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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Identified partner, Steady Partner, Oral Sex, Force/Rape
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Location: My House
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Nature: Agressive

It all started with an e-mail that afternoon. It was a busy Friday at work but things were finally starting to calm down a little, I thought I’d check my personal email while I took a late lunch. Hers caught my eye right off the bat. It was my birthday and I’d felt bad I couldn’t be there at home with her to celebrate like we’d planned. We had sent the kids over to the sitter’s the night before so we could take the whole day to lounge around and enjoy each other’s company … and touch … and mouths … and …


But of course it didn’t work out that way, does it ever? I had to go and answer my cell phone that morning and hear how one of my accounts was falling apart because my new trainee still had no idea what the fuck she was doing. So I went in, leaving the biggest saddest hazel eyes looking up at me from a warm cozy bed and an even warmer and cozier body lying in it.I thought maybe she was sending me a pissed off hate mail because of the plans we’d made that I had – reluctantly- walked out on. So imagine my surprise when I opened it up and found myself staring, literally, at a piece of poetry. That’s my woman.


As I started reading it I became aware of two things happening simultaneously to me. My heart began to get that warm swelling feeling you never forget from your first teenage crush, something that to a lesser degree she manages to remind me of every morning when I wake and see her there beside me. Secondly, there was a very warm swelling going on in my boxers as well. This was one of the most touching, yet highly erotic poems I’ve ever read. ‘Damn that woman is gifted’ I thought to myself, ‘what the hell was I doing here when I could be home with the woman who had thoughts like these going through her head.’ Fuck my account.


Actually, I’d already straightened out most of the hassles here at work, even my new assistant wouldn’t be able to screw up what was left to do, at least I hoped. I didn’t really care right then though, all I could think of was the soft flesh and warmth still waiting in my bed at home, flesh that was going to get a lot hotter once I got there. I told my assistant I was leaving; she could finish up and page me if something else went wrong. She seemed to have a hard time paying attention to me, then I noticed she kept trying very hard not to glance down at my crotch. I was still rock hard from that email. I’d thrown on a pair of jeans that morning when I rushed in to work and my thick cock had stretched out quite some ways down my thigh. She caught me catching her stare and blushed, I grinned and told her I might not answer that page though, I might be into something a little deeper at that moment.


I walked into the house to the sound of Evanescence floating down from the stereo in the bedroom, she must still be upstairs, still writing I’d bet, or waiting for me to respond to that email. Oh, I had a response ready for her all right. I kicked off my shoes and began unbuttoning the long sleeved white shirt I’d thrown on this morning as I made my way through the sun brightened living room. I got about half way through the room when she appeared from around a corner and screamed and dropped a glass of milk on the dark burgundy carpet.


“Fuck baby,” she said grabbing her chest, “you scared the hell out of me.” She slowly began to bend down to pick up the glass, my eyes went immediately to her tight little ass, “I thought you were still at work, why didn’t you …”


“Leave it” I said quietly but firmly. She froze halfway down to the floor, she looked so fucking hot. She was still wearing her sheer light blue silk robe from this morning, that and a pair of white satin high cut panties was all that stood between me and what I needed most in the world at that particular moment. She slowly stood back up looking at me with a curious but slightly frightened look on her face.


“Honey …. What’s … what’s wrong …?” she stared at me a little more afraid, thinking I was angry or something, she was instinctively pulling her robe together, trying to cover the deep cleavage of her beautiful white well rounded breasts, her hardening nipples stretching against the soft sheer fabric. I caught her big hazel eyes in mine, the look of confusion and fear and timidity doing something to my lust that I wasn’t sure I felt altogether good about, but knew I wasn’t going to even try and control. I needed her. I needed her right fucking now.


“Look …” she stammered, “let me clean up the milk and we can talk about whatever …”


“Come here.” I said sternly again, my eyes must’ve been smoldering because she immediately began to slowly walk towards me, not even noticing the cold milk she’d just stepped in. She stopped about two feet from me, still trying to bundle herself up from my gaze. “Put your arms down,” I said without breaking eye contact as I finished with the last button of my shirt. Her arms immediately, though reluctantly, fell to her sides. Fuck me but I had to have the hottest woman in the whole damned world standing there in front of me. I could see curves and flesh and swells and sweat beginning to run down from her neck between her tits. She was still very nervous, softly biting on her swollen red bottom lip, fidgeting uncomfortably in front of me. “Do you see what you did?” I asked without changing the stern expression on my face.


