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From where we left off previously,

Cheryl was still leaning on the toilet bowl for support as she recovered from her exertions. Lindy was outside the toilet cubicle knocking and asking for Cheryl...

I opened the toilet door and invited Lindy inside. She was totally shocked to see Cheryl in that condition but as she entered the enclosed area, she inhaled an amount of the gas which I had previously released for Cheryl and she relaxed instantly.

Her eyes gave her away as she tried to figure out what was happening on the scene. But she was unable to get any clear pictures in her mind, only an idea that she was to obey anything that I would tell her or suggest to her. Lindy moved towards Cheryl and checked her out, and found that she was ok with the exception that she had been royally fucked and she was tired out.

I asked Lindy if that was the first time she had ever seen Cheryl naked and she said no, she had seen her naked before during a sleep-over when they had explored their bodies trying to understand their sexuality better. And she answered my next question about her virginity by just nodding her head and hanging her head down coyly.

Cheryl panted as she clung on and I moved over to raise her up and allowed her to sit on the toilet bowl seat for her to better catch her breath. Lindy assisted hodling her other arm and was staring at Cheryl's exposed boobs as she did so. I guessed the previous occasion was pretty brief and they did not dare to look at each other much.

Cheryl's legs fell apart as she sat there staring into blank air, exposing her wet, freshly fucked vagina. Lindy was trying hard not to stare but she seems to be failing miserably at this task. Her gaze kept falling back towards Cheryl's groin area and her mouth started to gape apart slowly.

I stood behind Lindy and glanced over her shoulder at what she was looking at and I rested my chin on her shoulder, breathing into her ear, "So you like what you see? You want to try it too?" Dazed and excited by my proximity to her, Lindy was frozen solid and didn't even move a single muscle. I nuzzled my nose against her neck and blew small breaths down her neck and she shivered in fear and excitement.

Looking down towards her breasts, I could see that her nipples were hardening slowly with my caresses and slow arousal techniques. She is not wearing any bras as well and her assets were definitely bigger than Cheryl's. At least a B cup or mebbe even a C cup. She was slightly bigger than Cheryl but she was still about an S size. Reaching down with my left hand, I covered her left breast and squeezed her gently. Her tube top was fully filled and I had to push it down with some effort on my part before I was able to expose her breasts.

Lindy immediately covered up herself with her arms but I pushed her arms down gently and suggested to her that she had great assets and that she should be proud to show them to me. With that in her head, she proudly pushed her chest forward and arched her shoulders back displaying her boobs. I leaned over her shoulder and looked down on the white creamy slopes of her breasts ending with pointed reddish nipples jutting out prominantly.

Cheryl still panting, looked over at Lindy staring at her boobs. I saw where her gaze ended and I took hold of Lindy's breasts in my hands groping them openly for Cheryl to see. She stared even harder and licked her lips. Moving down, I pulled down Lindy's shorts revealing a pair of pink g-strings barely hiding anything. Slapping her butt cheeks lightly made them jiggle about slightly. Guiding Lindy over slowly to where Cheryl was sitting, I suggested to Cheryl that she would really be interested to have a feel of Lindy's body and that Lindy would also welcome such an "inspection".

Cheryl's hands were immeidately on the job and roamed all over Lindy, caressing her boobs, belly and thighs. She held back slightly at the pubic area, until I helped her along by moving Lindy's tiny string panties to the side exposing her vulva. Lindy was also shaved bare like Cheryl, her pussy lips slightly puffy closed up like a pale clam. Cheryl spread her labia with her fingers and as it opened up, her inner lips came into view topped with a engorged bump peeking out under the hood.

The aphrodiasc must be really giving Lindy a strong effect, her secretions were flowing and coating Cheryls fingers with a thin film as she continued fingering Lindy. Pushing Lindy closer, I lifted her right leg up, Cheryl got the idea immediately and stuck her tongue straight against Lindy's wet pussy and licked. Lindy was shocked that this could feel so good and was as surprised as Cheryl was when I did Cheryl just minutes ago.

Closing her eyes, she was barely able to stand as Cheryl continued her oral stimulation on Lindy's nether regions. I held Lindy in my arms, supporting her small frame with ease. Standing directly behind her, I allowed my cock to rest directly underneath Lindy's crotch and I pushed it forward towards Cheryl allowing her to give me a lick every now and then. Cheryl worked hard and got Lindy aroused very quickly while keeping me nice and hard in the meantime.

I waited for Lindy to orgasm first, and this she did in a matter of minutes from when Cheryl started licking her. As she came, I allowed her right leg down. Which was a lucky thing as she nearly collapsed. I held her by her waist and her upper body came down into the arms of Cheryl. Rearing back a little, I took aim and stabbed into her with one hard stroke. Already winded from her orgasm, she could barely scream her cry of pain and only let out a soft yelp of ouch. I continued to thrust into her, stroke after stroke, pushing myself deep inside her.

Cheryl held Lindy tightly and helped by massaging Lindy's boobs with her one free hand. From the groans and moans from Lindy's direction, I knew she was beginning to enjoy this "rape". A small trickle of blood flowed down her thigh, exciting me even more to know that she is the second virgin I have deflowered for the night. Ploughing deeply inside her, her pussy gripped me tightly and pulsed in rythm as I bumped into her butt continously. Cheryl moved slightly and allowed Lindy to rest her head on Cheryl's shoulder, freeing up her other hand as well. Now with both hands free, Cheryl used her left hand to rub Lindy's clitoris.

Still recovering from her first orgasm minutes earlier, Lindy was fast approaching her second one as Cheryl assisted from underneath. Pounding her from behind, I felt her vagina suddenly launch into a series of spasms and I fired off almost simultaneously squirting my cum up against her cervical entrance towards her womb. Knowing that my sperms are swimming up and inside a girl's unprotected womb always gives me a warm feeling.

Amazingly I was still hard and was raring to go again. Guiding Cheryl up, I placed her besides Lindy who was still facing downwards and pushed the both of them towards the wash basin. Making the both of them hold the wash basin, I stood behind their butts admiring the nice round shapes. I could see my cum dripping out of Lindy mixing with her virgin blood. Guiding my hard prick right against Cheryl's pussy, I pushed in slowly and felt her Vagina spread open slowly. Her soft pussy walls gripped me like a velvet glove, her lubrication flowing slowly allowing me to slide inside better.

After a minute or so, I pulled out and entered Lindy's wet slot. As soon as I thrusted inside her, she reacted to my entry by clamping down hard with her vaginal muscles. She was so tight that her lubrication had little effect to help me slide in easily. Each stroke had me grunting with effort as if I was dry fucking a virgin. Extracting my cock gingerly, I went back to Cheryl and pounded her with relish. Looking over at Lindy, she was almost sighing in relief when I pulled out of her.

With my sexual arousal rising to a peak, I disengaged from Cheryl and went back to Lindy. Knowing I won't be able to last long inside her tight canal, I pierced inside her quickly and began fucking her rapidly. Her reaction was not as fast this time around and she only started to grip me on my 3rd or 4th stroke. And her grip wasn't as tight now, I manage to fuck her quickly thrusting deeply getting a squeal each time I reached her cervix.

Her moaning was getting to me and I directed Cheryl to get under us and help stimulate the both of us. Rearing back for one last thrust, I fucked in deep and spilled a huge load of cum inside. As I pulled out, my cock was still ejaculating with a few more small spurts of cum and Cheryl immediately reached over and sucked me dry. As my sperm reached her mouth, she began to cum herself and vibrated like a guitar string.

Giving them a last suggestion that the both of them had enjoyed the night very much and would go home happy, I cleaned up, dressed up and exited the area.

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