My wife is a total slut (part 3)   added 8 years ago
  By: wickedheart  Age: 40  Country: Canada

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Categories: Oral Sex, Cuckolded, Masturbation, Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
The closest I have ever come to finding out the truth about my wife's "secret" is the night she went to hang out with her girlfriend's Amy, Natasha & Kristy at a bar. Or at least that's what she told me. She came home real late that night and totally plastered. She was a mess coming through the door and woke me up as she just stripped her clothes off and came to bed. She could barely speak and had a hard time opening her eyes. She pushed away my sexual advances with mutters and grunts. Any conversation just didn't seem to be happening. Denied I rolled away and tried to go back to sleep. Except I couldn't. My dick was throbbing at the thought about where and what my little tramp of a wife had gotten up to tonight. I began stroking my cock, envisioning her night out. I looked over and caught her masturbating under the sheets. I wasn't sure if she was noticing me, but I love watching her masturbate so I just wanted to enjoy the show for a bit.

I could see her hand moving faster against her cunt, she began licking her lips and was sucking on her other fingers. I couldn't take the sexual tension that was there. I decided to be more aggressive and began stroking my hard cock inches from her face. She opened her eyes to see my throbbing member, but she didn't stop and just smiled as she kept sucking on her fingers and rubbing herself.

"What were you up to tonight?" I demanded.
"Hmmm, wouldn't you like to know?" she replied.
"Look how hard my dick is, of course I do" I suggested.
"Mmmm, it is pretty hard" she said as she reached for it stroking it and then putting it into her mouth.

I was kneeling in front of her as she lay on the bed and I began force-feeding my length into her mouth while she continued to touch herself. I loved her blowjobs, she is absolutely the best cocksucker I have ever come across. I began to play with her nipples, gently at first, lightly carressing them and gently pinching them. She moaned in pleasure as she kept chugging on my cock.

"So what were you up to tonight?" I asked again while pinching her nipple hard between my finger.
"Ahhhh, hmmm" she muttered with my dick still in her mouth as she reacted to the pinch. I slapped her tit and asked again. This seemed to rile her up a bit as she sat up and pushed me onto my back. My hard cock sticking straight up at her face as she prepared to go down on me again. I pulled her head up and off my cock.
"Tell me!" I begged.
She smiled and said "I was sucking 3 cocks tonight" and then engulfed my whole cock with her mouth again. I bucked as her tongue swirled around me.
"Oh yeah?" I asked, not believing she was telling me this.
"Yeah!" she exclaimed trying to keep her focus on my dick. It was too much and I felt I might cum and she knew it. She was playing with my balls, hoping I would so she could no doubt pass out and get out of this conversation. I pulled her by the hair off my dick and looked her right in the eyes.
"Tell me about it" I pleaded. She laughed, I asked her again and then kissed her. She laughed and tried to go back down on me, but I stopped her and sat up. I positioned her onto all fours as I got behind her. I slapped her ass hard.
"You are a filthy slut aren't you?" I questioned.
"I sure am, honey" she said wiggling her ass against my hard cock as she started to play with herself again.
"Tell me what happened!" I demanded once again as I spanked her ass hard and then thrust my dick into her. I moved in and out slowly, but fully so she got the whole sensation of my dick, but not fast enough to make her cum. She wiggled and pushed back to increase the stimulation. I kept spanking her and calling her names as we fucked until finally she spilled the beans.

"We met these 3 guys at the bar and they bought us drinks and kept flirting with us all night. I was so turned on everytime one of them touched me while we were sitting or dancing. I eventually followed them into the bathroom and blew them all right then and there. I was sucking and stroking all 3 of their big cocks at the same time. They were playing with my nipples and calling me slut, god I love that! Mmmm, (she was getting close to orgasm as I began picking up the pace with each detail of her story) until eventually they all began to cum all over me. The one I had in my mouth first, I tried to swallow all I could but it just kept cumming and then the other two jerked off and shot all over my face. It was soo hot, you should have seen me (by now it was hard for her to talk as I fucked her hard and fast from behind, her orgasm ripping through her). They found me on the floor like that and we had to go..."

She tried to finish, but by now it was too late as her pussy contracted and spasmed all over my cock, it was more than I could take as I fired my load deep inside her snatch and we fucked each other to a mindblowing orgasm that caused us to collapse, sweaty and naked into each other's arms. We kissed as we both passed out, our tongues dancing and the taste of booze heavy on her breath.

The next morning she had surprisingly gotten up before me and had begun laundry (no doubt to hide the evidence). I brought up our steamy fuck from the night before. She remembered that, but nothing about the story that she had told me. To this day she still denies having any memory of it.

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