“Look … it’s just … just milk … I can …” she stammered out in a whisper.


“Fuck the milk.” I cut her off. “On your knees.” I told her harshly. She looked up at me even more afraid and confused and god help me but it was turning me on even more. “Now!” I raised my voice. She went down on both knees in front of me, eyes to the ground, not knowing what had happened or what was coming next. I walked over until I was less than an inch from her face. I reached down and wrapped my fingers in her shimmering shoulder length jet black hair and pulled her head up even with my crotch. “This is what you did to me today.” I said as I flexed my throbbing denim covered cock only a hairs breadth from her frightened eyes. “You see that?” I said low and firm, “It’s been like that since I got your email at work, hard and stiff and hungry. You did this to me, now you’re going to feed it.” She was breathing heavy now but starting to realize that it was lust more than anger in my eyes and actions, her eyes brightened up a bit and she exhaled I think for the first time since I’d spoken to her. She began to smile a little and reach for my zipper.


“Jesus baby, why didn’t you just say you were …”


“Put those fucking hands back down,” I said in a still hard voice, tightening my grip on her hair. Her eyes closed tight for a moment at the sudden shock, then opened and looked back up at me in confusion again. “Did I say you were going to feed it?” I said more as a statement than a question as I undid the button on my jeans and pulled the zipper down with my free hand. “What I meant was, I’m going to feed it to you.” She still looked confused and shocked, but her nipples were so hard they were almost tearing through the robe and a glaze of lust was beginning to form in those big beautiful eyes. “Pull these down.” I commanded her. She reached up obediently and grabbed my pants and boxers at my hips and slowly began to pull them down my thighs.

As the waistband cleared my long thick hard cock it sprang up suddenly, slamming against her throat and chin, she gave out a frightened whimper and tried to jerk her head back. I held her firmly by the hair and reached down to wrap my free hand around the base of it. “Look at that.” I said holding it against her red flushed cheek. “Look at the cum already oozing out of it” I pushed the head against her quivering lips, smearing the pre cum along the wet luscious flesh, she whimpered again, but her tongue timidly came out as she parted them to taste me. I pulled my cock back and smacked it hard against her cheek.


“I said I would feed it to you, didn’t I?” I growled.


“Yes, I’m sorry … I …” I smacked her with it again, sending shivers down both our spines. What the hell had come over me?


“Yes I’m sorry, what?” I asked glaring down at her.


“Yes I’m sorry … sir.” She replied softly, lowering her gaze again.


“That’s better,” I said in a voice I knew was mine but couldn’t believe would be saying these things. “That’s so much better, open now, open wide for me.” Without a word she put her arms back down to her sides and opened her lips wide for me, looking up at me with eyes that knew I was about to take her places she’d never gone before. I guided the thick meaty cock head between her lips, sliding against her tongue until her warm wet mouth engulfed it up to my clenched fist. She closed her lips around the shaft and began to suck. So warm and wet, so fucking good, I began to pump it slowly in and out of her saliva soaked mouth to the wet sounds of sucking and gulping and slurping. I released my grip on my cock and slid my hand down to cup her jaw, her eyes narrowed a bit in frightened anticipation of what she knew was about to be an unstoppable violation of her throat.


Holding her face and hair firmly in my hands I pulled out until only the head remained between her drooling lips, her eyes looked up at me innocent and frightened and aroused all at the same time, her tongue flicking quickly and forcefully against the tip still pulsing inside her mouth. I stared back down with a look of determined lust and began to slowly, methodically push inch after inch of hard throbbing cock deeper and deeper into that that open helpless mouth. I felt her take one last deep breath as it reached her throat, her eyes closing in silent recognition that her throat and mouth were now mine to use as I pleased.


I pulled her head towards me as I forced my way into her tight hot throat, feeling it slowly slide down deeper and deeper, her nose was pressed up against my flat stomach now, her chin pushing on my saliva soaked balls. She was making little grunting and choking noises, tears began to leak from her tightly closed eyes, but I noticed her hips had started to gyrate almost imperceptibly, her thighs rubbing together, and I was beginning to pick up her scent of hot wet lust. Mmmmmm, felt so good to be so deep inside her, I was lost in the moment, my cock lodged deep in her throat, I flexed it hard and firm, let it pulse and throb and enjoy the hot wet tight pleasure it was buried in.

