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I had just about had enough of the copier when Sally walked by and saved me from the inevitable demise of the impossible machine in front of me. She saw the fumes smoking off my head and luckily knew exactly what to do to solve my problem. I thanked her a hundred times over. She said it wasn\'t a problem and then jokingly said that, \"Now you owe me\". It was around 11:30 so I asked her if she wanted to grab some lunch. She agreed and so we both went back to our desks to grab our coats and get ready to leave.


Sally wasn\'t exactly the \"office bombshell\". While the other ladies were always hurrying around with their noses in the air Sally waddled around, smiling at everyone and was always the first to offer a helping hand. I always looked forward to whenever she would walk past my desk, I always gave her the biggest smile and yet I wondered if she thought I was just being nice or if she really took it as the big smile that it was. Her bottom half was much bigger than her top half. She had incredibly wide hips and a massive rear end. Her top half wasn\'t abnormally small but other women half her weight had twice the chest. Sally\'s long blonde hair always accompanied her mom-style dress jackets and pants. She wore glasses that probably went out of style a couple years ago, but she obviously wasn\'t one who was overly concerned with how \"in season\" her clothes were. Her attitude made her beautiful to everyone but to me, secretly, her body played a huge role in my politeness....and attraction.


We met at the door to leave, she was wearing a long overcoat and I wore my casual jacket, she offered to drive since I was paying so we hopped into her minivan. She shifted some papers on the front seat and made room for me to get in. We headed off to Chili\'s. I had never spent any time alone with her before this so I didn\'t really know what to talk about. I could see she had kids by various items around her minivan so I asked how old her kids were and we slowly got into conversation. Sally was older, probably around 45, and her kids both young but she was divorced, her husband felt she got \"too big\" after she had kids and he wasn\'t attracted to her anymore.

I very politely told her that her husband was crazy not to find her attractive. She turned bright red and said, \"Why thank you, but you don\'t have to be nice, I understand\". I retored by pledging that I most certainly was not just trying to be nice and that she was, in fact, quite a beautiful woman. She looked at me very confused. I didn\'t want to pry anymore so I just concluded that, \"Well, I think you are very attractive and I\'m sorry if you don\'t understand that but I hope you can still accept the compliment\".

She was quiet until we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. Then she turned abruptly and grilled me.

\"What about me is beautiful? Tell me right now, I want to know.\"

She kinda scared me a little and at this point I already felt pint-sized so I figured I would just come out with it. It wasn\'t going to get any worse at this point.

\"Sally, aside from your personality..\"

\"HOLD ON! Every guy mentions my personality and it\'s just a nice way of saying they don\'t think I\'m attractive. You said you thought I was attractive, you better have not been lying, what were you talking about?\"

I shook, scared that she was getting so mad so I quickly switched gears.

\"Sally, I am attracted to big women and your body is incredibly sexy. Those hips are amazing and I love the way your butt darts back and forth when you walk. I think you are so sexy and I\'ve thought that since the first day I met you\".

Her jaw dropped, she sat there speechless. A good minute passed by before she put the car in gear and started to drive out of the parking lot. I was trembling. Was she offended? Was she going to tell the boss? Would I get fired? I was so scared.

We passed the office, now I was really curious. She couldn\'t be reporting me to the police right? All I did was say she was beautiful, I didn\'t do anything that bad did I? Where were we going?

When she got on the highway I finally piped up, \"Uh...Sally, I\'m really sorry if I offended you but...uh...where are we going?\"

She looked at me and smiled, but said nothing. I was confused. Why did she smile? What\'s going on? Where are we going?


The site was as secluded as you could get. We drove through two parking lots, a little bit of woods, and came out at a final parking lot, surrounded by miles and miles of trees.

\"They used to have a park here. Too many kids were doing drugs back here that they shut it down\", Sally explained. I couldn\'t imagine why she drove us here but it didn\'t take long before I figured it out.

