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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex, The Fetishists
Tags: pegging fdom
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

As we kiss, I slide my hands under your shirt. Feeling boning, and smooth satin, I am surprised, and kiss you with increased vigor. Realizing my enthusiasm, you nip my tongue with your teeth.

You own nothing. Tonight, you are mine." you purr.

I smirk and try and kiss you again. This time you bit my tongue roughly, "I said, I am in control,"
You push me back onto the bed, and tie my hands to the bed posts.
"You can’t escape now. Not that you would want to..."
You remover your shirt to reveal the corset, pushing your breasts up. You turn around to give me a nice view of your round ass as you bend over to remove your pants, revealing your nice legs, covered in fishnets, and a strap running around your waist and between your legs as well.

"That’s right," you gloat as you turn around, "your right ass is mine." My eyes take in the full 7 inches of the cock that is soon to be buried deep with in me.
Pulling the gloves out of your dresser, you get on the bed, and straddle my chest. The cock hits me in the chin, and you twist my piercings roughly making me cry out.
"You wanted it, you got it. You better be good with that tongue of yours."

You grab my head by the hair, and pull my head forward. "Suck me off. I want to cum in your mouth, and down your throat."
You inch forward, and using my hair as a handle, feed me your cock.

I can feel the fishnets on my ribs, the faux-latex on my face, and taste the rubber in my mouth. I see the glint of candle light of off your piercing, and the lust in your eyes.

I move my tongue around your head, swirling it around. Teasing the tip with my tongue, I lean my head forwards as far as I can; and I try and suck you in as far as I can. My cheeks dimple in as I suck; looking up for approval, I see a grin upon your face.

"That’s my little cock sucker..." you whisper in approval..."That was good" you purr as you push my head to the pillow, "but I want your ass."

You then handcuff my ankles together, and tie the chain in-between them to the headboard, push my ankles towards my face, and out a pillow under my back.

"You are good with your mouth, but I am better." You then bend forward, with your head between my legs, and suck hard on my balls. My balls tense up and my cock swells in pleasure. You take both in your mouth, suck hard and back off still sucking. The stretch, and come out with a 'pop...pop' I issue loud moan of pleasure in response to your eager attention.
"I didn’t say you could make a noise! As a result of you not listening I will, take a way your voice."
You get up and dig in the bag for a second before standing straight and turning around and saying: "Open your mouth. Your voice is mine. “You then put the ball gag in my mouth, and lift my head to strap it tight behind my head. You then slip a ball in my hand, "If it is too much, drop the ball."

You then lube your fingers and begin to lube my ass as you start to go down on me again. This time teasing my length with your tongue. Suddenly, and with out warning, you go down all of the way and I hit the back of your throat as you penetrate me with your fingers. I moan against the gag and squirm against the bonds.

Inserting your fingers deeper, you probe for my prostate. Feeling me suddenly tighten around your fingers, you open you mouth, look up
and say "That’s it, right there isn’t it?" you taunt as I squirm against you. You massage it harder, and as a response get me to squirm harder against your hand, and cause precum to leak from the tip. You can see my eyes roll up in the back of my head.

"Its a good thing you can’t yell right now isn’t it?"
With out waiting for a response, you use your freehand to twist my nipple roughly, causing me to moan. You then pull your fingers out, and line up your cock.

Its head right at my tight hole. You grab a hold of my thighs, and thrust it all in at once.

I arch my back, and yell against the gag, squeezing the ball in my hand as hard as I can.

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