Her arms were coming up to my sides again, I pulled out slowly and she coughed and breathed heavily, gasping for air, her hand on her breast. Poor thing, choking on my cock like that, this was so turning me on. She looked up at me as she tried to catch her breath, her eyes widening as I pushed it back in before she was ready for it, her whimpering and gurgling sent vibrations along the shaft and straight up my spine. I began to fuck her helpless mouth steady now, long strokes deep into her raw ravaged throat, picking up speed while she coughed and choked and tried in vain to catch her breath between intrusions. I moved my hand from her jaw and wrapped both of them in her hair, controlling the pace and depth of my thrusting.


Her moans were changing now; I looked down and noticed her robe had come completely open; one hand was now buried inside her drenched white panties and moving urgently across her swollen pierced clit. Her other hand was squeezing her right breast, pinching and twisting the nipple.


“That’s it baby” I grunted low and deep, “my good little whore, work that fucking hot pussy while I fuck your sweet wet mouth.” She shivered up and down her body and groaned even louder on my dripping cock at my words. She was either going to have the biggest mind-blowing orgasm of her life or she was going to divorce my ass after this. My pace quickened, fucking her mouth harder and faster, getting close now, so close to shooting my hot cum down her abused little throat. She was getting there to, moaning louder, her eyes shut tight in anticipation of the orgasm her fingers were quickly bringing her to. This would not do. I pulled out of her mouth quickly and slapped my cock against her cheek again hard, her eyes flew open as she fell from her approaching orgasm and back to a world of confusion.


“Not yet,” I spoke to her sternly, her eyes following mine down to her needing pussy. Her hand slowly pulled out of her soaked panties and she looked pleadingly up into my eyes.


“But,” she said in a soft voice shaking with fear and frustration and urgency, “but … I … yes sir.” She lowered her gaze to the floor in resigned obedience.


“Not yet,” I said to her in a calm low voice, rubbing my wet dick across her cheeks and lips. “You’re my whore, that’s my pussy, my mouth, my ass, to use as I please … and I’m not finished with you yet.”


“Yes sir,” she replied, her thighs still slowly gyrating as she tried to keep her orgasm from running too far away from her. I grinned down at her and walked behind her, staring at the blue silk covered quivering hot flesh kneeling in front of me, to use and enjoy at my pleasure.


I knelt behind her and reached around with rough hands, palming her big firm tits, feeling the rock hard nipples pushing against my palms, I squeezed and massaged them as I ran my lips and teeth across the side of her neck and poor ravaged throat. She arched her head back and moaned loudly as her hands reached back to grab my hips, pulling my stiff thick cock even harder up against her writhing ass.


“Fuck me …” she was barely whispering between her moans and whimpers, her head swaying in uncontained arousal. “Please sir … please … fuck me … oh god … oh fuck … please …” I reached up around her shoulders and eased the robe off and tossed it aside along with my shirt, I could feel hot skin against my chest now, my cock sliding between her thighs and resting hard up against her wet satin covered pussy. She squeezed her thighs together tight and rubbed her panty covered pierced clit up and down my shaft; I could feel the hard steel ring under the satin gliding against the head of my hypersensitive cock.


I grabbed her hip in one hand and placed the other on the sweaty hot flesh of her back, pushing her down onto her hands and knees. Her ass now pushed up hard into my groin, begging for my cock in it’s writhing, in its overwhelming need to be fucked hard and fast. She was groaning louder now as my thick meat still slid between her legs and up against her pussy, arching sensually up and down, backwards and forwards in desperation for release. I reached down and grabbed her panties at her hips and ripped them from her, tearing the seams at the sides and tossed them behind me already forgotten. She almost screamed at the shock of it and went down on her elbows on the carpet, rubbing her dripping pussy lips hard now against the flesh of my pulsing cock, her hardened nipples brushing against the rough fibers of the carpet.


I held her hip tightly in my hand as I grabbed my cock in the other and smacked it against her soft tight ass; she moaned loudly and arched her head up looking back at me pleading with her glazed lust filled eyes.


“You want this cock, little whore?” I asked her, rubbing the tip back and forth against her hard pierced clit. “Will this make you cum?” She clenched her eyes shut tight and bit her lip in the exquisite intense pleasure shooting up from her clit.


“Yes!” she nearly screamed, “Fuck … please… fucking please … fuck me …” she was nearly babbling now, losing all control, her pussy on fire about to explode.


“Will you cum for me, whore? Will you cum all over this big fucking cock if I give it to you?” I was almost growling now, my head was spinning in passion and control and guilt and power and excitement. I needed that pussy and I needed it soon or I was going to cum before I even got it in there.


