The shame   added 7 years ago
  By: Alabamajim  Age: 56  Country: United States

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Categories: Force/Rape, Other men, Identified partner, Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex, The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: mmf threesome voyeur rape wife
Location: In the forest
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Spiritual

It just a fantasy in mind head,

I could see my wife walking up the trail that shot up to our cabin on the hill , I was watching with a telescope, I caught a flash out of the corner of my eye, i look toward the flash and could the boys from down the street running up to my wife, they her one from behind and the other stood in front of my wife, I couldn't hear what was being said, but as I watched The guy in front reach over a ripped my wife shirt off (she wasn't wearing a bra, in fact she wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt I watch as they lower her to the ground and the first undid his jeans I watch as he pull his jeans and shorts down, I watch as he drop down on his knees between my wife's spread legs, as he lower his body down with one hand , with the other he guided his dick to my wife's pussy and push in,

I watch as my wife's tits round up and down on her chest with each stork of his dick, He wasn't playing around as he began to pump her faster and faster until he blew his load into my wife's pussy, when the first one was done, the other guy made my wife get on her hands and knees, than he mounted her from behind and push his dick up into ass, in a moment or 2 he shot his load in her ass, I watch as they got dressed and parted, they could see me cause I was in the cabin hide with a telescope, My wife walk in the door I could tell she didn't bother to clean up, her hair was mess up and she wasn't wearing her shirt, "Did you see what happen" she ask as she sat down,"Nope" I said walk to another room..

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