She stopped the car and took off her seatbelt. She opened her door, stepped out, and opened the sliding door for the backseat. She stepped in the back seat and sat in the middle, and undid the belt of her overcoat. She opened the coat and spread her legs out. Normally she wore pants but today she had a mumu. She lifted the dress up, pulled her white panties aside, and slid two fingers up her vagina.

\"You think I\'m sexy? Then eat this pussy!\"

I undid my seat belt, turned to the left, got down on my knees in between the front and back seats, and pushed my face towards her vagina. She grabbed it at the last second and shoved it in between her legs. Her head arched back and she moaned.

\"Oooohhhhh, suck my pussy, suck it hard, BITE MY CLIT OFF!!\"

Sally was wild. She had both hands pressed solid against my head and I glady obeyed by licking and tugging at her clit. I also managed to get my tongue up inside her pussy hole and I swirled it around inside the big hole. Her thighs kept tightening and squeezing my face. I enjoyed every second of it. Then, like right out of a movie, she tore her shirt open and grabbed her traditional white bra, pushing her breasts together.

\"How\'s that cock honey, is it ready to fuck me?\"

I sat up, juices dripping from my face, and unbuckled my belt. She unzipped my pants and pulled on my throbbing cock. Her face then dropped towards it and she took the whole thing in her mouth. She then pulled up and said, \"I\'m too old for sucking cock, get this thing in my pussy now\".

I moved my cock down, slapped against the bottom of her pussy, then slid it in. Her pussy felt hollow but I loved it. All the fat from her thighs and ass was squishing against my balls and thighs and it was so soft. My dick was a rock. I lifted her heavy bra up and down flopped some decent size tits. She hadn\'t been hiding mountains but she was certainly a little misleading in her attire. I lifted a dark brown nipple into my mouth and sucked on it, tugging it out and letting it smack back into place. She lifted the other breast up to my mouth and said, \"This one has more milk, sweetie, suck me dry\".

I just about shot my load. I had always wanted to milk a woman\'s breasts but never had the chance, and now it was about to happen. I pulled her tit into my mouth and sucked on it like a pacifier. I felt the breast jerk a little bit and then I felt the taste of warm milk hitting the back of my throat. I pulled away and milk shot all over my face. I wiped it off and grabbed the breast again, milk started spraying it and I aimed it towards my mouth, watching it shoot out and some got on my face again. Sally just smiled and continued to thrust her body as I kept fucking her soaking pussy.

\"Keep sucking the milk out and I\'ll cum, then I\'ll let you cum on my milky tits\".

I wanted to turn her over but she wouldn\'t let me, not wanted to get milk on the seats. I didn\'t mind, it just made me fuck harder. I pushed and pushed my cock deep inside her pussy. I slid my fingers down her fat stomach, over a couple of rolls, and onto her clit. Her fat flopped down on my fingers but I kept flicking her clit, making her scream. All of a sudden her entire body started shaking, her eyes rolled back and she let out a huge moan. I just kept pumping and pumping, fucking her as hard as I could. She screamed and shoved me off, \"Oh my god that was incredible, I haven\'t cum like that in years, give me that COCK!!\"

She started slurping away at my cock, licking all her pussy juices off while adding her saliva to it. She pulled away real quick and looked up at me, \"I know I told you I don\'t suck cock but I have to compliment this package for a job well done, I WON\'T SWALLOW THOUGH SO YOU BETTER NOT FINISH IN MY MOUTH!\"

I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. While I did this she grabbed her boobs and started milking her tits all over my chest and stomach. Some of it shot out onto my cock too and I happily kept stroking. It didn\'t take long before I shot a huge load of cum all over her milk-soaked tits. She lifted her breasts and licked some of the cum off.

\"Now you get the rest\", she demanded.

I didn\'t even hesitate, I just moved towards her chest and sucked up all the milk off her tits, taking in some of my own cum in the process. While I did this she fingered her pussy again, letting out a couple good moans before laying back and letting out a big sigh.

\"What a great lunch, we need to do this again sometime......\"

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