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  By: zimsh  Age: 27  Country: Japan

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Categories: Oral Sex, Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: forced straight softcore
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Note that this isn't exactly my fantasy, but one I wrote for a close female friend of mine.


Rain spattered against the windows of a small London apartment above a local restaurant. Inside, a weary faced young man stared accross the street. He had been doing so every day for about a week now, and though he had just returned from a bad day at work and really was not in the mood for what he was doing, he continued his habit. He snapped from his haze as he spotted the familiar girl appear on his right. A figure he had marveled at for many a time. Suddenly his bad mood worsened as he thought bitterly of all the things he could not have. Just then the girl’s umbrella jerked inside out, and startled, she slipped on the wet pavement and fell.

Dan didn’t think as he rushed out of his home onto the street. He took a breath as he saw the girl’s body, her rain soaked clothes tight against her skin. The girl didn’t notice him approach and sighed as she pushed herself up. Doing so she started again as Dan’s hand gripped her wrist and pulled her up. Only now did he see her beautiful face. Her large brown eyes looked at him with bewildered curiosity, and he marveled at the supple lips of a mouth slightly ajar in surprise. ”Would you like to come in to warm up?” said Dan in a friendly voice. ”Well... I...” she replied, torn by her natural suspicion and her simple desire for warmth. She looked at Dan’s handsome smiling face and allowed herself to be let in.

”Have a seat”, Dan pulled up a chair from his table and seated his victim. ”What’s your name love?” he asked. ”Christina...” she whispered after a short pause. “Let me help you take off those soaking clothes.” said Dan in his soothing voice, and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt. It took her a while to realize what he was doing and she squealed as she covered herself. Dan took a pair of handcuffs from his coat pocket and pulled Christina’s hands behind her chair and cuffed them together, the chain going around a beam of the chair. ”What? What are you—” her cry was stifled as Dan silenced her with his scarf, tying it tightly over her mouth. Christina’s eyes widened in panic and she kicked frantically with her legs. ”Time to get out of these soggy rags” commented Dan carelessly as he took off his belt, and used it to tie Christina’s legs to the chair. He then continued to casually undress himself, and even amidst her struggling Christina could not help but feel guilty of admiring his muscular body.

“Care for a drink dear?” Dan asked, pouring himself a shot to get in the mood. ”Well I won’t insist.” he answered to her muffled cries. He sat down at the table wearing only his boxers, admired his victim, and smiled to himself. He moved closer and put his hand on Christina’s inner thigh, slowly moving it up beneath her short skirt. ”Now what an earth are you doing wearing this kind of clothing in this weather?” Christina blushed and pulled her legs together. ”Don’t like it down there?” Dan said as he moved behind Christina to fondle her breasts. Dan finished unbuttoning the shirt and pulled it apart. Christina let out a groan of despair as Dan rolled her stiff nipples between his fingers. “My, my, I didn’t expect you to be enjoying this already.” he teased. Christina blushed and shook herself desperately.

Dan continued to fondle her breasts as he whispered gently to her ear “Now don’t be difficult and we can both enjoy this…” He crouched down next to her to run his hands down her chest, across her flat stomach and between her legs. He moved his body against hers and kissed the chest of the still writhing Christina. Dan stood up again and chuckled at the helplessly cute eyes looking up at him. “Well I think it’s time I was repaid for my kindness, no?” He pulled her off the chair and forced her on her knees in front of him, tying her ankles to her thighs with another belt, her hands still cuffed behind her back. He took the scarf from around her neck. Christina, suddenly able to speak again was lost for words. “Why are you doing this?” she whimpered eventually. “We all have our needs, and besides…”

Dan crouched down and thrust his hand to feel Christina’s wet pussy “…you seem to be enjoying this.” Christina blushed, unable to think a way around this, and shook herself desperately again, this time in frustration for the feelings she could not control. Dan put a glass of water against her lips, but Christina could only drink so much as the rest of the water drizzled down her chest. “Don’t want that mouth dry do we?” said Dan, and Christina’s naïve eyes widened as she realized why she was on her knees. Dan gripped her breast uncomfortably and said menacingly “I hope you can imagine what will happen if I don’t find you entirely pleasing…” He then pulled down his boxers and pulled Christina’s face close to his penis, Christina’s face looked up at him desperately, and she tested the handcuffs pathetically. Dan pulled her head until her lips almost touched the tip of his penis, and nervously she let out her tongue and licked it. Dan stepped slightly closer, and Christina ran her tongue across the length of his penis.

