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Categories: Food Sex, Steady Partner
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Location: My House
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I awaken to the smell of eggs and bacon cooking. I yawn, and the remembrance of the night before makes me smile! How can two people do such things to each other - what would our mothers say!! I giggle and get out of the bed, and follow my nose to the kitchen. She stands with her back to me, looking over the hob as the food fries in the pan. She wears only a pair of brief white panties, which barely covers her delicious backside, and an apron to protect herself from the spitting of the pan.




I stand for a moment, eyeing her up and down. THe smile fades as my arousal grows rapidly. I walk towards her and embrace her from behind. Her head goes back and she sighs and says good morning. I care not for pleasantries as my hands wander over her breasts. She tells me not to do that as she is hungry and wants to eat, and she cant concentrate.




All im hungry for is her. I wrap my arms around her waist and lift her towards the table, she lets out a girlish yelp and i force her gently to lay on her front. She is now bent over the table, her feeble protestations no match for my ardour. I crouch behind her, her panties are ripped unceremoniously from her, the tearing sound making her flinch. She is open to me now, no longer any protest, just low moans of pleasure as i gently bite and kiss both her arse cheeks. My tongue finds her anus and she gasps with pleasure. My fingers find her clit, and her moans increase in loudness.




I stand up, fully aroused and slap my cock on her buttocks, my pre-cum smeared across them. She moans and groans, increasing my arousal. Put it in me, she demands lustily, as she looks over her shoulder at me. I oblige, and begin a frantic pistoning into her. She shouts in ecstatic agony and her noises of ecstasy grow louder and louder. At this time of day most of the neighbours are at work, those who are not are in for a noisy morning! Time has no meaning now, just the pleasure that we both allow to overtake us. She comes again and again, and this brings me to the brink. I tell her im coming, she demands that i come inside her. I oblige, and fireworks go off inside my head as i orgasm into her.




I am spent, and stagger backwards as i withdraw from inside her with a sticky slurping noise. She doesnt move, just moans quietly as she lays on the table. I slap her arse and she yelps and moans again. Get up and finish my breakfast, i demand cheekily. She tells me to fuck off! Charming, i think to myself, smiling and head for the shower, leaving her motionless on the table.




The warm water runs over me, and i suddenly feel her hands on my hips as she joins me in the cubicle. I turn as she smiles at me, then we kiss. You better be ready to go again, she warns me, i need that all over again! I smile wryly, and we both look down to see my member fully erect. Oh, she says with a coy smile, did i do that?! What about my breakfast?, i say. You can have one or the other, she replies, me or the bacon?




I suddenly lose interest in breakfast.

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