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My girlfriend is a sexy 21 year old, short (about 5'1) with a huge ass. She is very thick, especially for a white girl, and i love fucking her fat ass. She has fairly large tits (around 34C) but is still pretty slim. Her litttle sister on the other hand, is also short but very small. She is 18 and very thin, but still has a cute firm ass and nice tits.

I went to my girlfriends house one day during the summer. We were on the couch fooling around and her sister came home...I could tell she was a little drunk, but not too out of it. She was looking very tan and her legs were hot in her jean shorts. She said hi and went to the computer in the other room. My girlfriend started to suck my cock, complete with gagging and lots of drool, when all the sudden her sister walked in.

"eww what the fuck" she said when she saw, and ran out of the room. My girlfriend,embarassed, stopped what she was doing and sat on the other couch. I zipped up my pants, and went to see if her sister was ok. I walked into the computer room and saw her, "sorry, we thought you were asleep" I said. "it's ok, I thought it was kind of hot to be honest" she replied.

I couldn't believe it, but after she said it she started to rub her pussy through her shorts as she looked at me. She was already wet, and her juices were seeping through. "what are you doing!" I said, as she grabbed my hand and put it on her young firm breast.

"don't act like you dont want it she said" as she scooted closer. Right then, my girlfriend walked in. I expected her to be furious, but much to my surprise, she got a sly smile on her face. "Like my sister?" she asked. "ummm...yes" I answered. At that point my cock was so hard I could hardly contain it. My girlfriend walked into the room, wearing just a thong and a tank top, and grabbed her sister hard by the hair.

"what the fuck are you doing" she asked. "that's my boyfriend, now you're going to have to pay". She turned around and shoved her little sisters head into her sexy ass. "lick my asshole good" she said, and her sisters muffled reply could not be heard. at this point I pulled out my cock and started to rub it. I pulled her sisters shorts down around her ankles, exposing her tight teen pussy and asshole.I started to rub my cock on her as she moaned. My girlfriend then got on her knees, with her ass in the air, and told me to fuck her throat. I did so, and she gagged and drooled all over her sexy tits. All this time, her little sister was still licking her asshole.

After i was done throatfucking my girlfriend, i pulled her sister over to me. I shoved my hard cock in her tight ass and she screamed in pleasure and pain. I began to fuck her, spanking her ass occasionaly. My girlfriend laid down in front of her and made her sister lick her pussy as i fucked her asshole. By this point, I wanted to cum. I pulled my cock out of her sisters and looked at my girlfriend. "your turn" I said. she layed face down on the floor with her fat, sexy ass in the air and I began to fuck it. "you're not done either" i told her sister, grabbing her hair. I slapped her in the face and threw her behind me. "Lick my ass" I said, and she complied.

With her 18 year old sister licking my ass as I fucked my girlfriend, I could hardly contain myself. I pulled out, threw the two of them together and blew my cum all over them. As my thick white juice ran down their faces, her sister began to lick it off my girlfriends face.


Smiling, my girlfriend said, "glad you came over otnight, arent you?"

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