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I was rather surprised when Lady Eleanor summoned me to the sitting room in the middle of the morning. She very seldom stopped me from morning chores. I usually didn’t see her till I served lunch. Sitting in her oversized red velvet wingback chair, I was once again overcome by her beauty. Her long black hair was pulled to the top of her head giving the impression of a queen sitting on her throne. Beneath her ankle length, black velvet dress, you could see the outline of her perfect shaped breast and legs. I knelt in front of her staring at the diamond shapes that ran through her black designer stockings, showing just enough of her legs, to have you wonder if she were wearing matching panties and bra. She is the perfect image of a Goddess.

“I am going out of town for three days and you will be in charge of the help while I am gone. You are to treat them the same as if I were here. You have been my loyal slave for the past five years and this is your reward for serving me. Make no mistake, if you don’t have them behave the same as if I was here, you will be punished on my return.” I dropped to the floor and kissed her six inch leather boots as she stood to leave. Mistress did not even turn to say goodbye.

After instructing the kitchen help to prepare enough food for the three days Mistress would be gone, they were to take time off until her return. They would be back early in the afternoon of the third day to prepare a special dinner for Mistress and her guest.

When all the help had left, I made my way to the basement to visit Mistress’s slave in training. He had been stripped naked and chained to the wall for five days. His legs had given out and he was hanging from the chains attached to his wrist. I took the water hose and started rinsing off the stench of his bodily fluids that were caked on his thighs and legs. Next I turned the water to warm and rinsed his hair and upper body. When he gained enough strength to raise his head, he stared at me and spit in my face.

I would have done the same if I had been in his position, but it was my duty to show no lenience for his action. After releasing his arms and legs, I had to hold him up to place him on the medical table in the center of the room. After strapping him down so he couldn’t move, I gave him a shot that Mistress designed. It would paralyze him long enough for me to start the changes in his body that would turn him into the eunuch that Mistress requested.


“I know at first this will be hard for you to accept, but given time you will adjust, and worship your Mistress, thanking her for the changes she made in your life. You have probably thought of me as a sadistic female punishing you the way I have. So before I begin I want to show you what you have to look forward to.” I raised my short maids skirt and pulled down my panties to show him the ten inch cock that swung between my legs. His eyes grew large and I could tell he had been fooled the same as other slaves that have passed through this house.

I lifted my cock to show him the two egg size balls that hung in my sack. I then unbuttoned my blouse to show him the perfect 38DD breast that Mistress had given me.

“You should know that not only can I turn a man on with my body, but I can then humiliate him by making him suck my cock before I fuck him. I was going to give you that ability, but Mistress wishes to turn you into a eunuch. The only pleasure you will give is sucking cock and eating pussy.”

The first thing I did was to give the slave hormone shots that would increase his bust size and another in his hips so they would spread them out to go with the narrow waist he would soon have. I then applied a special cream that would remove all the hair below his neck. Since he was now paralyzed, I was able to remove the straps and turn him over making sure I applied the cream to his rear as well. Mistress did not like a slave to have a hairy ass hole.

When the cream had done its job, I rinsed him off and applied a lotion that would smooth and soften his body. Next I placed a needle into his lips, forcing a collagen jell into them that would enlarge them makeing him a better cock sucker. Then I pierced his ears placing three silver rings in each. Later I added a small silver nose ring that gave him a sultry look. His eyebrows were waxed giving him a very feminine appearance.

I had to stop at this point because I was getting aroused and needed to relieve myself. His mouth looked very inviting but I knew it was too soon to use it. There was nothing wrong with his rear so I broke in his new pussy with my ten inch cock. I am sure he would have shouted with pain had he not been paralyzed. After I was spent I went upstairs to have something to eat. It would be a long night and I would need my strength.


After a short rest, I returned downstairs to continue the slave’s transformation. The first thing I noticed was the tears that were streaming down his face. “Don’t cry, it will all be over soon and you can begin your new life serving your Mistress. I am going to take pity on you and deaden your sack before I remove your balls. With that little dick you have, I don’t see how you will miss them.” I placed a mirror above his lower body so he could watch my surgical skills. I decided once I removed his balls, I would cut off all the excess skin around his dick to give him a smooth and uniform look. I take great pride in my work.

I placed an ammonia capsule beneath his nose so he wouldn’t pass out and miss his transformation. After sewing him up, I tied his arms and legs down again so he wouldn’t move when the drugs wore off. “This is all I will do tonight. I will see you in the morning.”

After a very enjoyable sleep, I had a large breakfast and returned to the basement. “I know you must be hungry, so I brought you an energy shake to provide you proper nourishment. We wouldn’t want Mistress to return and find you too weak to start your training.” I checked his incision and it wasn’t even swollen. His dick looked like it might have shrunk from the loneliness of not having balls. This didn’t matter since he would only show it off when Mistress wanted to humiliate him in front of her guest.

“We have the lips enlarged to perfection so now it is time to do something with your tongue.” I pulled it out as far as I could and attached a clamp tied to the strap around his waist. First I pierced his tongue and inserted a three quarter inch stud. I then attached a wire that I could hang a weight on to help lengthen it to prepare him for his pussy cleaning duties. I lifted the table to an upright position to make sure the weights accomplished the desired effect. I put a corset around his waist and tightened it to the point he could barely breathe. Then another round of hormone shots before leaving him alone to cry out his tears. Soon enough that would stop and he would accept his new role in life.

By the time Mistress returned, his tits were enlarging and his rear was spreading out. The surgery had healed and his tongue was coming along nicely. Mistress was very pleased with all I had accomplished and promised me I would be able to use him during his training. Perhaps I would have a new position in the future!



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