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Today being Valentine's Day reminds me of incident that happened to me a year ago.


I had been in a steady relationship for a few years. Everything with me gal was damn fine. Our relationship was great and the sex was awesome. I was in love.... but craved for more. Me and my gal were staying together for a few years. We were renting the entire apartment for both of us. Both of us worked in separate organisations (thank god!).


Me being the average joe, and surrounded by gorgeous gals in office, i was bound to be tempted. One of the gals that caught my eye was Lindsey. She was slightly higher than my shoulder height, extremely slim but with a great figure. She normally dressed in the usual business suits - jacket and skirt, coat with pants, etc. There was this one fine day...she really, really caught my eye.


It was a Friday, and being the last working day of the week, we were allowed to come in business casual dressing. I came in with my polo-t and slacks and had booked a meeting room for a few of my colleagues. Lindsey came in while i was engrossed in my work and said "You reserved a place for me?". I stared up and saw her dressed in that was for the first time. She wore her silky black hair down that day, with very vibrant yet subtle makeup. She wore a bright yellow knitted turtle top which hugged her body ever so tight and had on this pair of fitting white slacks with shinning white high heel shoes. "You should dress like this everyday gal." I commented to her. "You look hot!" She giggled and said "Great... i wasn't sure about my new look". Oh man, she was hot!


The whole day i tried to get glimpses of her. Her yellow top hugged be body oh so well, revealing her voluptuous figure. She had at least 36 C's on her. All this time, it had been hidden by those stupid business jackets that she wore. Her tight slacks also showed off the curves of her ass and guess what... no panty lines visible... she was wearing a g-string.


As time passed... we got along well... our friendship blossomed and we did hang out together in groups for drinks and at parties. That was until she left the firm. We did keep in touch but i saw less and less of her. One day, out of the blue, i received a msn message from her. That was strange, we seldom chat online. She was talking about the pressures of her new job and the strain it had taken on her relationship. We continued chatting until one day she told me that she was one the verge of breaking off with her steady. She told me that it was time for her to leave him. Apparently, that bastard bf of hers was totally not appreciative of her spending time working and earning more than he did. What an asshole! I tried to console her and asked her if there was anyway that the relationship could be salvaged. She just said she didn’t know, but it seemed a gone case.


A few days after the last chat was Valentine’s Day. I was hoping to spend a romantic night with my gal… dinner, movie and renting a hotel room to spend night with her. I even ordered the wine, it was going to be a huge surprise. At the eleventh hour, she told me that she had to go outstation to work. I was damn pissed, but what to do, serves me right for not telling her in advance.


It would be a shame to stay at home, but what was I going to do? The day before valentine’s day, I arranged a dinner with a few of my very close colleagues (and ex-colleagues) who were unattached or were in the same boat with me (other half not available that night). Of course one of them was Lindsey. I thought she would like the company of others. To my surprise, she agreed.


The day came and after work I rushed over to our rendezvous place – a pub restaurant. I waited a while and Lindsey arrived. We ordered drinks and started to chat. I could sense she was bottling something, it just took some probing. Finally, she blurter out…. She had a big fight with her bf the night before. She was really on the point of breaking it off. I tried to console her and reminding her that she deserved better. We had a couple more drinks before I noticed that it was nearly 8pm. Hey, where was everyone else? I tried calling all those friends that promised to show up. None of them could make it – either they stuck in office to meet deadlines or were still stuck in traffic.


I asked Lindsey if she wanted to dance, she said yes. We had a few dances together and she was about to back to our seats. I really didn’t know what got into me that night. It was a reflex move to grab her hand as she was leaving. I placed her hands on my shoulders and as I moved to hold her waist. We were in each other arms, and it felt as if she just didn’t want to let go. “I’ll always be here for you, ok?” I said as I placed one of my hands daringly on her cheek. “Thanks…..” she said, smiling back at me.


It was nearly 9.30 pm and I suggested that she returned home. Just then, she received a call and by the change in her expression, I guessed it was her bf. As she ended the conversation, I asked “What’s the matter? What’s he done this time?” She just kept quiet but finally said “He asked me to meet him tomorrow. He wants to have a talk”. “Honestly Lindsey, just meet him and tell him its over. You deserve better. There are tones of guys out there dying to be with you. Whatever you feel for him now is just reminiscence of the past. You just have to let go ”. That made her feel better. She started to smile again. I could see her rosy cheeks perking again.


I stupidly suggested again that we part for the night. It was late and she lived quite a distance from where we were. “I’m I boring you? You seem to want to get rid of me.” Lindsey said. “No. No” I said. “Then, let split this joint, I want to go to somewhere quiet and talk. You got any place in mind?” Was that an open invitation? Bravely, I suggested “I booked a room somewhere near here. Was planning to have a romantic dinner with XX but she was away. I even have a bottle a wine. If you don’t mind, we could…” Before I could finish, Lindsey said “Sounds fine to me, but you aren’t trying to take advantage of me are you?” “No, never.” Off we went.


