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Fantasy 1


It's late. I'm out with some friends at some random bar that we don't frequent that much. It's crowded, as is expected on a Friday night. Everyone is bumping into each other and occaisionally here and there spilling drinks on one another. My friends and I squeeze towards the bar and order our drinks. I light a cigarette and wait for my favorite drink; Midori sour.


I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I turn around. I catch a good-looking, dark haired man watching me intensely.


I'm flattered by the intensity of the stare, and whether it's because of the alcohol, I'm feeling more adventerous than usual. So, I smile at him, and even wave a little. Not surprisingly, he takes this as his cue to walk over to me. Because he is taller than me, and well built, he stoops down a bit to shout over the noise, "Can I buy you a drink?"


"Sure," I say.


My friends give me a quick, knowing smile and check out the dark-haird man. He introduces himself as B--- and I smile because I've always liked that name. I listen and laugh occaisionally while he is talking.


After a while, my friends are ready to leave, and B--- throws in that he wouldn't mind taking me home since he lives close by. I agree and we say our farewells to my friends. He offers to buy me another drink, and I oblige. Before my drink comes, I get up to go to the bathroom.


When I come back, my Midori-sour is waiting for me and I realize that it tastes a little different from the other ones. It's a bit more bitter, but I just drink it anyway. After I'm about half-way through, I feel weird. I'm feeling more relaxed and a little exhilirated. I feel extremely positive and am willing to agree to anything B--- says because it seems it's the "nice" thing to do. Realizing this, B--- asks me if I would like to come over to his house for additional drinks, and I go with him.


I get in his car, and I'm sitting there relaxed, with my eyes half-shut. Feeling relaxed with a sense of anticipation. I look over, and because it's dark, all I can see is B--- mouth and nose...his eyes are obscured by the lack of lighting. Then, lazily, I realize that I really don't know anything about B--- and I'm in his car, about to go to his house.


He starts his ignition, but before we drive away, he leans in and smells my hair. He tells me I'm pretty and runs his thumb over my lips. We drive off, and as we are going, I feel myself being touched. His hands start on my knees. I'm wearing a skirt, so sliding upward towards my pussy isn't difficult. He slides his hand under my underwear and starts playing with my clit. I feel my face get hot as the pleasure mounts, and I bite my lip as he slips his finger inside me. I vaguely remember him tasting his finger afterwards.


I feel a nagging feeling, as if I shouldn't be doing this, that something is wrong, but I just can't seem to do anything about it.


Once in B---'s house, I immediately plop down on his couch. I'm feeling a bit tired and my head feels mushy from all the drinking...and my mouth feels dry. Brad pours me a drink and I refuse, telling him I think I've had enough, but he insists.


I don't remember whether or not I passed out or fell asleep, but I remember waking up naked on the couch with B--- eating me out. I remember it felt good and awkward at the same time. I still didn't have much will to get up, more less move to stop him.


The room is dimly lit, and he looks up at me and winks, and then while watching me, he continues to lick and suck my pussy. Then, he gets up and takes his pants off....and rubs his dick all over my titties. I can see he is smooth shaven, and his cock is impressive in size. He begins to suck my titties....and then turns me over on my stomach so he can enter me.


All the while, I'm feeling strangely vulnerable...yet pleasured. He starts fucking me slowly at first, then faster, moving me around accordingly: my stomach on the couch with my knees on the floor, on my back with my legs on his shoulders, etc. It feels so good. His big cock is stretching me, and I can feel it's length all the way inside me.


When he's about to cum, he tells me to open my mouth and he stand above me and cums in my mouth. He tells me to swallow, and I do. He then sticks his cock in my mouth and tells me to suck it slowly. It's a while before I begin to feel his cock harden again.


He pushes me back and I lay there as he jams his cock in my mouth throat-fucking me until it hurts. He positions me, once again, on my stomach with my ass in the air and starts licking and sticking his tongue in my ass. He then rubs his fat cock all over my ass and then sticks it in. I feel searing pain, and I want to tell him to stop and push him away, but I can't. So, I endure....


He keeps fucking me. Alternately switching between my ass, pussy, and mouth. I'm starting to feel sore and feel like crying. I just want to go home and take a shower, I think lazily.


B--- gets up and yanks me up as well, and then impales me with his cock. He moves my hips and grinds me from underneath. Before he cums, he once again stands over me, and cums all over my face. I feel warmth on my nose, forhead and cheek. Some gets on the couch and he tells me to lick it up. He then moves his finger around my face and slides all his cum into my mouth.


I don't remember anything after than.

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