A slave for my sister (pt2)   added 7 years ago
  By: fwlf55  Age: 28  Country: Sweden

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Categories: Virgins/Young women, Group Sex / Threesome, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur, Other men, Cuckolded
Tags: brother young panties cum slave Group sister incest
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Humiliating

The crowd of men waste no time and approach the table as a huge mass.

Ana is pulled down from the table and instead they lean her over it. A burly looking man sits on his knees behind her, pulling her panties to the side and letting his tounge play inside her virgin asshole. She looks deep into my eyes as a fat cock is stuffed in her mouth. I can only sit and watch, as these 8 complete strangers, are violating my sister in any way possible. Hands, tounges and cocks are everywhere. She makes sure no one is left out.. no one...except me.


Her tits are lifted out of her corset, caressed, squeezed, licked and bitten. Her eyes have gone blank and glossy. She's in an ocean of pleasure. Not a care in the world for who's doing what to her.


The grunting and groaning goes on for what seems to be hours. The men have shifted into a line and take turns in fucking her swollen, sopping cunt - and her hungry drooling mouth. Her lipstick and mascara has smeared a bit, from all the attempts at deep thrusting into her mouth, making her gag and her eyes tear.



Her cunt is getting pounded by a man old enough to be her father, and that she's never met before.


The man starts rolling his eyes and grunting heavily, Ana locks her legs around his back pulling him in as he erupts in a shivering orgasm, she screams as he empties his nasty hot cum inside her young bald cunt.


After him comes the next man, A short round guy in glasses, His cock is smaller then the previous man, and he wants to try his luck in Ana's ass. Even though both her ass and cunt has been well warmed up she clenches her fist and bites her lip as he enters and begins to thrust in and out.

It doesn't take more then a few seconds of thrusting before the short round man empties his load inside her tight little backhole.


Man after man, empties in her cunt, her ass, her mouth, on her breasts, on her back. When they're all done and she's almost covered in cum, she slowly sits up, while breathing heavily, looking at me, with glazed eyes. Watching the whole scenario for this long had already driven me crazy with lust for her. Seeing her hungry look drenched in semen is more then I can handle. I beg her to please let me have sex with her. She giggles as one of the men untie me.


"Silly brother, We can't have sex - After all we're related. But I'm dirty and need to be cleaned. I want you to clean me up with your tounge Brother." she says.


I neither waste any time, Diving in between her cumdrenched legs. Licking away at her oozing sex, her sticky thighs and her cum dripping ass. Working my way up over her sexy stomache and up towards her glistening breasts, paying close attention to the nipples. I keep going up towards her neck, going around to her ear. As i reach her face level she gives me a deep cummy kiss and slides her hand down to my bulging cock.


"Brother, I'm tired of men. I want something else....Something exotic.I'll let you fuck me if you're a dog." she looks me in the eyes and say...

"Brother, are you a dog?"


End of part 2. Hope you enjoyed it (No pt 3 wont contain any beastiality.)


Stay tuned for more! Getting late so i'll finish this up tomorrow.

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