bed. The he laid me down on my back, and tied my hand to the bedpost. The chains were tight, there was no give at all. No way for me to move, at all. I love being tied up, helpless. That is an instant turn-on for me. Tied up, there can be no question about wanting something, being willing or brave enough to do something. Offered, on display, I can only endure – and enjoy.

So there I was, arms stretched above my head. My master fastened the stretcher bar to my ankles, and opened my legs as far as they would go. Thus tied up, I felt my arousal getting obvious. I felt my nether lips open up, and knew they must be wet.

The next minute, I felt something press against those lips. Once it was inside, I recognized the shape. One of the remote vibrating eggs master sometimes uses on me in public. As soon as it was inserted, he turne dit on. This one has a random mode, where the vibes are not regular, but erratic. You cannot predict them, cannot get into the rythm… it is much more effective at making me come.

I felt something else press against my anus. Docile, I relaxed the muscles and accepted whatever it was master wanted to fill me with. As it turned out, another egg. Cylinder shaped, smaller, it slid right in, and only its antenna-wire remained outside of my body. This too, he turned on. Early on, my master had found out – that was news to me, at the time – that he could make me come just fucking my ass. He never stopped exploiting that since.

Then at last, he spoke to me.

— Nathalie dear, I will turn the video camera on, next to the bed, and leave you like that. A long time. You may come, as much as you like. You will probably come more than that. I will probably popby from time to time.

Then, as the effect of the two vibes inside me, and sometimes rubbing against one another, began to mount in me, he pressed earplugs into my ears. All at once, I was shut off from the world – no hearing, no sight, nothing I could touch. I was all alone in a world that was rapidly shrinking to what was inside me – vibrating relentlessly towards climax.

I don’t know about other girls, but a vibe usually makes me come pretty quick. Not as strong as good sex – well, not right away – but quick. I guess that’s the whole point. Fast, easy release. So I had been in that position for a few minutes, a dozen maybe, when the first orgasm came. It was warm, slow-spreading, more akin to a shudder. I felt my shoulders tighten then relax, and blood come up to my face. But the vibes were not stopping. They started building up a second wave, even before the first one had totally crashed. It came down more rugged, my breathing was not as easy, given I was still a bit panting a bit from the first orgasm. I felt my stomach clench, and felt a moan escape from behind the gag. But hey, surprise. That did not stop the vibes either.

Well, you get the picture. I don’t know how long I stayed like that. How many orgasms came and went and started blending one into an other. I know that pretty soon I was writhing on the bed, moaning and screaming behind the gag, straining against my restraints, all my body arching as spasms shook my pussy and asshole.

At one point, I felt a contact on my belly. There it came again. Like something… squirting. I realized my master must have been watching me at some point, and masturbated on me as I came on and on and on. The squirting stopped, and nothing happened for a while – he certainly did not untie me or stop the vibes. Aroused by the smell of master’s cum on me, the thought that he had used the state I was in to masturbate, I came harder that before – and kept coming.

Then, another squirt startled me. I tried guessing how long ago my master had came on me. It seemed only minutes, but I couldn’t think, could hardly breath, I was practically screaming non stop, my body felt tight and arched and raw and…

Another. And another.

No mistake then. Someone had just wanked on me. Well, several. That at once halted the waves of orgasms and gave them new strength. After that first moment of surprise and fear and raging questions, I seemed to come only harder and harder. Then I tought of myself on the bed with cum on my breasts and belly, and imagined what a sight I must be – and came harder still.

I don’t know how long I stayed. Couldn’t tell you how many men came on me. When master finally turned off the vibes and took the earplugs and blindfold off, I wasn’t as covered in cum as I had expected. Maybe some of it had been washed away by the sweat that drenched me from the exhaustion. My master unfastened the restraints, put the blindfold back on and ordered me to stand. My legs practically gave way under me, and I felt cum running down my breasts, belly and thighs as I stood. He led me to the balcony and made me go down on all four. My mind was still reeling from all the orgasms, my head was spinning and my whole body was trembling. Mymaster said :

— Stay there. When the cum has dried, I’ll come back to hose you clean, my whore.

I had a hard time staying upright, all I wanted to do was lie down and recover – sleep for hours.

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