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Categories: Identified partner, Cyber Sex, Anonymity, Masturbation, The Fetishists
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Another boring day, sitting there, watching the others working, pretending to work… So lame. Mmm, let’s see maybe someone is online.. Oh, there he is, there has been a while since the last time I found him. And start typing:

"Hey there, so long"

-"Yes, I don't connect to this thing very often anymore"

"I know, I've been missing you"

-"So, what's new? Where you are?? Have your cam on?"

"Where am I? at work... and no, no cam, why?"

Why?? I perfectly know why he asks about where I am. I know you want me to do lil' things for you devil boy... but I like to pretend I don’t know nothing about your filthy intentions.

-"At work? really? no cam? that's to bad, but not so terrible, so... What are you wearing babe?"

I knew it! u want nasty things don't u?? Bad little boy, but don't u realize than I'm in an office with a lot of other people around me? But well..

"The usual, skirt, blouse, stilettos...”

-"That's not the usual, but anyway, Are u wearing those panties? the ones in the picture of that other day??"

Hell no!! How I would wear a glittery thong with chains and jewelry at work.. Although it could be sexy... mmm I have done it but, anyway..

"Sorry, not this time, but today is a black lace bikini what I am wearing"


Just nice? Didn’t u like it? Well whatever, this guy gets me so hot... oh gosh he is turning on his cam.. yes! he is naked! he is so cute, with those abs and toned arms. So lucky I meet him, well "cyber meet" him. Hope none sees my screen... nope, none is seeing, ok, I can continue...

-"That is very nice, then, why don't u take them off?"

What????? Is he insane? How in the hell he thinks I'm gonna, wait, that sounds tempting, that idea is getting me aroused... damn, what the hell.

"Boooy you are something evil!" "wait just a few secs"

MMM I'm sliding mi hands down the desk, none sees, ok, everybody is busy in their things, ok. Mmm it feels so good to touch my thighs under my skirt, knowing where my hands are going... right there, to my panties. But, first a slight finger in to the pussy. It is so hot and wet! yummy. Slowly, pulling my bikini down, yes, it is out, in my feet, please nobody call me now. Ready! They are off and under my desk.. now just to put them on my purse.


-"Really babe??" "I'm gonna believe you since you take a few minutes" "Wanna see the result of me imaging that??"


Oh my god, his erection is huge, is bigger than I remembered.. What a nice cock...

"What a nice cock baby"

-"I know you like it, I know u like to see it, that's why now you have no panties"

He is so right, damn him

-"Now beauty, tell me. Are u wet enough?? Are u dipping your clean skirt sweetie?"

Mmmmrrr yeap, you could bet on that

“Yes, kind of”

-"Tell me honey, what do you have around you?"

"Pardon me??"

-"Yes, a fat marker, a glue pencil, I don't know, office things... or would you like to use your mouse instead??"

This guy is so insane. And, that's why I like him that much. He always asks that kind of bizarre things.. And.. and, I don't have anything... no pencil no marker, at least thick enough. Damn, nothing, nothing nothing...

"Nope, sorry, I don't have anything"

-"But baby, there must be something, there is always something!""Maybe at your boss’s office"

"My boss's office????!!"

-"Yes, is he there right now?"


-"And don't you want to? Go in there to his office, leave the door slightly open, and search... a thing, a delicious thing to put in you? In your watering, leaking pussy? A thing not of your own, but someone else’s? something to leave him a little present, your yummy smell in his leather chair, a drop of your wetness in his desk... Don't you imagine that babe? You trespassing the intimacy of his place to leave your sex behind?"

“Leave my sex behind??

Wtf”This guy is nuts... and so am I! I am so fucking turned on!! I really want all that, fuck!

"But...” “Ok, give me a couple of minutes more, ok?"

-"I am anxiously waiting"

I’m standing, I can pretend than I go to the lady’s room.. Or to find some papers.. mmm the feeling of my thighs on my damp cunt pushes my clit so nice, this so exciting. Keep walking, perfect! I’m in. Let’s see, let’s see, turning on the computer… ok, the password? Oh yes, he thinks nobody knows it, so cute. Wife’s birthday. Ok, it is connecting. But what could I possibly use? Those markers are so thin, and that trophy would be excessive. Maybe this cute thing on this papers, no, too ordinary, what about this thing, a clip, yeah right.

-“Ready honey, I’m really enjoying touching my cock for you but you are not enjoying too!”

“I’m on it”

Maybe.. oh no, that would be too much.. he always keeps his little friend. And when I mean little I mean perfect for me. A little bottle of scotch. In his desk, another thing he thinks nobody knows about. Let’s see, in this drawer.. bingo.

“I’ve found something”

-“Yes? What is it?”

“Are you sure you want to know?? It is a scotch bottle!!”

-“Ha, ha, What a kinky surprise. Are you ready baby? Are you ready to put that bottle in to your cunt until you want to scream??

U yes! I grab the bottle, I watch the scotch it guards. That nice amber liquid sliding inside. That’s so fucking sick, I love it. I’m sitting back in that leather chair, opening my legs a little.. just a little? I spread them wide open, Who’s going to see that anyway?..

Mmm the glass feels cold on me, I’m so hot and ready to squirt than I tremble with the feeling. A scotch between my legs, and there is not a guy.. mmm it feels so nice. The hard, smooth and cool object entering my pussy, mmmm my naked vagina in my boss’s office at my workplace… and all that for some guy across the ocean doing a handjob on a webcam. I love the idea of that. MMMmmm I’m so turned on, I pull it back I push it in, slowly… In Out… out, in , in , in… mmmm-

“Are you cuming now babe?”

What? Are u expecting to me to answer.. Wait your turn boy!! I’m very busy right now. Mmm I want it harder, but I could scream, that would be nasty, getting caught like this… yeah, just there, right there. I start to move, I don’t care anymore about the noise, I just wanna cumm yes! Fucking glass fucking me, mmmm Yes! Yeahhhhhh! Oh god, this is so fucking awesome! Mmmm, mmmmm, fuck yes! Mmm faster, stronger… mmm better, yea almost there, almost, almost… mmmm Fuck Fuck Fuck!!! I’m done….

-“Girl, are you there?? Wanna see me cum?

I barely reach the keyboard…“yeap”

He cums, so nasty, so many milk… too bad I can’t lick it.

-“Girl I got to go, You were so delicious as always. Hope to see u soon, and hope you enjoyed this like me… Say hi to your boss form me! Xoxo!”

Bastard, u just cum and run…


I get up, I clean the mess… but not to well, the idea wasn’t that ugly, after all I want to leave my sex behind...


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