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Categories: Oral Sex
Tags: oral cunnalingus sucking fucking agressive
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

I would love to be in your room with you in your night clothes. For the sake of imagination lets say you are wearing some loose fitting pajama pants that are hung low on your hips and a soft tank top. I am shirtless and have just my pants on. You are watching me come in through your door and just staring at me. I can see you looking over my body and it is turning me on.


I move over to you calmly and sit down on your bed next to you with my chest facing towards you. I run my hand over your ear and through your hair and love the feel of your hair slipping through my fingers. Both of our breathing is becoming slightly heavier. I let my finger tips play lightly on your skin as I study your clothed body. One of my hands drifts to your hips and caresses your sexy hip bones and waist. Your hands move around my shoulders and youre rubbing my chest and one of yours hands finds its way to my leg and wanders towards my zipper.

I lean in close to your ear and tell you how baldy I want to taste your pussy, I can hear a slight whimper escape your lips when I say this. I smile wickedly and decide I can wait to tats your pussy, and that I want to taste your lips first. I begin to kiss you passionately and you return my passion. Our hands are exploring each others bodies and our tongues are dancing sensually in our mouths.

As we kiss we begin to lay down, you on your back and me on my side and slightly over you to keep from breaking our passionate kiss. I slip my hand under your tank top and cup a breast and twirl your nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I break our kiss to kiss my way down your neck, you exhale deeply as I nibble and kiss your tender neck.

I begin to pull your shirt up and you help me get it off of you. I get on top of you rwith my hips between your legs and keep my chest raised off of yours by supporting myself with my arms. I take a moment and admire your beauty, you seem to look at me as though you are unsure of what I am doing, so I tell you how beautiful you are and lean back in to kiss you more. After a moment I slip down your body and begin to suck and nibble on your nipples as my hands explore between your legs.

I slip a hand into your pants and am glad to see you are not wearing any panties. Your pussy is dripping wet and this excited me more. I hear you moan as I slowly stroke your pussy from your clit all the way down your sweet lips and back up again. I dont think I can wait anymore I need to taste that pussy on my lips and tongue.

I suddenly slip myself off the bed and wrap my legs under your fantastic ass and pull you over to the edge of the bed. I pull your pj pants off and before diving in I take a few moments to admire you pussy and caress your inner thighs. I lean in but before I get to your clit I decide to playfully bight your inner thigh and lightly lick your lips in broad strokes. You are wiggeling around desperate for your clit to get some attention. I like to tease you so I dont give you what you want just yet.

I lick my way around your vagina and suckle one of your lips at a time in between my soft lips. You suddenly grab a hold of my hair and try to pull me toward syour clit. This aggressiveness really turns me on so I do as Im ordered and begin to lick and twirl my tongue around your clit. Your moans are encouraging and it give me so much pleasure to see you in ecstasy. I use many different techniques I know on your sweet pussy and I love every second on eating you.

Your movements are becoming more wild and I get up and slip my hand behind your head and pull your face close to mine and I tell you how much I want to feel your lips wrapped around my cock. I then kiss you deeply and let you taste how good you are. I then lay down flat on my back and we get into a 69. Your ass is so hot right above my face and I love the way you grind your pussy on my tongue as you are sucking my thick cock.

After a while of this great experience you pull your mouth away from my cock but my lips continue to lick and suckle on your pussy. You tell me how much you want to have this thick cock in your pussy and you want it now. It sounds like an order and I do what I am told. You stay in the position you are in but you raise your ass in the air more and lean your body down more. I cant help myself I lean down and lick your pussy some more before I stand back up and position the head of my cock at the opening of your pussy.

I run one hand lightly down your back and with the other I give your hot ass a tight squeeze. I steadily thrust my hips forward, driving my cock slowly into your cunt. You are making no effort to be quite, and I thank you for it. I love hearing you moan and scream. I grab a tight hold of your ass with both hands and fuck you deep and hard. I can feel my balls slapping against your clit and hear you yelp every time it happens.

I pull out and grab you lightly by the hair and pull you up to face me. I kiss you deeply some more. While we are locked in a passionate kiss you put your hand on my chest. I dont expect it but you push me over on my back and you quickly straddle me. You tell me you didnt say I could stop, as you lower your pussy back on to my cock. You start grinding your pussy down hard on my thick tool. I grab hold of your hips tightly and pull you down harder onto my cock. I love the feeling of the tip of my cock being as deep as possible inside of you. You are grinding your hips back and forth so I slip a hand down between your clit and my waist so I can rub your clit some more for you. Youre riding my cock so hard and it feels so fucking good. You grab hold of my hair tightly and pull hard. This is taking me to the edge and I know you can tell. You lay down flat on me and breathe heavily into my ear as you pound your pussy on my cock. We begin to kiss deeply again and your pussy is trying to milk the cum out of me. I can feel your pussy contract rapidly and you moan into my mouth as we kiss. This sets me off and my cock begins to throb heavily as I cum hard.

We hold on to each other tightly, still thrusting against each other while slowing down. We try and catch our breath as we slowly and rhythmically grind our hips together.

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