Lucky for me the room was still available. We checked in and I asked for my bottle of wine. We drank and chatted… about life, work, family, relationships and surprisingly sex. She told me that she had never gone the whole way. That was a surprise. She said she could never do it with her bf as she felt insecure about their relationship. It was running really late and I stood up about to leave. I thanked her for her company and told her it was the first time in a really long time that I had a chat like that. I told her to spend the night there since the room was already paid for and grabbed my jacket to make my way to the door. She grabbed me and said “Stay, I want you to stay with me”. Just then she held her arms around my neck and gave me the most exotic kiss I have ever felt.


I tried to resist, but I just couldn’t. I felt as if I had feelings for her which were bottled up so deep, I just didn’t realize they existed. As we kissed, I ran my hands through her hair and by her cheeks. She hugged me really tight and grabbed my hair, pulling me closer to her. “I want you… I really do.. I want to go all the way.” Lindsey said. “Are you sure?”. Before I could finish, she pushed my on the side of the bed and said “Yes, I’m sure”.


She stood there right in front of me. She was wearing a pink silk blouse with a black pencil skirt. Slowly, she swayed her body to my amazement, turning her back to me, bending slightly over and grabbing her fine ass, teasing me. I could feel Minnie me hardening as I watched her dancing exotically to imaginary music. “You like what you see?” she asked. “Me like. But I would to see what I can see now, if you get what I mean”. “Hold on baby, I want to make this a night you’ll never forget”.


Lindsey moved to face me. As she did, she started to unbutton her top. She did ever so slowly and she walked towards me. She kept unbuttoning and swaying, teasing dancing inches away from my body. As she did, she revealed her naked body only with her black bra on. Her bra could barely cup her 36 C breasts. Boy, push-ups really worked. She slowly slid down her skirt revealing her black g-string. Her round firm ass made me even more aroused. She ended her “striptease” by removing her pantyhose and finally ended up sitting on my lap. I knew she could feel the bulge in my groin. “You have grown really fast” She said as she kissed me again, while one of her hands gently massaging my penis. She unbuttoned my shirt and took of my pants. There we laid on our sides, only undergarments protecting our naked bodies as we kissed and embraced each other.


Slowly, I moved my hand down her tummy and made way for her pubic area. I slowly spread her legs and moved my hands into her panties. I gently rubbed her clitoris and the lips of her vagina. I could feel the tension in her lower body as she tried to control the pleasure. She felt like she was going to explode. “Hold on honey, let me try something on you.” I slowly laid her on her back as I removed her panties. She had very little pubic hair which made visual contact with her vagina very easy. I started kissing the lips of her vagina, using my tongue to lick her pussy and clit. Before I even got to fingering her, she exploded her load on me. Her hot, creamy juices went squirting all over my face. “I’ved…..I’ved never felt like that before” she said. “It felt great!” She sat up and kissed me, licking all her juices. “So, this is how I taste like” smiling shyly. “Now, its your turn.


She made me lie down and removed my undies. She gently stroked my already harden dick and she massaged my balls. She lowered her head and started to suck on my balls while her hands were playing with my nipples and the shaft of my dick. Lindsey took in my entire dick, she sucked and licked me like a pro. I wondered how many times she had done this before. As she stopped, I sat up with her legs around me. I slowly placed my dick into her pussy. “Slowly… its really my first time going the whole way” she said as my dick entered her. She let out the most exotic cry I have ever heard as I moved her up and down with my dick in her. I didn’t believe it, but her pussy was really tight. It felt like a fresh baked pie in her. Warm and soft with all her juices covering my dick. I could and still swear that I felt penetrating her hymen.


I slowly undid her bra, finally revealing her firm yet busty breasts. I slowly cupped them with my hands and I placed one in my mouth and sucked on it. “Lets not let the other one get jealous” she said as she tilted my head to suck her other nipple. I fucked her while she was on top me, she could really twist her body while riding me. I slowly then moved her face down on the bed and fucked her doggie style. It was great as I could see that she was enjoying it. Finally, I laid her on her back and entered her missionary style. I pushed on her harder and harder and she kept on moaning louder and louder. “Baby, I’m going to cum”. I pull my dick out of her, ready to explode my load, when suddenly she grabbed my ass and sucked on my dick until in came in her mouth. She took the entire load gracefully and swallowed it. Both of us just laid there naked in each others arms. It felt really great. Not like the normal sex I get from my gal.


Sex with Lindsey felt like heaven. She really knew how to satisfy a man. I really don’t know what her bf was thinking if he let her go. Boy, was he missing a great gal. Later that night, we had a bath together while we fucked in the tub. That ended up with us making love by the window while we enjoyed the remainder of our wine. We slept really well that night and woke up in each others arms. I guess it was chemistry. Our bodies really connected. When we woke up, we had to have another go at each other. We had our bath and left the next morning. (oh ya, we skipped work). The last words she said to me were “I enjoyed it last night. It was great. But we can’t let this continue. You and me have separate relationships”. I nearly forgot. But she was right.


We slowly lost contact with each other. Although I do hear news of her from my friends, I hardly met her after that wonderful night. The latest I heard of her was she left the asshole bf that she had and started dating this wonderful guy. I hope all the best for her. Oh ya, she was right. It was a night I can NEVER forget!!

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