My Firsts: Chapter 1: First Time I had sex part 2   added 7 years ago
  By: MrFantastic  Age: 36  Country: Canada

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We woke the next morning, only to find ourselves in each others arms. We both smiled at each other and then I whispered in her ear "That was amazing, I'm going to make some coffee, and and meet me downstairs when your ready" then she replied as I was putting on my pants "How about we spend the day naked, theres no one in the house" I stopped what I was doing in an instance and just stayed naked.



So I went downstairs, to make some coffee, then I see her enter completely naked. And she is glowing, and smiling. She looked even more beautiful then last night, standing there in the doorway of the kitchen completely naked. So as the coffee was brewing, I asked her "What do you want to do today?" she replied "Everything" with a questionable expression on my face, I asked "What do you mean?". And she said, "Let's just have sex all day today!" I said, "Ok? ummmmm, You want to go back up stairs to fool around while we wait for the coffee?" she said "no, let's do it down here in the kitchen, let's do it all over the house." All I could say was "Great!" So she walked over and started to kiss me. Then, I picked her up by her legs as we were still kissing and I put her down on the kitchen counter and we start to make out. Then she takes her hand and reaches down for my cock, witch is half-erected and she starts to stroke it.

I start to play with her tits, then I go down and start to suck on them. Then I come up to kiss her and she asks if she could suck my cock.I agree (of course this is not the first time I have gotten a blowjob) So she gets off the kitchen counter and gets on her knees and starts to suck on my cock. Bobbing her head back and forth, I see her dark brown hair move back in forth. The I tell her to get up, I'm going to return the favor. So I bring her back up on the kitchen counter and put each knee on each of my shoulders and go down to start lick her clit, which is throbbing at this point. And go and lick it. The she let's out this little moan, which was so cute, I will never forget. Then I go and lick each flab on her pussy, as I tickle her clit with my pinky.



Then I raise my head and go to kiss her, then we hear a beep from the coffee maker, and we both realize that the coffee is done. Then we look at each other and we realize we don't want coffee, so I then take my cock and put it inside her, and then she moans a bit. And then we start to move together, perfectly coordinated as we thrust. Then she starts to moan as I go harder and faster. It felt so good. Then I grabbed each tit with each hand and started to play with them as we started to make out. Then it was time and I pulled out and came all over her stomach.



The we moved it to the living room. Then TV room. After that we ended up in the Dinning room. We started off in missionary and some how ended up doing doggy style for the first time and it felt amazing.



Then it was in the basement where did it on the pool table. Then we did it all over again multiple times. Then we decide to do it in the shower. We were already naked so I went and turned it on. And she went for some towels. We figure why not. So I got it at the right temperature and she came back with some towels and a razor. I asked "Whats the razor for?" she replied "We'll shave each other" Now this was turning me on, and never would hav realized Veronica to be this freaky and all I could think, was this is very sexy and it's really turning me on. So we both get in and start to make out.

Afterwards she starts to stroke my rock hard cock. Then I start to fingure her. And then I stick it in her very bluntly and quickly, and then I push her against the wall and start to fuck her extra hard and fast, Then I flip her over to face the wall, and start to do her doggy style. Then we continue to do it extra harder. Afterwards I pulled out and came all over her back.After that she turned around and said "This is the best day of my life, but I want to try something else" Then she gave me a "Good Job" kiss and told me to lie down on my back in the shower (It doubled as a bath tub) and then she got on top of me. And started to ride me. And as she bounced up and down on my rod, she moaned louder then I have ever heard her moan. Then I felt, I had to cum and I told her I had to. The she got off, got down and started to suck my cock. Then she told me it was ok, I could cum inside her mouth. So I just let it go and busted one of my biggest loads inside her mouth.



Afterwards she pull out the razor and told me to shave her. I must says, it was one of my most erotic moments in my life. So I started to shave off that little fluff of hair she had, then I moved down to her legs. And once I finished I handed her the razor. And she started. All I could think was "I'm glad I didn't shave for a week and theres something there for me to shave." Then once she finished she started to suck on my cock. And then she sucked every drop of cum right out of me. Then we got out of the shower and dried each other off.



We ended up back in her room and where we started to make out again, then I started to fingure her then I moved my head down and started to lick her pussy, I started by digging my tongue inside her pussy, then as I pulled it out, I licked up and ended up tickling her clit with the tip of my tongue. And as I was tickling her clit with my tongue, I started to fingure her. Then I moved down and widened my tongue and took a big like of her clit and flabs, while this happens a big load of her juices come leeking out of her pussy and splash in my face, and she started to giggle like a little school girl. I wipe my face with my hand and continue. Then once I was done, I start to kiss my way back up to her face, and once I reached her perfectly formed tits I suck on each one very gently while massaging them.



Then once I finished with her tits I made it to her neck where I gave her a hickey, and then I made it to her mouth where I deeply and passionately kissed her. Then we fell asleep together for the rest of the day.



Then the next morning I woke up and got dressed and made my way home without waking her.


And that is the story of how I lost my virginity and have a day full of sex.

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