At first she licked nervously, fearing the alternative, but slowly she began to immerse herself. Her breath quickened as she licked his penis almost frantically. “Look at me.” commanded Dan and he chuckled quietly as those cute eyes looked up at him obediently. Christina was lost in her task, and she shut away the small protest in her mind with the justification that she had no alternative; which was true. Dan gripped her head again and put his penis into her mouth, Christina now moving breathlessly up and down his shaft. “Look at me.” he said again as he stroked her hair. Dan’s breath quickened now too, and Christina unconsciously began to move even more vigorously.

Dan came, and as he did so he pushed his penis further into Christina’s mouth, but in his moment of bliss he relaxed his hands and Christina withdrew, spluttering, now resting back on her cuffed hands. For a moment they caught their breath, then Dan looked at Christina with playful accusation. “Well I’m not going to clean up.” he teased as he wiped a drop of cum from her cheek with his finger and put it into Christina’s mouth, who licked it, still possessed by her lust. Slowly she once more realized her predicament, and looked away ashamed. “Missed a bit.” said Dan as he gripped the back of Christina’s neck firmly and pushed her towards a small speck of his cum on the floor. Christina resisted, feeling betrayed for suffering this humiliation after her service. Dan pushed her closer and she licked the cum off the wooden floor.

Dan went on his knees behind Christina and took of the belts binding her ankles and thigh’s. Christina’s face rested on the floor, unable to push herself up as her hands were still cuffed behind her. Dan gripped her wrists and pulled her torso off the ground. He then ran his right hand across her chest, her flat stomach, down to her waist where he ripped of her skirt. Christina did not resist but let out a small whimper as her last shred of dignity was torn off. Dan rested her down on the floor again and fondled her ass, admiring the curve of her back and her flowing hair. He felt her wet pussy and slipped a finger inside. Christina inhaled but did not resist. She was torn apart by her feelings and in her indecision could only lay limp in waiting for what Dan next had in store for her.

Dan straightened himself and pulled Christina’s torso off the floor once more. He grabbed his penis and pushed it tentatively deep into Christina. She gasped again, this time her previous thoughts lost in a wave of oblivious bliss as Dan thrust into her. Christina squealed in ecstasy as they made love, both panting breathlessly, Dan’s muscular body now gleaming with sweat. He came inside Christina and slumped over her. But his lust was far from satisfied and he crouched down, and with his arms feeling her waist and ass he began to lick her, determined to make her come, knowing that with that Christina would open up like a flower. Christina’s face once again rested on the floor and her hair fell over her face as she panted and moaned. Her body writhed as she came.

Dan stood up on his knees again, and unlocked the handcuffs from behind her back, only to lock them again in front before the sprawled figure in front of him could react. Not that it mattered, for Christina was beyond caring. Then he slipped underneath her arms and lay on top of her. “What have you done to me?” said Christina breathlessly, looking up at Dan with an expression of pure lust. There they kissed, Christina’s still cuffed hands running down Dan’s back and ass. At first it was tender, both tired from their previous exercise, but soon their lust revitalized them and they made out with bestial passion. “Fuck me!” Christina exclaimed between her panting. Dan did not answer, but lifted her up effortlessly and held her against the wall with her hands still cuffed behind his back. They made love once more, Christina moaning loudly as Dan thrust into her. They came simultaneously and fell on the floor exhausted. They pulled each other together tightly, and on Christina’s face Dan saw a coy grin and eyes lit up with a fire he could never have imagined. He grinned, exhausted, and Christina slipped down his body to kiss his chest.

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