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It's been some time since I went out for a walk around the town and check out what's new and available around the neighbourhood.

And I have since improved on my drugs to work faster and more effectively against my victims. Now, they would be drugged within seconds and totally unconsious. They would also have no memory of what happened before or after.

Getting around to the surburbs of the town, I remembered about the 4 sisters which I had visited previously. Well, wonder if I'd be able to find a family like that today. Mebbe I'm pushing my luck this time around without doing any proper surveillance and checking out of the area like before. Well, what the heck, no risk no gain.

Mebbe I'd have better luck at the student hostel around the corner near the university. There should be some good targets around. Driving around to the place, I sat in the car and viewed the surroundings with my high powered binos. Security seems to be at a minimum, no patrols, and the lights around the block is pretty dim too.

I guess that would be the best ingress and egress route. Parking away from the area, I took a long slow walk towards the darker side of the block and crept close towards the dorm. Looking inside the first room, I was greeted with a view of hanging bras of various colours and patterns. Some hot babe, I guess.

Time to take action. Climbing into the window was an easy feat, and I was inside the dorm room. There was a closet in the corner and I placed my hidden cams in the various corners to surveil the room. Next, I placed my new remote release package in the centre of the room hidden by her clothing. Jumping out of that room was also a easy task and now it's only to wait for the prey to return.

Sitting in one corner, I awaited and looked onto my remote screens for any signs of the return of my prey. It took a while but she returned, and boy did she look delicious. I made sure that there was no one else with her, then I activated the remote package. Within seconds, she grew drowsy and crept into bed without a care in the world. I allowed for one more minute before I took action and moved into her room. I had already been immunised against this drug, but I wanted to make sure she was fully under the effects before I went in.

Now inside the room, I locked the door and checked one more time to ensure that we wouldn't be disturbed. Once cleared, I moved over to her bed and checked her over. She was all togged up in a light apple green babydoll dress which covered her only to her knees. But as she laid there, her dress was pulled up slightly and had exposed her creamy white thighs. I helped to lift it up and began to expose more and more of her delicious thighs until a glimpse of her lacy light green panties peeped out.

Slapping her thighs, I checked once more to confirm that she is really under the effects of the meds. When she did not respond, I knew I had my prey for the night. Fliping her over, I undid the zip of her dress and eased it up. Now looking at her rear, I was able to see her juicy round butt clad in the lacy piece as I tugged and lifted her dress over her. As I reached up to her back, I was slightly delighted when I did not see any bra straps across her back. Was she braless?

We shall find out soon, removing her babydoll dress totally, I chucked it aside and left it on a pile of her other clothing. Turning her back around, I looked on and saw that she was wearing a new age bra, those silicon stick on type where you get no bra lines at the back and the shoulders. Just nice for her choice of the babydoll dress.

I unhooked it from the centre and lifted one cup up and it peeled off her soft creamy boob to display a firm B cup breast. Then I revealed the other side as well and chucked both the silicon pieces to one side. Sliding my hands downwards, I reached down towards her bottom. As I felt the soft lacy material reach my fingertips, I dug inside and pulled the waistband downwards as I felt my way down her thighs as well.

As the soft fabric came off her, I was shown her nice little pussy with just a lil fur above the slit, the rest of the area was bare. Her labia was also just a lil puffy which kept the vagina closed and hidden from the world. After taking the panties off her, I was able to look at her from head to toe. She was a young korean girl fair and slim, well-endowed with a set of B cup boobs and a thin waist with a round hip which gave her a nice figure. She's about 5ft 3 and probably about 75lbs or less.

With the fact that she'll be safely out of it for the next 8 hours at least, I knew I could take my time to enjoy my session with her. I eased out of my clothes and climbed into bed with her as I began to caress all over her soft lucious body. Being more of a boobs man, I naturally started wtih her breasts. Kneading them, I worked them from all around and continued slowly towards her dark brown grape sized nipples. Her aeroles was also of the same colour and extended only an inch away from her nipple.

I couldn't help resisting but I immediately latched onto her nipples as I suckled onto her sweet breast and massage her right breast with my right hand. Even as she slept on, I could sense she was beginning to breathe slightly heavier as if aroused. Kissing her from her breast, I smooched down under her breast, to her tummy and slowly...

