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  By: Nathalie  Age: 30  Country: France

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur, S-M / Domination / submissive, Steady Partner
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

That evening, my master had had me kneeling at his feet the whole time. Just kneeling by his feet. Sometimes he would bend over and pinch my nipples, or genlt slap my breasts, but nothing more. Not talking to me at all. Iwas blindfolded, and everytime I felt him shift, I expected a touch, a caress, and the waiting – and sometimes feeling his hand – had me quite aroused. Finally, he got up and talked to me.

— Nathalie, go get dressed. You can put on any clothe you like from the locked dresser.

The locked dresser is where my master keeps all the things that belong in our games and lifestyle. It is locked, so that visitors, guests or the lady that comes for housekeeping do not stumble upon things that would be difficult to explain. Every clothe in there is… well, not exactly something you would wear for church, but that’s the point :p I’m sure you’ll be very surprised to hear that there are no underwear in the locked dresser, too.

He took off my blindold and gave me permission to stand. I went to the dresser, and found an outfit. I knew there was no point in trying for modesty, so I put on a pair of black stockings with a « whore » print in white gothic font, a black garter belt, a black mini skirt that buttoned all the way and just went to the stockings top, plus a little waistjacket in a chinese style. It was very tight, and pushed my breasts up, giving me a more abundant cleavage than usual. Arranging my leash so that it hung against the cleavage, I went back to the living room and my master. On the way, I put on high-heeled shoes, with a wide ankle strap that makes me almost as if I’m tied up. Finally, I approached on all four and waited at my master’s feet.

— You know, whore, I like to let you pick your own outfit. It’s like making you punish or abuse yourself. I like that a lot. Now, I have a little something in mind for tonight. By the entrance door, you will find a shoulder bag. You go take it, leave and cross the street to the phone booth in the street. Once there, you get inside and call me. Do not look inside the bag.

I as surprised. Apprehensive, too. My master was not coming at all ? I knew he could see the booth from the living room window, so…

I got up and did as I had been told. It was warm outside, I did not need any coat, and suddenly my choice of stockings did not seem as clever. As my master had said, I was abusing myself – stepping out in the evening, labelled as a whore by my own clothes !

It was just midnight, and I crossed paths with two people on the street. The first man did not seem to react – did he not know what « whore » means ? – but the second one smiled and oggled me from head to toe.

— At least you’re honnest about it, he said.

He didn’t stop or wait for a reply, just went on his way. I felt my knees tremble a bit, but the shame sent a rush of heat to my belly.

In the phone booth, I put the bag on a little tablet there, and closed the door behind me. For those of you who don’t know French phone booths, they’re like little glass cabins, totally transparent on the four sides, with a neon pannel in the ceiling.

I closed the door behind me and called home. My master replied quickly.

— Good whore, I heard him say with a smile. Tonight, you’re going to put yourself on display. Usually, I am there with you, and you being on a leash clearly says you are not making your own decisions. Tonight, I am nowhere to be seen. You will be a slut by your own volition. At least so will it seem. Unbutton half your skirt, from the bottom up.

I did. Opened like that, with the buttons in front, it did not even cover my pussy lips.

— Turn towards me. I want to see you slutting it out.

I faced towards home, not able to see my master – the lights were out home, he did not want to be seen at all. Whereas me, in my glass cubicle in the dark street, was probably on display for anybody who cared to look.

— Good. Now slip a finger up your pussy.

I did.

— Another. And another.

I bent a little at the waist, and insertedthe three fingers.

— Fingerfuck yourself for a while.

I did, faster and faster, on display and aroused by it. I was panting hard when my master ordered me to stop. With a slight moan, I slipped my fingers out and waited.

— Open your waistjacket and wipe your fingers on your breasts.

All with one hand, I obeyed. I felt myjuice on my breasts, and my nipples hardened a little more.

— Good. Now, take the jacket off.

I shrugged it off, and changed the reciever from one hand to the other to take the jacket off completely.

— Pinch your breasts. One, then the other.

They were hard already, and easy to grasp. I pinched and pulled on the right, then the left. Facing our window like that, I could almost forget where I was, and that anyone could see me. It was like I could see my master, and was looking him in the eye, surrendering and obedient as I wanted to be. Hearing his voice and not quite seeing him was turning the situation into a dream, and I was definitely into it.

— Again. Pinch them harder.

I groaned under the pressure, but pressed my fingers harder.

— Are you wet, my whore ?

— Yes master, I can feel I am wet.

— Good. Now open the bag and look inside.

I found a dildo, a big one, ith a suction cup at one end. It was maybe 25cm long, and 5 across. Of course, I knew at once what my master would ask.

