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I had never in my life seen a backside this large. Her ass was seriously the size of a boat.

I had agreed to watch my little cousin one afternoon while his mom worked. I picked him up and took him to the nearby arcade. We started in the upstairs with all the shooting and fighting games, but eventually moved to the bottom floor where all the ticket games were.

He was a good kid so I let him walk around and do his own thing while I walked around looking for a game to entertain myself with for a while. I've been known to be pretty good at skee ball but there were plenty of little one token games around I could waste time on, and win some tickets for my cousin to use to get stuff at the end of the trip.

I turned a corner and there she was. Maroon red sweater and tight blue jeans with an ass that spread out so far and wide I did a double take. Now I've been with some large women but no woman I had ever seen in person had an ass like this. It was just enormous. The rest of her body was as well. I'd say she was about 400 pounds, 5'6" with long curly black hair and glasses. I couldn't get over her ass though, it was just so huge I wanted to grab it and squeeze. I found myself following her with my eyes as I played games and wandered around. Every chance I got I would just stare at her ass and wonder how it was a possible that an ass could get that big.

It wasn't long before I noticed her friend, also rather large, but not with an ass like the first woman. I imagined them both together, rubbing each other's naked bodies with me looking on, stroking my cock to their fat sweaty bodies pressing together. The longer I was there, the more time I spent staring at these women, and it seemed like fate was on my side at first. As we were finishing up and counting out tickets, they were doing the same. They too had a small child with them, but honestly I didn't even notice what she looked like because I couldn't get my eyes of the gorgeous BBWs.

As we were getting ready to leave I noticed they had moved over to the bowling section for a couple of strings so I weighed my options. I figured I would never get another chance so I grabbed a piece of scrap paper that was there to add ticket amounts and scribbled the following message -

"I've never seen a woman as sexy as you, I can't help but stare at your incredible ass"..my phone number followed.

I figured worse case scenario she gets offended, but since I handed it to her, folded up, as I walked out the door I didn't think she would actually bother to follow me to my car. She didn't, we left and I could only wait to see what would happen.


I dropped off my cousin and headed back home, around 7 o' clock I walked through the door, threw the keys on the table and plopped down on the couch. It was just another night, a cold beer and whatever was on T.V. I was still thinking about the BBW that hypnotized me for a while earlier but assumed it was a lost cause, she probably thought I was just being mean. In the middle of Frasier, the phone rang. I picked it up and the voice on the other end said, "Hi, if I had known you were staring I would have bent over so you could really see my ass stretch". My stomach dropped, I couldn't believe it, was it really her? Was this a joke? What do I say now?

"Uh.....I'm glad you appreciated my note, I was afraid you might be offended". I didn't know what else to say.

"Sweetie, you think I don't know my ass is huge? And do you think I don't know that for all the people who think it's gross, there are those guys that are totally turned on by it? Honey I hope you are cute cause you sure sound it. I might hurt you though, I can get rough, I like to ride......"

Oh my god, if I could bury my cock in her pussy while those cheeks pumped against me, I would cum so much I wouldn't be able to stop.

"Now I'm a little nervous so let's meet at the gas station near my house, it's well lit and the parking lot is right in front of the door, so that will make me feel better. I hope you don't mind if my friend comes with me, I'm sure you saw her with me earlier, she's been single for a while....as have I....."

After she gave me directions I quickly got up, changed clothes quick and headed out the door, my cock was already throbbing.

The five minute wait in the parking lot seemed like a half hour. When their civic pulled up I couldn't have been happier. Both of them were smiling and the other girl (not the maroon sweater one that I talked to) said, "Oh yeah, I vaguely remember seeing you at the arcade, honestly I didn't pay attention though". I told her it was OK and asked if they needed anything inside the store. They declined and just asked me to follow them back to the house.

Once inside they introduced themselves. Molly was the one I was looking at in the arcade, and Debbie was her friend. It was Debbie's apartment and Molly lived the next town over. We sat down on the couch and Debbie offered me a drink. I declined and she said, "Well honey I'm thirsty, let's not waste any time, get those pants off".

I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to the floor. Debbie stood in front of me and lifted her shirt. Her bra was desperately trying to keep her boobs in but it was failing. Flab was hanging out all over and my dick started to rise. Molly then got up and said, "Hey Debbie, you have to wait, he's mine remember? It was my ass he wanted". Debbie retorted with, "Yeah well at least I have some boobs he can look at, you barely even have B's". She wasn't kidding, Molly's boobs appeared very small but little did they know that as much of a big boob lover as I was, I also had a fetish for micro-boobs on large bodies.

