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Pandora Secret

I was sitting in the office when my friend teased me that I do not have any imagination!. I smiled and told her that i have more imagination then she think I. She retorted by saying that no I mean that you cannot write a story can you??..

I told her that I have written a few stories and they have been liked by people already. She asked me to show her the site.. I hesitated because you don’t want to open your pandora’s box to anyone now do you?

But she kept badgering me and so i said ok but its fiction alrite? Its not really real.. and she goes yeh yeh.. come on then. So that evening I went to her place and after dinner we went to her bedroom and she asked me to show it. I logged in with my ID and let her loose.. she read my stories, she read them all, one by one. Then she turned around, I could not tell from her expressions if she liked them or she was repulsed with my fantasies.

She asked, is your sister fantasy true? I nodded.. her eyes were wider now and she said you mean you DID all that? I smiled and said well you mix your imagination also there to make it a story don’t you?

She asked me don’t i feel scared if someone reads such intimate thoughts? I said well hopefully no one will know who I am isn’t it? But the person you are writing about will know wont they? And the people who know you quite well would wonder wont they?.

I told her that I needed to get it out of my chest, I needed to live these fantasies to get over them. She smiled and asked if she could write her own story here, I told her to create her own account and let the world know.

But she asked me to put it here anyway....

So this is my friend and she wants to tell everyone that the first time she made love with a boy was when she was 24 and her friend was 19. She was never interested in sex and most guys would try to ask her out but then give up thinking that its too much trouble. But this boy was different. He met her in the park and then walked for 2 hours holding hands, then after lunch they went to her place to listen to her music. Once inside the room they started playing around and eventually had half of cloths off.. and then that was it. She had it her STOP! She said stop i don’t want to do this.. but this boy turned her around tied her hands while her head in the pillow so she could not make any noise.

Then he turned her around and put her scarf in her mouth. She got scared, she had no energy in her legs and he was already pushing in, it was painful but she could not do anything anyway he was past her virginity quite quickly but he kept doing it anyway, there was some blood but not much, he finished in half an hour, she thought that he will let her go now, she felt dirty, but he cleaned her up with a tissue and after a cigarette he started again.. this time lasting around an hour, she was sour but her mind was buzzing with pleasure, orgasm after orgasm and for a girl who had never known this pleasure it was over powering, not that he cared for her pleasure he just used her lie a meat on his spit.

He was in her for 10 hours. After he had finished around 10pm he let her lose and told her to do what she wants, she was completely drugged on sex. She tells me that her brain was so touched with how he did it and how long he did it that she felt a very strong bond between them, she did not leave she just stayed in the room. Clearly he had reaped her and assaulted her but she liked it. This was her first submissive experience.

She says that maybe the fact that he did not run away, he stayed and just was himself made her like him more. She stayed with him for few weeks until he disappeared but since then nothing works for her better then being with a sexual dominant male.

She wonders if its normal, what do you think Pandora readers?

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