— Stick the suction cup to one side of the booth.

I stuc kit to the right wall, and it clung there with an audible « plop ».

— Good whore. Now kneel and deepthroat it. I want to see you swallow it whole.

I knoew I couldn’t do that. It was too big, too long. I guessed my master knew it, but he wanted me to try just the same. I got on my knees, and started sucking on the dildo. First the glans, then the shaft, and going at it with more and more energy. The phone wire was just long enough that I could keep the reciever to my ear, and heard my master whisper :

— That’s very well. You’re a good whore. Go on, suck it, take it in your mouth, your throat, gag on it you whore.

I tried to get it into my throat, only managed a little, and kept it there as long as I could. I took it again, several times, and my master kept telling me to swallow it, to feel the cock deep in my throat, feel the member fucking my mouth deep, and so on. The tone of his voice, the light in the booth that made the street outside barely visible, I felt like on an island, nothing was real but the voice in my ear and the plastick dick in my mouth.

Master then told me to stop and completely take off my skirt. I got up and did that. Only then did I notice a man just outside the booth, watching me. He had been behind me while I was sucking the dildo, and now I was facing him, naked but for my « whore » stockings and the skirt in my hand.

— That’s all right, whore, pay no attention. I want you on display, and you should have no shame. Shame is for decent, independent people, and you’re an animal trained to obey my cock. Smile at him. Look him in the eye, whore.

I raised my eyes, and met the man’s stare. He was looking at me with a sort of incredulous lust, like a live action porn movie for his own enjoyment.

— Now fuck the dildo. Bend over and fuck it. Look at the man as much as you can.

The shiver in my belly was nearly orgasmic. Fear shame arousal, i twas all that and the knowledge that my master was watching and enjoying what he was putting me through. I desired nothing more than to please him.

I looked the man in the eye, bent down and took the half-step back that would – yes ! – impale me on the dildo. It went in at once, the whole lentgh, and I began moving on it, back and forth, enjoying the whole length of it. I put my right hand out, against the door, to brace myself as my movements grew stronger.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a second man come by. He too came at first as though he could not believe what he was saying – who would have ? But he picked up faster, and soon I was him undo his fly and start stroking himself while watching me. In my ear, my master was speaking.

— See, I thing they like your show. You’re a beatiful wlut on display, it’s like they’re at a peep show. Then again, here, you’re not paid to do that – just exposed for free, to serve me. Fuck yourself hard, whore. Tease them, llok them in the eye when you thrust yourself on that cock. Feel the cock in you, inside your belly, going deep. They wish it was theirs. Right now, they’re imagining fucking you, cheap and fast whore that you are. Go, harder, make the walls tremble, I want to see your butt cheeks slap the glass, whore !

They were. I felt them slap the glass hard, each time, I was panting now, I knew I could not last much longer, and asked permission to come.

— Denied, my master replied. See, the first guy pulled his cock, too. Now, you be a good slave, you can’t come before them, can you. You’re made to give pleasure, not take it. Wait for them both to come on the glass. Then you can have your orgasm, whore.

I looked both men in the eye. They were entranced by my show, looking at the pendulum of my breasts, hearing the noise m yass made as it slapped the glass. I was moaning and panting hard, harder…

The man in front of me let out large sprays of cum on the glass, right when I was looking him in the eye. I thanked him aloud, in a moan, and turned to the other man.

— Please come, I said. Empty yourself…

That must have pushed him over the edge, because he came a few strokes after. When he was done, I let myself go, accelerated the thrusts again and asked again for the permission to come.

— Granted. Come, whore, you’ve made your audience happy.

I let out a throaty yell as ripple after ripple contracted my pussy and sent me to my knees. As soon as I could trust my legs, I got up again and took the reciever, which I had let go in my climax.

— Now kneel on the floor, and lick the place where they have come. I know, they came outside and you’re inside, but do it all the same. And smile at them.

I got on all four, bakc arched so as to perk my ass up, and licked the inside of the booth, where the town men had emptied theiir balls watching me. I smiled as I pressed my tongue on the glass.

— Good whore. Now, lick the didlo clean, and stand up when you’re done.

Then, my master hung up.

Confident that he had given me a task, and knew what he was doing, I knelt the other way and took the dildo in my mouth again.

After a few minutes, I felt the door open and startled – but i twas only my master, come to take me home. HE took a few pictures of me on my knees like that, then grabbed me by the leash. Told be to put the skirt back on with only one button, then the waistjacket, open. He took me home and fucked my ass for a long while, me on all four and holding me by the leash, coming twice and calling me an obedient bitch all the while.

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