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There wasn't much to do at work. Retail is an extremely boring profession. Once the shelves are filled and the store is cleaned, all there is to do is chit chat with the register workers. From Sunday through Tuesday there was only one other person working with me. She was older, as most the employees were, around 50. Sarah was one of the nicest people you could ever meet. She was always willing to help others but she wasn't weak, she had a strong will. She usually wore long dresses, as her figure was quite large. She probably weighed around 280lbs and had straight long, brown hair, certainly not a looker. She was nice to me quickly, most people were ignored for months before she talked to them but with me it was almost right away. Perhaps it was because I was one of the only people who actually worked. But when my work was done I would talk with her, about everything, life in general. It was more me talking to her and her listening, but I could tell she was happy to have someone to talk to who could hold a decent conversation.

Every once in a while she would come in wearing something other than her signature long boring dresses. Sometimes she would wear a t-shirt and pants, and for some reason I couldn't stop staring at her enormous backside when she bent down to put the hangers under the counter (clothing store). I also couldn't help but notice her large breasts, sagging down her t-shirt, as she may have been wearing a bra but she certainly wasn't a young chubby girl. She was an older fat lady.


Sarah came in one night a few minutes late. Her shift began at 5 while I always arrived at 3. At 9 we closed but I always left at 7. Today she didn't get to work until 5:15. She apologized and quickly got to her register and opened up. Customers started making purchases and I went back to my work putting away the shipment of clothes and filling the shelves with scarves. As always when the line got short I went to the front and hung around the register area. Sarah loved complaining about customers to me, I always listened and laughed. Tonight the customers were especially bad and as usual she begged me to stay until closing.

I playfully declined and we bantered back and forth for a minute. I don't know why but for some reason I decided that since I really didn't have anything to do when I got out that I might as well stay and get the few extra bucks. I agreed. Then something weird happened. She gave me what looked like a simple look of relief as she walked over towards the back room. Then she lifted her long dress up to her stomach. Expecting to see underwear, I instead saw a huge mass of hair, with two vaginal lips hanging down from it. Sarah had the biggest bush I had ever seen and she wasn't wearing any panties. She quickly dropped her dress back down and smiled. I was speechless. Here was this woman who I considered to be my elder, exposing her massive vagina to my youthful eyes. I noticed I was getting hard so I quickly grabbed a pile of clothes and darted to the floor, I think she may have noticed the bulge in my pants though......

The rest of the night I acted as though nothing had happened. She too played it off but I could tell it couldn't escape her because she kept grabbing her crotch area when no one was around. I stayed until closing and in the last 10 minutes I was bascially just sitting behind the counter on a stool next to Sarah. With the last customer out the door she walked over and closed the gate. She then walked behind the counter and lifted her dress, placed her foot up on the stool next to me and thrust her right thigh towards my face. She then quickly dropped her foot and her dress fell back down. She started counting the register. I finished cleaning up the store and when I went in the back room to punch out I heard her walking back, register in hand, to put the money and the register in the safe. As I turned around I saw her closing the door behind her. She walked towards the safe room and I passed by her on my way out. Clutching the drawer in her left arm she grabbing my cock and whispered "I need to talk to you before you leave".


Sarah was not someone I ever actually imagined I would get with. She was older, divorced, unkept, unflaterring, very overweight, and didn't seem to have an inch of sexuality about her. She was more of a motherly figure, in that "good older influence" sort of way. She worked a dull job and struggled in a now tough society. With all that said Sarah was a wonderful person with a huge heart. She tried her best to help anyone and everyone in any way that she could.


When I heard the safe close I began to wonder what would happen next. It didn't take long. Sarah walked out and asked me if i could help her with the zipper on her dress. "It gets stuck and I was hoping you could help me unzip it". She was lying, It unzipped quickly and she pushed it off of her massive breasts and down to her waist. Her large white bra held her bosoms as much as they could. Gravity had certainly taken its toll but that only made my cock harder. Before I could start unbuckling her bra she bent over and flipped her dress up over her fat flabby ass. I slid my finger down her long ass crack, then I spread her cheeks open and licked her hairy asshole. She jumped up. "No one has ever done that before!!" As she turned around to yell her left breast smacked my face, bra shaking them slightly but keeping a steady hold.

She shimmied her dress down over her fat ass and off her feet. She stood there, reaching behind her back to unsnap her bra. As she pulled the straps down off her shoulders the cups still held the breasts, curled up underneath her sagging melons. As she posed naked I began to stroke my cock while grabbing her belly, jiggling the fat in my hands while watching her breasts shake in sequence. She dropped to her knees and lifted her tits around my cock, thrusting them back and forth while her stomach slapped my nuts. I couldn't contain myself, I came all over her chest. She rubbed it in her breasts and then demanded "suck my tits". Without hesitation i scooped her left breast and bit the nipple, licking up my own cum in the process. While I did this she fingered herself until eventually shoving my head down to her forest.

I buried my face in her hairy pussy. I pulled it out real quick and shoved it in her stomach, rolling my face around in her fat rolls. She pushed it back down towards her pussy and i stuck my tongue out and inside her lips. She instantly leaned back and moaned, grabbing her breasts and tugging them towards her mouth, sucking the nipples making them harder while swallowing what was left of my cum. Almost seconds later she came, the juices flowing my mouth while I sucked it all down, her bush covering my face.


We locked up and left, she said goodnight and just as I was getting into my car she yelled "Next time you can drink my milk but I'm getting in that ass of yours....."

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