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Categories: Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive
Location: Anywhere
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive
i was walking into a store on the pike when you seen me. you came into the store and followed me to the back where i was picking up a card. you said hello and asked me how i was i didnt answer and that made you very mad at me. I walked out the store and so did you continued to fellow me i went towards the train station to get on the train and you continued to fellow me but i didnt noticed it in till it was to late.

i got on the train and sat down and that when i noticed you again this time you sat next to me and said "i said hello and asked you how you where for a reason you fucking bitch why didnt you answer" I was scared at this by the moment and no one was around for me to ask for help i tried to get up but when i was passing by you, you pulled me down and started to rub on my pussy since i had on a white skirt it was very esay for you to get to. once again i tried to move thats when you started to finger fuck me with 4 fingers in my tight pussy it was hurting me so i tried to move then you tried to put your whole fist into me it didnt work to well so you grab both of my hands and held them back with one hand and continued to finger fuck me.

"you fucking slut this is what you are good for and im take what i want and its this" while saying that you ran your hands done from my mouth to my pussy sticking your fingers into my mouth so i could lick off all my juices. then you rub them around my titys and got them hard you pulled on my nipples and went back to my pussy. you let go of my one hand and started to rub on my asshole and said you was going to take it all and make me you fucking sissy cum slut whore.

when the train stop you told me to get up like it was nothing and walk with you i did as i was told. we ended up walking to your house i tried to get away acouple of time but after the 3rd time you but a leash on me and pushed 3 fingers in my ass and told me to get on my hands and knees and walk like i was a bitch as i got down you took off my skirt and said if i was a bitch i was going to look like one you then ripped off my shirt and took off my bra. you continued to walk right to a house you brought me in tied the leash to a bed and tied my legs and arms to the bed too. My legs where open as far as they could go and they you stuck a soda can in my pussy you said not to move an inch or you would hurt me. so i tried not to move at all you pulled the can out and came up to me and said this is when it gets fun.

you pulled down your pants and shoved your dick in my mouth this was the biggest dick i ever seen about 17 inch long and 6 inch around you started to fuck my mouth. all ta=hat time i was chocking on your dick you slapped me in the face with it and said you fucking bitch cant take a dick like mine you got on you got on top of me and started to fuck my tight white pussy so damm hard you came down to my ear and said to make a noise or its going to be bad. i laid there bitting my lips trying not to moan at all while you where fucking my pussy like crazy. then all of the sudden you let out a blast of cum in my pussy i could feel it running down my legs. you came up licked on my titty and said what a good bitch yuo are.

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