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I want to fine a nice young japanese virgin. Just finish school around 2. She is on a Train home. Slwoly people get off until its just me and her on the train. The next stop isn't for a nother 30 minutes. Shes in her uniform, white and blue. Slender legs, nice firm breast. Long black hair tied in a ponytail. She has fallen asleep. Her blue lace thong is sticking out. I move closer to get a good look. She's in a deep sleep. I start to rub her breast. Cupping her boobs. She moves a bit and I back away.

I move back in and then I slam her down on the seat, placing my had on her mouth. She wakes up and tries to scream. I am able to gag her with a workout town in my bag. Her eye fill with tears as she knows what is going to happen. I fondle her clitoris, its nice and wet. She tries to break free but im all over her, holding her down my body next to hers. I rip the lace thong off and eat her out. She squirts all over. then i work my way up. rip off her shrit. Her breast are nice and round in the matchin blue bra. I unhook the strap. She doesn't fight it anymore. She knows that she can't do anything anymore.

I lick her breast. Slowly watching her body shiver. Then I pull out my dick. throbing for me to just stick it in her. Even she wants it now. She can't say anything but shes so turned on. I let her go and she grabs my cock and starts to suck it. Her mouth on my cock. So warm. I can't hold it in anymore. I cum oll over her face. she swallows what she can. Then she guides my cock in to her. I start of slow to built up the excitment. She moans in pleasure. Slowly I start going faster and faster. we are both tying to hold it in but its to much we cum at the same time. her warm juices all over my cock and mine all in her. She pushes me down on the chair now. She places my cock in her ass. This is my first time and i love it. She rides me while I kiss her. Rubbing her breast. Again im goning to come i tell her and she gets off me and blows me and swallows it all.

She smiles and grabs a pen. She writes her number and address on my hand. She tells me to call her and that she lives alone. She tells me her name is Aya. She puts her bra and thong in my bag and tells me to keep it. She says "I'll get it from you next time." As she steps off she french kisses me and tells me that she'll see me tomorrow. As the train pulls away she sits on the bench and fingers her self for me. She slowly disappears and I await the tomorrow as I will enjoy the same pleasure as I just had.

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