A Birthday Gift   added 7 years ago
  By: bogli_ako  Age: 39  Country: United States

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Location: My House
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Wife's birthday is fast approaching. I can't think of any new gift. Almost all that she ever wanted I have already given her. Then I recalled that whenever we were watching a girl-girl scene on a porn movie she told me how curious she is how it feels to be eaten by a women. Binggo! I got this idea now. I frequented before a very good strip-tease fuck bar. And Jecca was my usual girl there. I have not been to the bar for a long time and lost contact so I decided that I visit her. I went one evening. Get her some drinks and enjoyed the evening. I told her that I have a very nice job offer for a night. I told her that I want her to fuck with my wife. Gave her a good offer that she can't refuse.


I arranged a nice dinner in the house only the two of us On the night of my wife's birthday. We drunk some wine but my wife didn't knew I added some subtance on her drink to make her feel even better ;) After some drinking I told her that we are going to watch a movie. I put on a movie called All about eve. It was a horny girl girl movie. Then I told her that we are going to have some fun. She was drunk but still not too drunk to feel sleepy. I began warming her up and then I told her that my surprise is even better if I blindfold her. She agreed without hesitation. I let her sat on a chair and I made sure that she won't see. Stay put and no peeking. Otherwise you will miss the fun. Yes, dear. She obeyed.

Then from hiding, I called silently Jecca. I told her to put on my perfume so my wife won't suspect. I started kissing my wife while Jecca sits on the floor close to her. I slowly unbutton her blowse and started kissing her bras. She was moaning and moaning enjoying whatever I am doing. You are so bad!This is a good birthday gift. Why we are doing this only now? Hey this is just the beginning !!! Oh yes! Oh yes! Then I told her to spread her legs so I can see her panties. Jecca was still observing. I pulled down my wife's panties up to her knees while I am caressing my wife's bobbies. I kiss her and touch her nice breasts at the same time. Then I told Jecca to take it from there. Without hesistation, she started kissing my wife. Doing first what I did in beggining.

I can see that she is really enjoying. I could not make any noise otherwise it will ruin the fun. This is gonna be first time watching two girls fuck. And to imagine that this is my wife and my stripper.!!! Cool! My erection was so hard that I wanted to fuck Jecca from behind. Jecca started licking my wife's pussy. She was screaming at no time. I'm cummming.... I'm cumming..... This is so ,,,,.... Ohhh Ohhh. Damn that was so fast. I told her that this is just beginning. I gave a dildo to Jecca to start using it. I asked my wife to transfer to the bed. I assisted her and told her that blindfold will stay. She obeyed. Then Jecca started fucking my wife with the dildo. Why your pecker is so damn hard?! It was never like that before. Oh dear, this is maybe because I am in condition today. She cumms again and again. My wife is so tired. I told her its not time to sleep yet. I asked Jecca to start likcing her again. My wife is in heaven. I on the other hand didn't start mine yet. Jecca got tired and I took turn. I deep throated my wife and cummed inside her mouth. She ate my cumm.

Oh it was so good. Then I asked Jecca again to kiss her and lick her pussy. I told my wife to slowly remove the blindfold to see my other surprise. She was not believing what she is seeing. Some nice bitch is licking her pussy. What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck is this? Dear this is my surprise. I know that you like to experience this don't you? So on your 28th Birthday I'm just fulfilling your request. She said, fuck it was so nice. So nice that I might forgot how to fuck a man. And I said, wait for my next birthday gift and you will see....

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