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With on more conquest under my belt, I'm pretty satisfied for the moment. And I've also re-visited some of the previous hunting targets and they were all compliant to whatever I asked of them.

And although Salina and Kaori were virgins before I took them, they were also the naughtiest of the lot which surprised me. Conversely, Cindy the horny one was a little muted in her actions when compared to these 2.

Now I am on the lookout for new targets for my next hunt. And I considered to use some of the my previous conquests as a bridge to help me achieve my aim. Looking around for more new prey, I checked some of my footages of the clips gathered so far... I got to be careful or I may end up with too many victims who may know each other.

Mebbe it's time to try something new.

But before I proceed to prepare the prey, let me first settle my urges. I messaged Kaori and Salina to meet me outside the empty room in the evening when the classes have dispersed for the day. After checking the coast was clear, I procceeded to the room and met 2 surprised girls there. Both have not met each other before and was surprised to see someone else at the rendevous point. I unlocked the door and ushered the both of them in quickly and locked the door once they entered.

Once inside, I introduced the 2 of them to each other. And I looked them over to see what they were wearing today. Kaori was in a blue babydoll dress which showed off her ample C cup boobs in a nice v shaped cleavage. Salina was in a black pair of jeans and wore a yellow long sleeve shirt which was unbuttoned at the bottom and tied up to show the midriff.

I checked my equipment and all of them were in proper order and ready for action. Giving verbal instructions from the side, I told Kaori to remove Salina's clothing piece by piece. Kaori started with Salina's yellow shirt, slowly unbuttoning the shirt from the top down. Salina's B cup breasts peeked out from the widing gap of the shirt until her matching yellow bra came into view. Untying the knot at the bottom of the shirt, Kaori pulled the shirt apart and slid them off Salina's shoulder.

Salina was not shy now and was looking at me, as if waiting for my apporval. I gave a quick nod and she reached behind her and undid her bra buckle, and leaning forward she slid it off in one swift motion. Kaori moved on to Salina's jeans and unbuttoned her and pushed the tight jeans down to the floor. Left only in a tight yellow pair of thong panties, Salina moved forward and attacked Kaori's clothes. Salina lifted the dress up without hesistation and left the slim Kaori in a powder blue satin strapless bra and a white pair of panties with colourful polkadots.

Kaori's bra was a front clasp in a cross clip and Salina unsnapped it quickly to expose the pert breasts of B cup size too. Both left in their undies only, they looked at me for further instructions. And I beckoned them to come over towards me, and with the both of them standing besides me, I reached to them with both my hands and pulled their panties down one at a time.

Looking down at the both of them, I was pleasantly surprised to see 2 shaved wet pussies waiting for me to work on them. And when I asked them when they had shaved themselves, both replied that they did it because I had mentioned to them a shaved pussy is always better and it feels good too.

cupping my left hand on Kaori's pussy and my right hand on Salina's pussy, I groped the both of them as they stood on both my sides. I caressed them lightly at first, then I proceeded to use my middle fingers on the both of them flicking up and down their wet slits. And as they got wetter by the minute, I continued my massage and started to slid my finger inside them and use my thumbs to rub their clitoris. Salina gave up first, almost buckling over under my masturbation massage. Kaori was close to giving up too, but she clenched her mouth tightly and didn't dared to move much.

Removing my hand from Salina, I told her to lie down on the sofa bed first and catch her breath. Keeping my hand on Kaori, I moved my free right hand towards her breasts and grabbed them in a kneading massage. In a few more minutes, she struggled to keep her composure and gasped loudly as she began her orgasm and fell right on me in a quivering heap. I held on to her and carried her to the bed besides Salina who was already recovering from her first orgasm of the day.

Giving instructions to Salina, I told her to move around and face Kaori's pussy. She quickly complied and moved to the 69 position. Kaori's eyes were closed at first, but as she opened her eyes she looked up and the first thing she saw was a wet pussy staring in her face. On my signal, Salina started to bend over and lick Kaori's well lubricated pussy. Flicking her tongue on her sensitive clitoris, Kaori was pushed to her limit again.

Kaori could only hold on for a while more before she orgasmed again and was squirming on the bed. But she recovered much faster this time around and went for the attack on Salina. Kaori pulled Salina down and started munching on her moist pussy. Salina was a little unprepared and she gasped as Kaori began her oral masturbation on her. Kaori was more proactive and as she licked, she added her fingers to help increase the sensation on Salina. She used her left hand to help twiddle Salina's clit and her right index finger to finger-fuck Salina.

Hooking her finger, Kaori began to rub her finger against the rough patch on the roof of the wall of Salina's vagina. The legendary G spot. Makes me wonder how much a recently deflowered virgin knows about pleasing herself...

Seems like either she's a fast learner or she has been doing some research herself. I sat nearby and watched with amusement and interest at my 2 new playtoys who were determined to outdo each other. Kaori continued her stimulation of the G spot and also increasing the licking speed of Salina's clitoris.

And it was not long befor Salina succumbed to the masturbation techniques of Kaori's and came her second time for the day. Watching her writhing in her excitement, I began to remove my clothes and move towards them. By the time I was next to them, I was already naked. Making them lie next to each other, I positioned myself over Kaori and started to slide my hard cock up and down her slit.

In one quick stab, I penetrated her right to the hilt and began to fuck her in long deep strokes. Reaching right down, I was able to bump into her cervix ring and after a few bumps, she was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I realised this from her facial expressons and eased up on the depth of my penetrations. I also varied the angle and aligned mself to rub the sides of her pussy wall better. This had a much better positive response from Kaori and I continued with my penile stimulation of her love canal.

Pulling out from Kaori, I climbed over on top of Salina and began to fuck her wet cunt in ernest. She was much tighter than Kaori and I could feel her trying to use her muscles to grip me as I plunged inside her repeatedly. Unable to hold back much more from the sensations of fucking 2 girls consecutively, I gave her a few more deep strokes before I spurted out my thick hot jizz deep inside her.

Keeping my member inside Salina, I waited a while and recovered from the exertion. And as my member grew erect again, I continued to fuck her tight constrictive pussy. The feeling was amazing. But it was starting to feel a lil sloppy inside her as I had already unloaded a shot of cum inside her. So it was time to switch pussies. I pulled out and placed Kaori in position to lick Salina's pussy, this allowed me better access to Kaori from the rear in the doggy position as she knelt in front of Salina's wet sloppy hole.

Getting Kaori to lick Salina, I proceeded to enter Kaori from behind and plunged deep inside her till my hips was bumping right against her round butt. Placing my hands right on her hips, I was able to control the fucking speed and how much I bumped against her. Taking it slow at first, I took my time to enjoy the sensation of this sexual union. As I increased the pace, I was able to feel Kaori push back against me and also lowered her front of her body to increase the stimulation she was getting at her g-spot.

Her pussy walls were also getting experienced and began to contract in pulses to grip my hard member as I plunged in repeatedly. Even though I had just came inside Salina, I was feeling that I was gonna get close again pretty soon with Kaori's stimulation. With that thought in mind, I reminded myself not to hold back and to fuck her faster. Just as I was very close to cumming, Kaori began to orgasm as well and squeezed me even tighter. This blew me over and I came straight away firing spurts of cum inside her. Salina also came another time from Kaori's oral help.

After getting them to dress up, I ushered them out of the room and told them to go home.

Back inside my "control room", I was looking thru my footages of recorded clips for any possible prey. And one more girl caught my eye, a young filipino who loved to dress sexily only on the inside (i.e. her undies). Time to gather more intel on her before I make my next move...

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