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  By: octungh  Age: 28  Country: United States

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Categories: Anal Sex, Cuckolded, S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists, Force/Rape
Tags: toys dominatrix dominating strap-on rape
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

For a long time now I've had fantasies centering around being raped and humiliated by one or even two women. I am on the floor, naked, my hands cuffed. A woman aproaches, wearing knee high boots, a corset, and a large strap-on. She leans down and whispers in my ear, telling me that I am here for her pleasure and that if I resist it will be very painful for me. I try to speak, but she grabs me by the hair, pulling my head back and sliding a ball gag into my mouth. She un-cuffs my hands and fits a collar around my neck, attatching a leash to it. She slides a latex hood over my head, cutting off my vision. She tugs sharply on the leash and begins to lead me somewhere.


I am led around for several minutes, a sharp tug on the leash whenever I begin to fall behind. Finally I am ordered to stand up and pushed up against what feels like a table. The hood is pulled off of my head and I am pushed forward and bent over the table. I try to yell as a hand slaps my ass hard, but the gag prevents me from doing more than whimpering. She grabs my collar and pushes me down to the floor. The gag is taken out and she tells me, you need something bigger in your mouth. I open my mouth to speak and she brutally thrusts her thick plastic cock in, ramming it down my throat and making me gag. She grabs me by the head and begins fucking my face and throat. After several minutes of this I'm covered in my own saliva and she forces me back up on the table. I hear a whisper in my ear, "Don't resist, or this will hurt", and suddenly a large object is being forced up my ass. I scream, begging her to stop, but she just laughs and forces the buttplug all the way in, forcing me back to the floor and shoving her strap-on back in my mouth.


She grabs me by the hair and fucks my face mercilessly, telling me that I'm a worthless little slut and that she's going to use me however she wants. Finally, she forces me back on to the table and cuffs my hands and legs. With a brutal yank she pulls the plug out and pushes her strap-on up against my ass...

If people liked it I'll continue the story...

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