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I'm waiting at the massage room with curiosity, of why my lovely husband loves to see this place, anonimously ofcourse. I've heard it from my friends who saw his car outside this joint many times.


It's such a standard place, massage room, with one massage bed in the middle and one bathroom on the left side. With slight aromatherapy scent emerging from the doorway. The doorway has no door at all, it's only thick drape, so the sound of someone being massage and the masseuse working can be heard clearly from the nearby rooms. Sometimes a clack from a palm hitting skin, sometimes a moan, maybe from some masseuse lady being fucked.


I look around to see what's so special about this place while waiting for Sandra, the masseuse I ordered when enering this joint. The reception lady seems a bit quizzed as I was a 30-something, beautiful lady, when I came and ask for masseuse. Maybe she has never had a lady customer before. Well, same, as I was never step into this kind of place.


Some louder moan came from the left side room. I approach the wall and put my ear to it to hear it more clearly. It's clear that there are people having sex. Loud moan and clicking sound of penis entering wet vagina is quite interesting as I rest my head on the wooden wall. It's kind of disgusting as I'm imagining my husband is fucking a whore masseuse, entering her dirty hole with his dick, and later on he ask me to suck it. Yes, now I realize why sometimes his penis smells differently, and I can taste a bit of his cum when he returns home and ask me to suck his dick.


The sound of people fucking and the smell of the aromatherapy actually turns my imagination into perversion. I didn't realize it until I feel some tingling between my legs, imagining how the whore was fucked on the next room, how my husband also did the same thing to the filthy masseuse, how he enters her hole, how her vaginal secretion covers her dick, and how both of their sex juice mixed together, creating an unbearable taste and smell, and how lastly I suck all the mix.


Instead of angry, I got turned on. I slid my right hand between my loose jeans and found out that my panty is more than damp. I took a dip, just to sample the fluid and take a smell, which arousing, but not as punget as my dear husband had on his dick. I touch my panties again with my left hand until I squirm with excitement while my ear is still attached to the wall, listening to the sound of people copulating.


In a second I feel my breath getting a bit heavier with excitement. That's before I realize that I inhale some of the familiar smell. It's the mixed of vaginal fluid and semen! I was thinking that the man has already ejaculate, but then I realized that he's still pounding the lady. Just then, I saw a small litter bin on the corner, just below me, and I got the feeling the smell came from that bin.


Curiously, I kneeled in front of the bin, open the cover, and suddenly, the strong familiar smell emanating, arousing me to a higher level of excitement. With my left hand fingering my now soaking panties, I approach the bin, trying to get to know what's inside. Well, frankly, trying to get the smell out of it though. But instead, there's strong smell of tobacco from the cigar's leftover. So I look inside and found piles of toilet papers inside, some new piles over messy old ones which covered with ashes.


I took one new pile and found a used condom inside. Seemed like most of the fluid has been poured to the paper, creating a strong odor, a strong arousing odor. I throw the condom back to the bin, it's kinda disgusting, but curiously I bring the paper to my nose, to inhale the now arousing mixed odor.


The smell was intoxicating, without knowing, my right hand was stuffing the wet toilet paper into my face, causing me to stumble to the wall, breath heavily consuming the aroma while fingering myself through my now soaking panty. That's when Sandra came, saw me leaning on the wall, sitting on the floor, legs wide open with my left hand inside my jeans and my right hand scuffing dirty toilet paper on my face.


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