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  By: jerrbear  Age: 54  Country: United States

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Sonia a hot cashier where I work always likes to flirt , at the register or when on break. One night that was slow she and I went on break at the same time and she had that look and grin that just says I want to fuck you. She just looked so hot I told her how I wanted her. She then remined me I have the keys to the back office sooo.

We went in and just started kissing and grabbing at eachother pulling clothes off and then she pushed me back in the chair and gave me the hottest oral sex. Sonia moaned and looked at me teh whole time, then it was my turn to return the pleasure and did I! I worked my tongue slow on her pussy lips then deep as I could into her pussy, I wanted her to cum all over my face. I just love it when a woman ejactulates on me! She moaned ever so loudly that probably the whole store could hear us. Then she came just like I like it all over my face, I lapped up what I could of that tasty pussyjuice.

Then I stood over her as she looked up at me anticipating and thrust my cock in her and trusted harder and harder then as I was ready to cum I pulled my cock out and came allover her face as she yelled out " Ohhh Jerry"! She licked up my cum from my cock tip then carressed it with her hands and kissed the head of my cock. As we cleaned up and got dressed we gave on last lustful kiss to eachother , Sonia asked... " same time same place tomorrow"? I just grin widely......

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