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Categories: Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: strapon fdom pegging
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive

You summon me into the bed room, where you blind fold me and tell me
not to move as you remove all of my clothing.
I hear you the licking of metal as you handcuff my hands behind my
back. You then move me toward the bed and tell me to get on my knees. I
can hear you sit on the bed, and then feel your hand on the back of my
head pulling my open mouth towards your warm vagina.

"Make me moan" you order as you open up a bottle of lube. You lean
forwards and start lubing up my anus. You insert a finger and stroke
it in and out for a while before you probe around for my prostate.
Hearing my muffled voice almost yell in pleasure, you pull out your
finger and gently spank my butt and tell me that I have misbehaved and
now must be punished.

You then tell me to stand up.

I can hear you leave the room, and return shortly with something
heavy. You strap a dildo on your thigh and lube it up... you then guide me over to you, careful so I don't
feel the large dildo attached to your thigh. You make it so I have
a leg on each side of one of yours, and tell me to use my cuffed hands
to spread my butt cheeks and play with my anus. While I do this, you
start to lick the underside of my penis, my testicles and around the
head of my penis.

Noticing that I have inserted a finger into my anus,
you insert my head into your mouth and start bobbing my head with out
any sucking, you bob up and down, for a while. Suddenly, you shove my
finger deep into my ass while you pull me deep down your throat.
Hearing me moan again, you pull my finger out of my anus, and while
keeping me in your mouth mumble:

"hm hm hmmm..." the vibrations your vocal chords make while in your
mouth nearly sends me over the edge. You push me back a step and say:
"that was very bad of you. You don't have permission to cum, now you
will have to be punished even more."

You pull me closer again and instruct me to spread my cheeks and sit
down, you guide the dildo into me and hear me moan and state: "Do not
cum. you do not have my permission!"

I moan even more and try not to cum as the invader sinks even deeper
into my anus as I sit down further. you tell me to quit squirming, you
further instruct me that I am to remain sitting, and not put all of my
weight on your leg. I then feel something warm and tight completely
envelop me, and I moan and nearly fall onto your leg. "I said stand"
you repeat. After a short time, you notice that I am starting to
shrink inside of the mold, so you twist my nipples and move your leg
up and down slowly... causing me to moan and clench tightly around the
invader and stiffen immediately. You then carefully remove the

and tell me not to move as you set the item aside. And reach for
something else.
you push me down all of the way onto the dildo causing me to moan
loudly and almost fall into you before you push me back so my back
arches and the head of the invading penis brushes my prostate causing
me to moan again.

“You are not to move, no matter what I do to you, is that understood?”
"Yes..." is all I can whisper...
bouncing your leg up and down repeatedly, penetrating and thrusting
into my anus you ask:
"yes what?!?!"
"yes mistress" I whimper out between moans.
"Good" you say as you push me down again onto the penis. You then
start covering my penis and testicles in something. You tell me to
rise approximately 3 inches so you can cover the bottom of my balls
and around the invading penis. Leaving just the head of the penis
inside of my rectum, you circle around the dildo with the liquid
latex, and continue to coat me until all of my penis, testicles and
the ring around my anus (penetrated with the dildo) are covered in
liquid latex.

you then lower your leg so the head of the penis is inbetween the
rings in my anus, and push it back in. each time pulling out a little
more until it come all of the way out, and then enters again so just
the head enters. causing me to moan more and more..

after a few minutes of this torture, you push me back down all the
way, and start another coat of latex. Torturing me so that i never go
down and that my penis will be erect no matter what due to the latex
sheath. once the penis and top of the testicles are covered again,.
you again push me up this time all the way off of the dildo, and
recoat the same ring and underside of my testicles...

after a short time, you shove me down suddenly onto the dildo again
causing me to moan loudly in pleasure and nearly cumming inside of my
new sheath. As i fall into you you straighten my back then pull my
butt towards you so the metal on the ring presses into the latex into
my perenium and causes me to moan even louder. with my pleasure this
obvious, you state: "you are not allowed to cum until i say."

you push my butt back and forth on your thigh, moving the dildo around
inside of me, causing me immense pleasure. i can feel my orgasm
building, as my balls begin to tighten you push me up off of the
dildo, leaving me right on the edge. a gentle brush of air would set
me of at this point.

"its a pity you can't feel me blowing on your penis like this jordan.
as close as you are, you would shoot your load all over my face right
now. wouldn't you?"
"yes what?" you say as twist my nipple roughly....
"YES MISTRESS!" i squeek..
"good. I do not want you to move while I go finish this." you pick up
the half finished mold of my penis, leaving me standing there to
whimper in the pleasure that you have you have stolen from me.

You return shortly, with the finished copy of my penis and remove my
blindfold with the copy right in front of my face. "Do you see this,
this is a copy of you. Guess what else. You are going to make me cum,
and not be able to feel a thing of it. You then lay on the bed, spread
your legs, and watch my reactions as you begin to masturbate with the
clone of my penis. You can see that my eyes only go from watching the
reactions on your face to watching the dildo going in and out of your
vagina. As you come closer and closer, your head rolls back, and you
start to moan loudly as you finger your clit. Having tortured me for
so long you are very aroused, and your moans turn to yells and screams
of bliss...

Helpless, I can only stand there and watch in torture as I make you
cum over and over again.

"Damn you were good. To bad you didn't get to cum you whisper as you
recover from the orgasm. but that leaves me drained. I guess I will
have to keep you in me, and put on a remote control butterfly.

The dildo is bigger than me slightly so it will stay in with out any
help other than your already tight muscles, so you put the vibrating
device on over a leather thong, and put on a nice skirt and blouse to
match. You then uncuff me and order me not to touch my self, and go
get dressed, because we are going out for movies and dinner.

After I quickly shave and get dressed, you hand me a remote, with one
switch and merely smile at me.

"What’s this for?" I ask.
"Flip the switch and see." is all you say.
I flip the switch and hear nothing, but see your eye glaze over, and
you lean on me and whisper for me to feel your clit. I feel the
vibrations, and smile.
"This will be a fun night" I say.
"Just remember, the more you torture me, the more I torture you."
You whimper.
"Then we are in for a loooonnnnggg night." I smirk...

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