A slave for my sister (pt1)   added 7 years ago
  By: fwlf55  Age: 28  Country: Sweden

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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Audience / Voyeur, Cuckolded, Oral Sex, Other men
Tags: brother young panties cum slave Group sister incest
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Humiliating

Since a few years back I've had very arousing fantasies about my younger sister. Her name shall remain unknown, But here I will call her Ana. Also, this is pure fantasy, I would never wish any harm towards or sexually approach my sister.


In my fantasy I am led by two burly men into a shadily lit room, with thick black satin drapes covering the barely distinguished windows.


Ana is sitting in an almost throne-like armchair with her legs crossed, leaning towards one of the armrests.She's wearing a black shiny corset that is barely covering her nipples, with matching black sheer panties, black lace stockings and black high heels. Around her forearms she's wearing fishnet Bracelets, stretching all the way from her elbow and over her thumb. Around her neck hangs a long silver chain, with a silver charm resting between her breasts. Her long hazel-colored hair is carefully held up in a bun with 2 long red wooden needles.


As she notices our presence she shifts over to the other armrest and her emerald eyes gaze tensefully into mine as her crimson lips are formed into a smirk. She slowly uncrosses her legs and get up from the "throne". She begins to take step after step towards me, With every clack of her heels I feel an almost tingling sensation in my head. She stops only inches away from me, as I'm forced down on my knees by her two "associates", My hands are tied behind my back, And they take out a long pair of scissors and begin removing my clothes, one cut at a time. As I'm sitting completly naked infront of my sister Ana she looks down on me and let out a quiet giggle. She runs her fingers through my hair and gently caress my cheek.


No words are spoken as she takes her hand under my chin and tilts it upwards so that I'm looking straight into her eyes. She takes yet another step forward, And I can almost feel the heat radiating from her panty-covered sex. She again begins to caress my hair as she begins carefully rubbing her pelvis against my face. My nostrils are filled with the smell of aroused young cunt. I can't hold myself from licking her almost transparent nylon panties. Her caressing turns into firm holds of my hair as she's almost grinding her sopping panties against my face. The only sounds escaping her red lips are muffled moans as her older brother is lapping away at her cunt.


She lets go of my hair and slowly take a few steps back, she turns around and walks back to her armchair. The two men drag me closer, and sit me back on my knees again.


By now, Ana has sat down in the chair, but no longer with her legs crossed. The silence is broken as the sounds of atleast half a dozen men enter the room. Men i've never seen before, they are older. They remove their clothes and look grinningly at me and my sister while they're pulling and tugging their semi-hard cocks. The two men that where earlier standing at my side has removed their clothes and joined the crowd.


A table is carried in and sat down a few feet infront of me.

The men look at Ana with hungry eyes as she wades through the crowd of hard cocks and grabbing hands. Her hips swaying from left to right as she approaches the table, places one hand on it. Then turns around and places her firm young buttocks against it. She rests her other hand against the table aswell, and gently lifts herself up and sits down on the table. Sliding back and putting her legs up on the table - Widely apart.


She looks to the crowd of horny men... turns to me, looks into my eyes, smiles and turn back to the men...


"Boys...dinner is served.."


To be continued.


Probably in a few minutes. I figured I might aswell split it into 2 pieces =)

I'd love to know what you think so far. Even though the real fantasy is yet to unfold.

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