It didn't matter, Molly had another idea in mind. She grabbed my cock hard with her right hand. "This, is going to get a LOT of attention tonight". She then let go and turned around, bent over,unzipped those tight jeans and slowly tugged them to get them down. Her ass was right in my face, I leaned foward and grabbed it, pushing the cheeks together and pressing my face into it. She pulled away and said, "You gotta wait for that, that's dessert, my pussy is your meal". She got her pants all the way off and turned around, leaned back on her elbows and thrust her pussy towards me, her stomach jiggled and my cock did a little jolt.

"Ooooh, you like my jiggling fat don't you? Would you like me to slap your face around with my fat belly?"

"Yes ma'am, you have an incredible stomach, I want to bury my face in it. I want to fuck your stomach with my hard cock".

She giggled and pushed her stomach into my face, then dragged it down and plopped it on my dick. I was at eye level with her chest, I lifted up her maroon sweater and underneath was an unnessecary bra. I tried to take it off and she pulled away.

"No, I'm embarrased".

"Aw give it a break Molly", Debbie jumped in, "You gotta stop worrying about those things".

Molly agreed but was a little apprehensive with removing her bra. When she did I saw what amounted to little bumps, with huge dark nipples on them. My cock again jolted. By this point Debbie was getting wet and wanted some action. She got naked and jumped on Molly, pushing her to the ground. I watched as they wrestled, sucking each others tits and grabbing each other's asses. I decided I had to get involved so I again tried to put my face to Molly's enormous backside. She pushed me off and turned over, "You suck my pussy now and eat my asshole after". I complied, plunging my face into her folds, moving one to get to the next, until I found her soaking wet pussy dripping with juices.

I started slurping those up and thrust my tongue inside her hot vagina, she shivered. Her whole body moved and she arched back. All of a sudden I felt a tongue working it's way down my back, to the crack of my ass. I felt my cheeks get spead open and Debbie's tongue enter my asshole. My dick was now rock solid. I lifted my head up, pulled Molly closer to me, and lifted her onto my dick. It slid right in. As I fucked her I moaned from Debbie's tongue in my ass. I turned around and saw Debbie's head pressed against my ass while one of her hands was deep inside her own pussy. She needed some attention.

I pulled my cock out of Molly and shot a load all over her belly, she rubbed it all over her rolls and licked her fingers. I turned around and Debbie was already on her hands and knees, shoving her ass towards me. I rubbed my dick from the top of her ass all the way down until it worked its way into her pussy. I fucked her from behind, grabbing her tits that was sagging down, jiggling so much they were smacking her in the face. I squeezed her tits and she screamed. She told me to keep squeezing her tits and fucking her hard. Molly got up and started licking the top of her ass. She was staring at me, wanted me to fuck her again. I waited until my load was ready and then I pulled out and shot it all over Debbie's ass.

She leaned forward and layed down. Molly threw me down and jumped on my cock, her tiny tits barely moving as she rode my cock, her fat ass crushed my body but I loved every minute of it. I leaned up and pulled her left nipple into my mouth, circling the large nipple with my tongue and with my left hand I grabbed her right tit, the little tit it was. Then I used both hands and gripped her rolls of fat on her stomach. This made my dick harder and harder inside her. As my dick got harder she rode me faster and she started moaning. All of a sudden she started shaking, and I could tell she was cumming. Once she finished she got off of my and turned over.

"Now you better fuck me good honey and when you're done you better cum all over my fat fucking ass".

I started fucking her from behind. Debbie was looking at us now and playing with herself a little, sucking a nipple while fingering her still wet but sore pussy. I pushed harder and harder into Molly's fat ass until my dick was about to explode. I pulled it out and shot the hugest load all over her enormous ass, it started dripping down and I just watched it, still stroking my dick hoping to get a little more out.

Molly fell forward and her ass jiggled around for a minute. Both Debbie and Molly sighed, "Wow, we never thought our night would end up like this. That was good".

We all got dressed and I got ready to leave.

"Debbie, Molly, I must say that you two are both absolutely gorgeous and you are both incredible".

"Well", they said, "you are welcome here anytime, I'm really glad you gave me your number, and I'm glad my ass could make you so horny. It really is a huge ass, abnormally huge, but I'm glad you find it sexy."

"Oh Molly, you have NO IDEA how sexy I think your ass is, and those glasses, damn, you are just too hot, you too Debbie, those breasts are amazing".

"Well your cock is certainly nothing to complain about, hope to see you again...."

I walked out the door and toward my car, when I turned around I saw something that most people see when someone wants to offend them, but for me it was pure enjoyment. There, standing at the door, was Molly, bent over with her naked ass, mooning me. When she noticed me looking she took her hands and spread the cheeks apart for a second, then let them bump back together, jiggling her fat ass. I smiled and hopped in my car. What a great night!

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