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Categories: Force/Rape, Prostitutes, Identified partner, The Fetishists, S-M / Domination / submissive
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

This is written from the point of view of Myself, and describes a game I played with one of the submissives I sometimes play with. Parts of this are true, and parts of it have been heightened for effect. Enjoy!

I come home from work and open the door, and there she is, sitting in My chair. My chair! What nerve! I trained her better than that, she knows that pets are not allowed on the furniture. The TV is on very loud so she hasn't heard me come in yet, I quietly sneak to the kitchen and look around. Dirty dishes still in the sink, milk left out, and the glass of My cum that she is supposed to finish with her breakfast every morning only half gone. I had taken great pains to train this bitch well, but obviously it was past time for a little reminder of Who was in charge....

I kick her food bowl across the kitchen, knowing she's heard the loud crash of it hitting the wall as I yell "PET! GET IN HERE! NOW!" Abruptly the sound from the TV stops and I hear a quick scuffling sound as My pet runs into the kitchen, forgetting herself and appearing before me standing on two feet. I glare at her and look meaningfully at the floor, making her gasp softly and quickly drop to her knees.

"Now, explain to Me, exactly what is going on here, and MAYBE I won't turn you out on the corner tonight", I say. At these words she cringes and whimpers a little, remembering the last time I was angry enough to punish her that way. Any time she's made me truly angry, I use the punishment of locking her out of the house with nothing but the most whorish outfit she has, not allowing her back in until she has earned a certain amount of money using the only thing she has, her body. Usually this is a realatively small amount, say $500. This usually takes her one night to earn, and she's back in the house by the next morning. This is still a very terrible punishment for her though because she is a truly loyal pet and can't stand being sent away from Me.

"Please Master, please don't make me do that again, please!" she begins to whimper.

I glare down at her, the anger building on my face, practically growling out "I said explain, not beg you fucking retarded cunt." Silence, she goes completely quiet, her body trembling slightly as she looks at my shoes and says in a tiny voice, "i...i don't have an explanation...". My eyes flash and I take off my belt, folding it over and slapping it loudly against the wall. My little pet gasps at the loud crack and quickly says "i mean I don't have an explanation Sir."

I shake my head in disgust and speak in a disappointed tone, "pet, pet, pet...I thought after the last time W/we went through this your training was going to stick, but obviously it's time for a refresher..."

Now on all fours she comes forward, leaning down to kiss my feet until I take a step backward, snapping my fingers loudly, "No pet, that's not going to make up for this, I found you in My chair, MY CHAIR!" I swing the belt again, bringing it down on her back this time, making her scream and begin to beg again, "PLEASE MASTER!". I hit her back again, speaking to her in a cold, dead voice "Do NOT speak to Me unless I say otherwise. Do NOT move. Do NOT beg. Do NOT do anything except EXACTLY what I tell you to!"

My belt comes down again, cracking loudly against her back and leaving an angry red mark. I grab a handful of her hair and pull on it hard, not even bothering to look down at her as I begin walking down the hallway, simply saying to her "Follow."

W/we reach the play room and I walk inside, throwing her up against one of the walls and pointing "Stay there and don't move." A whimper, but she obeys, looking down at the ground and seeming as if she is near tears.

I quickly pick out the needed items for her punishment; A tiny black skirt, no longer than a pair of short shorts, a black latex bra with splits in the middle of the cups, allowing her nipples to poke through, leash, collar, and a large buttplug with a tail on it.

I throw the whole bundle across the room at her and clap my hands "Hurry up, get it all on, now, we're going to the dog park for a walk."

Quickly she puts the outfit and accessories on, whimpering slightly, little tears forming in her eyes, but also a wet spot beginning to form underneath her. I smile at seeing that, knowing that no matter what she says, she secretly loves the abuse and humiliation I am about to put her through.

Please rate and let me know if you want me to continue, or if you have any requests for other stories. Hope everyone's enjoyed it!

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