My Fantasy about My Mistress   added 7 years ago
  By: wildwood625  Age: 65  Country: Canada

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I was browsing through the erotic book section when I saw her. She was looking at self help books in the next section. I knew I caught her eye when she gave me an over the shoulder look. She purposely dropped a book and bent over to get it, showing off her magnificent ass. When she looked back at me, I gave her a nod and smile to let her know that I approved.

Returning her book to the shelf, she turned and walked over to the erotic books that I was looking at. Before I had the chance to introduce myself, she asked if I was an avid reader of erotic books. I told her that not only was I a fan but also an author of books dealing with Female domination and cuckold husbands. I knew from the look on her face that wasn’t her type of reading. She said she was more into the erotic, sensual type of books.

Looking at her, I could understand why. She was dressed in a low cut red leather mini dress and black silk stockings that certainly showed off her fantastic legs. All I could think of was what was hidden at the top of those legs. The red lipstick on those sensuous lips combined with her beautiful smile had me hooked.

I explained that I wrote that type of book because that was what I was good at. It didn’t mean that I practiced that life style. A look of relief came over her face. After a few minutes of standing there not knowing what to say, she asked if I would join her for a coffee. I couldn’t turn down that invitation.

After we got our coffee’s she started telling me about some of the books she had read. She admitted she often fantasized about books where the all too handsome, well built and well hung men would take her to bed. She would have sex with them until she was well satisfied and then send them on there merry way. The last thing she wanted was a long term relationship.

She gave me a wink and said that just maybe I was hiding something that could satisfy her needs. All I could do was smile and nod my head. After finishing our coffee we were on our way to her apartment to find out.

When we entered her apartment, I picked her up and carried her to the sofa. When I laid her down on the sofa, I saw a surprised look on her face. I placed my fingers to her lips to let her know to lie back and enjoy.

After removing her shoes, I massaged her feet, working my way up her legs. She pulled her dress up to reveal her beautiful legs covered in silk stockings attached to a very sexy black garter belt. I undid the snaps and slowly rolled her stockings down her legs, making sure to take time to enjoy the feel of her smooth shapely legs. I placed kisses on her right leg all the way to the garter belt and then did the same with the left. The smell was intoxicating, making it hard for me to control the urge to go straight to her pussy. I wanted this moment to last forever. I wanted to bring her lasting pleasure.

I reached behind her pulling her dress over her head revealing the sexiest demi bra and breast I had seen in a long time. Kneeling back on the floor, I was looking at the Goddess in my dreams. Next I removed the garter belt but not the matching thong panties. Leaning over I slowly kissed my way from the top of her panties to her bra. Her eyes were closed and a slight moan was coming from her lips.

After removing her bra, I first kissed and then ran my tongue over her pointed nipples. Taking my time, I went from one breast to the other, her moaning getting louder. I worked my way back down to the top of her panties and stopped. Lifting her rear, I slowly, teasingly removed her panties one inch at a time. The scent of her pussy was driving me crazy. It was smooth except for one tiny patch of hair above her clit.

I could wait no longer and ran my tongue from the bottom of her pussy to the top. I was in heaven. The juices pouring from her pussy were sweeter than any honey I had ever tasted. She reached down and held my head while I ran my tongue over her clit. Her orgasm produced more of her delicious nectar. She was trying to pull my head away but I resisted wanting to stay there forever.

After her third orgasm, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. Seeing her laying on the bed was the most beautiful sight, it was like looking at an angel. I told her to keep her eyes closed while I undressed and joined her on the bed. Seeing a candle on the night stand, I lit it and turned off the lights. Our love making was the best I had ever experienced. I don’t remember how many times we came together, but I woke in the morning feeling better than I had in many months.

We made love again before I left for home. I said I wanted to see her again and I would write a love story just for her.

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