Forbidden Return   added 8 years ago
  By: HardNite  Age: 47  Country: United Kingdom

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Categories: Identified partner
Tags: denial Return friend forbidden
Location: My House
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
She's tall and blonde and can be sexy as hell, but also cruel and forbidding. We had a short 'relationship' before, but her jealousy and selfishness destroyed it.

We got together at a party, went to my place and throughout the night we fucked without thought or words. I drove into her over and over, and came deep inside her accompanied by her satisfied groans. I held her tight as her orgasms paralysed her, and she buried her face in my chest, every inch of her body pressed into mine. The sex was basic unadventurous, but intense and just what we wanted. Then she went home, and the barrage of jealousy began - to be replaced by more bodily pleasures whenever we got together.

Now I sit across the room again where the party happened. We see each other often, we text each other sometimes.

The thoughts keep coming to me over and over. Can I ever take her to my bed again? Has she changed in that year apart?
She has started exercising, her body is slimmer and more taught, but she maintains her curves. The large soft breasts that tasted so good, and felt so good in my hands are still there. She still looks at me the same, her eyes lock onto mine, my body melts at her smile.
It would be so easy to start it all over again, despite the advice of everyone that witnessed the previous destruction.
So easy to undress, hold her tight under the covers, then throw them aside, impale her on my swollen cock and drive and drive deep into her, ride the waves of pleasure as she moans. I want to see her face contort in ecstacy as i fill her with my full length, and she turns her head to one side, eyes tight shut and brow furrowed, the gasps escaping her lips. I want to look into her eyes, watch her smile and encourage me as our bodies move back and forth. I want to see her breasts move back and forth with the force of my thrusts. I want to feel her tight wetness around my cock, feel the heat, feel my balls slapping against her.
I want to taste her juices again, feel her fingers dig into my arms as the flicks of my tongue drive her to the edge.

But I sit and avoid her eyes. The pleasures of her body are far outweighed by the mental pain she can inflict. Sadly I sit and be pleasant, walking the tightrope of trying to appear as a friend, but dreading being left alone in a room with her where I might begin to weaken my resolve.

There are other girls starting to show an interest in me. Hopefully I can find one now that will want me for me, not for my cock. Perhaps I can share the intensity of pleasure with someone else soon, and drown out finally the thoughts of return.

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