Reaching her little furry patch, I rubbed it with my hands and stuck my nose down onto it. Sniffing a lil, I moved on further downwards and I laid eyes on her outer labia closed up like a puffy clam. Using both my hands, I spread her outer lips and peered inside to see pink lips spreading slightly open from my hand pressure. I gave her a few licks and used my left hand to keep her spread open, while I used my right hand to slide up and down her slit.

As she grew wetter and wetter, I used both my hands to spread her even wider as I attempted to look deeper inside her. With both her labia lips wide open, I was able to look closely inside her vagina. Man, was I in luck! She has a full hymen intact and in these days, it's a rare sight. I'd be the first lucky bugger to be able to deflower her and enjoy her. I turned to my bag and whipped out a digital camera and took photos of her intact hymen and her whole naked body.

Time to get into action. Using my hard cock, I rubbed her slit up and down to increase her lubrication before I enter her. And once I was sure she was fully lubricated and wet enough, I pushed the crown of my dick inside her. I had to enter her thick labia first before I could reach inside for the her prized pussy.

As I felt my dick head slip inside her tight pussy, I pushed in slowly. Only an inch deeper, I felt a barrier preventing my access. Her hymen, aka virginity... Using my body weight, I applied pressure and I felt it give slightly, very slightly. Mebbe I should do it the old fashioned way. PUlling back, I rammed way inside her and managed to force my way inside until I bottomed out and reached her cervix. My balls were just outside her pussy and it slapped lightly against the base of her pussy. I held inside her for a while to enjoy her tight pussy before I started to move again.

Fucking her deflowered vagina slowly, I Could feel her tight pussy holding onto me like a tight sheath. Almost like sucking me inside her each time I try to pull out from her. I knew that I wouldn't be able to last long inside a young virgin, the simple fact tends to get my emotions over and make me cum very fast. And true enough, in a few minutes I was more than ready to cum. Since I had the whole night ahead of me, I just unleashed it and flooded her young pussy with my thick cum. Lucky the camera was still close by, and I grabbed it and snapped a few more pics with my cock still inside her and as I pulled out, the thick white cum dripping out slowly mixed with her fresh red blood from her hymen.

I took a few more pics before I changed it to video mode and placed it at an angle where it would capture the on-goings. I cleaned her up as much as I could before I continued to fuck her again, this time I placed a small pillow under her small of her back to raise her angle for a better fuck. Pounding her tight wet slot was really a different sensation, now it's time to enjoy myself and feel how well she was squeezing me even as she lay there in the drugged sleep. I really wonder if it's part of a reflex action from the body.

The human body has always been a wonder and it still is even in this state or condition. Mebbe my drug helped to increase the sensations that the person can feel even if they are not aware of it. Mental note to self : to check on the effects of such drugs on individuals for my future use. My private aphrodisiac for my hunting targets, this should be good...

Trying out variations to increase the fun factor, I first lifted up her right leg over my shoulder, then both her legs. From that last position, I was able to thrust really deep inside her and reach all the way against her cervix. Bumping someone who was awake would have gotten me loads of complains of pain and noise, but she wasn't conscious, so no complains there. I applied even more force and I almost pierced thru her cervix...

Next, I pulled out of her and positioned her at the side of her bed with her legs handing off the bed and with her face down right over the bed. Standing right behind her, I was in my favourite doggy position and I slid right inside her even though she was still quite tight. She was really lubed up from all her cream and my cum. Pounding her from the rear wasn't as easy when she's all limp and soft, I had to hold her hips in both hands to keep her from moving all over the place as I thrusted inside her.

Changing my angle slightly, I was able to slide against the sides of her pussy and give my cock a more thorough workout. And in quick succession, I was close to cumming once more. Bumping her butt, I kept at it and did not let up on my speed. With each slap of her butt against my hips, my sexual arousal was increased. Her tight pussy was beginning a series of contractions as if she was coming in her dream, this blew me over and I began to thrust harder and spurt my cream out inside her against her unprotected womb.

I began to clean her up and remove the traces of my existance inside the room. Lastly, I dressed her up again and left her fully dressed on her bed. Climbing out of her room, I took one more look at my prey before I left...

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