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  By: reaiser  Age: 34  Country: Canada

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There is this girl who as been my best friend for the last year or so. We haven't known each other for long but the connection between us is very strong. She is one of the sexiest girl i know. When i first started to know her i found that she was everything i ever wanted in a girl. Smart, funny .. you know the rest. She never talked about a boyfriend or other guy she had the hots for so i really thought that i was the main guy for her at the point. We were getting closer and closer until the day she came by my house with a friend of her. Gorgeous girl, very sexy petite girl. To witch i didn't react because i just tough she wanted me to meet some of her friends and that was cool with as long as they were all as hot as her.

But then she sat down and she said that she really liked me and that she considered me as one of her closest friend. So she wanted me to meet her girlfriend. That was too much information at the same time. Honestly it took me some time to process in my head. First i knew i never could have a chance with her. Second, i understood why she never talked about a boyfriend but was always talking a lot with the same friend all the time. And last, she and her friend was one of the hottest lesbian couple i could ever imagine to see. Only in fantasies could i have hopped to match this sexy couple.

So it's been a year since i learned that they were a couple and it is killing me. Not to see the girl i have feelings to with someone else. But wanting to see more of them. Finally here is my fantasy. I want to see them naked. I want to watch them fuck. The twist : i want to watch them do all that they do but without them knowing that i am watching. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

I want to be witness to their most private moments. To see the lust and passion in their eyes as they fuck each other or just kiss or play with each other. I want to know everything, i want to see 24\7 of their private life. The weird thing is, yes i did fantasized that i would have a threesome with them, but that the strongest fantasy i have is to just watch them. When i am with them i watch. They don't know i watch them. I don't know i guess i just became good over the years of not letting someone know i am watching them. Kind of useful when you want to check a girl out without looking like a perv. So i watch them, i see them kiss, i see them fondle ties, shoulders and even a little ass here and their. They don't know I'm watching because i know that my friend cares if i see them.

Sometimes i catch here when they know no one is watching that the girlfriend fondles a tit then she just pushes her away smiling and telling her that she doesn't want to get caught in the act. So when i see stuff i know i wasn't meant to be witness. Those are the best. But to see them when don't think I'm there. I really haven't acted on it but sometimes it gets the better of me and i think of ways i could spy without anyone knowing.

Well, that's kind of it. if you feel like it leave comments, thoughts or experiences.

Hope you enjoyed my fantasy, have a good one.

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