“Please,” she was begging now, tears beginning to roll down her cheeks as I continued to slap and smack and rub her pussy with a rock fucking hard piece of thick juicy meat. “Yes … fuck me with your cock … fuck me … I need your cock … I need it … I fucking … need it … NOW!!!” She was screaming loud in desperation, her body out of control and I couldn’t wait anymore, no more games, no more anything but sweet hot flesh.


I placed the head against her flooding tight hole and slammed it deep and hard to the hilt in the most incredible single stroke I’d ever felt before in my life. Her head rose immediately off the carpet as the breath was sucked out of her and her pussy literally collapsed and melted around my pulsing throbbing cock. She sucked in air and let go the lowest loudest groan I’d ever heard as she tensed and came immediately, her juices flowing like a river down our legs and onto the carpet. Her pussy squeezed down on me so hard and hot that I couldn’t tell where she began and I ended. I reached down and grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her up onto her knees against me, she let out a small mindless yelp as her back met my sweat soaked heaving chest. I held her tight to me; my arm around her waist while my other hand moved straight down to cup her clenching drenched shaved pussy.


“Yes baby,” I hissed hotly into her ear, “yes … fucking cum for me baby, cum all over my fucking hard cock baby.” She was groaning and whimpering and lost in her orgasm, her half closed eyes fluttering up into her head resting and swaying on my shoulder, her body shaking violently against me, losing all control and becoming one blinding hot molten pleasure of flesh and cum. Fuck I loved her so much at that moment. She was all there was or ever needed to be in my world. “That’s it baby,” I whispered into her unhearing ear, “let it all go baby.” I kissed her neck gently and lovingly and stroked her sweat soaked hair with my fingertips as her spasms heightened and then slowly began to finally subside.


I slowly lowered her back down onto her hands and knees, still twitching and heaving with no strength left she collapsed onto her shoulders on the floor, her head sideways on the carpet, looking out into nothing but a faint light at the end of a long warm tunnel of silken pleasure and hot flesh. My cock was still buried deep inside her shuddering wasted pussy, still hard and craving release of its own.


Holding her hips firmly I began to slide it in and out of that sweet hot wet pussy I loved and needed so much.Fucking her harder now, deeper and harder, she was gasping and whimpering against the floor, too spent to move as I plowed deeper and faster into her. Grunting loud now I knew I couldn’t take much more, I was losing my rhythm, losing control fast, I slammed hard once more deep inside her, rocking her body and pushing her across the carpet, setting off another weaker orgasm in her exhausted pussy. Thrusting again, fast, hard, determined, then once more as I felt my balls tighten almost painfully and I drove as deep and as far into her warmth as I could and exploded in throbbing pulsing jets of hot fucking cum deep into her scalding cum soaked pussy. Fuck, oh fuck that was good.I almost didn’t know where I was as I slipped my cum covered cock from her thoroughly fucked pussy and weakly sat back on my heels.


Without my hands holding her hips, her legs slowly lowered to the floor as she curled onto her side in an almost fetal position, breathing deep and slow, cum and saliva dripping onto the carpet from her open mouth and well fucked pussy, her eyes content and tired. Whew, what a fucking birthday.


An hour later I found myself in our dark bathroom filled with steam and candles and soft relaxing music. I was looking across to her candlelit face as we stretched out in a nice soothing hot bath. Her arms stretched out, her head back against the towel on the wide lip of the big tub, a glass of red wine in her hand. Her head came up and her big beautiful eyes met mine and she smiled.


“I love you.” I said easily and softly. She grinned back at me with a look that made me a little uneasy and raised an eyebrow.


“You called me a whore, didn’t you?” She rose a little out of the water and began moving towards me, still grinning in way that told me I was going to owe her.


“Look, honey … I … I ...” it was my turn to stammer now, and I was no where near as good at it as she was. She moved in and knelt between my legs and brought her finger up to my lips.


“Shhhh,” she whispered, her grin slowly – slowly – leaving her face. “I love you too.” She kissed me softly and turned around to rest her back on my chest, snuggling in with her head on my shoulder, she sipped her wine as her other hand rubbed softly back and forth on my thigh. “You can make it up to me later,” she almost sighed to me, wiggling in slowly to get comfortable against me, “my ass is still going to need some attention later tonight.” My cock twitched in its sleep a little at that. She sighed and sunk a little farther back against my chest, settling in, “now let me relax for a while,” she purred, “I have to think up a new poem for my birthday.”

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