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I stepped out of my car and walked up the sidewalk until I came to my building. I had owned my photography studio for 6 years and I had walked the same route everyday. I had almost the same thing for lunch everyday and went home at the same time everyday. My life was painfully predictable and nothing exciting ever happened in my line of work. But, I still had a strange feeling as I was walking into work today. I tried to remember who was my first client was this morning. The Monroe Family. I winced at the recognition that I was going to be bored out of my mind again today.

I had started my business with hopes and dreams that were perhaps a tad to big for this town. I wanted to take pictures for magazines and newspapers. I wanted to conduct massive photo shoots and I wanted to see my work on billboards and CD covers. But, 6 years after I started this business, the main business I did was for Senior Pictures and Family Photographs. Things had started out so well, yet they ended up being so piss poor.

I walked in the front door and walked down the hall to my studio. My assistant, Michelle opened the door.

“Hi, Claire.” She was always so cheery. That was why I hired her. She always had the ability to make anyone feel at ease. She even put me at ease, despite the churning feeling of anxiety building in my gut.

“Hey, Michelle. Is my 8 o’clock here?” I was referring to the Monroe family.

“Oh, no. You didn’t get the message?” Her face contorted in a wince.

“No. What message?” I felt irritated suddenly.

“Well, it seems Mrs. Monroe went into labor this morning. They cancelled.”

“Wonderful.” I rolled my eyes. Despite how boring the pictures would have been, I still needed the money. I walked over to my desk and opened my planner I crossed off the family from my list and went on to the next appointment. “So lets move on to my 9:30.”

“Actually, Claire…there is someone here to fill that 9 o’clock slot. If you wish to accommodate him.” In my business, I always tried to work with walk-in appointments. I didn’t get a lot of them, which was my reason for always trying to get them in. If people made a habit out of it, I would probably stop doing such things.

“Who is it?”

“He’s famous.” Her face lit up with excitement. She spoke in an excited whisper.

“Well, who is he?”

“Max Kenderly.”

I froze. Max was the best thing that had ever happened to Saint Louis. He stepped on the Baseball scene as a nobody from the boondocks, 10 years ago, and quickly skyrocketed into the stratosphere of fame. He was now the star of the St. Louis Cardinals. He was just about the most famous person in the city, And he was here?

“Why is he here?” He should have been in a bigger studio with more equipment.

“Well, it seems he ran out of time to fulfill a deadline, he is desperate.” Michelle smiled big. I knew something else was coming. “He has to take some nude photos!”

I almost spit my coffee out as she said the words. I could not take naked pictures of Max Kenderly. He had been the center of my fantasy world for years now. I could not take pictures of my real life fantasy man…there was no way. I doubt if any of the pictures would even be in focus.

“Michelle, I can’t do this.”

“Yes you can…and you will. He is in the waiting area waiting to talk to you. I suggest you go talk to the man. If you run a little long, I will take care of the other appointments.” Michelle smiled, grabbed my planner and slipped behind her desk. She made a shooing gesture with her hand and I got up and started toward Mr. Kenderly with a pen and a pad of paper in my hand. Not so much because I needed it, but because I needed something to look at other than him.

I walked down the back hallway. I knew today would be strange. I had a feeling. Now, I was about to see the man of my dreams in nothing. I had seen him almost naked before. He did a small stint as the spokesperson for COMFORT underwear last year. He posed in nothing but his boxers and I had to admit…the photographs were wonderful…y’know…from a photography stand point.

I walked through the doorway of the waiting room and he was sitting there with his hands held together. His elbows were at his knees and he was hunched forward as if he were contemplating the creation of the world.

“Hi, I’m Claire.” I shakingly held out my hand. I suddenly wished I had worn something nicer today. I became aware of the ink stain on my tight jeans and the tear in the sleeve of my off the shoulder sweater.

“Hi! I’m Max.” He looked up. His bright blue eyes sliced into me. I almost wanted to pull my hand away, but I didn’t. I took him in. His strong jaw line, his big arms, those eyes and that smile. He was made to be a subject of art.

“So, Max, what can I do for you today.” I pulled my hand out of his grasp and sat down in the chair opposite of him. I crossed my legs, and if I wasn’t mistaken, he was checking me out.

“Um, well.” He stammered a bit. “I seem to be in a bit of a bind.”

“Okay, how can I help?”

“Well, I signed up to take pictures for this charity calendar. Well, I was supposed to set up a photo session months ago to get these pictures done, but I never did. So now, the charity is wondering where these pictures are and I don’t have them. I was hoping you could take some real quick and then we could burn them to a CD or something, I know this is short notice. I will pay you whatever you want.” He shook his head in disappointment. He almost looked like a young child in trouble.

“What kind of calendar is this?”

“Well, it’s a nude one.” He blushed.

“Oh.” I felt my face blush and now our faces probably matched each other in color. “Well, what charity is this for?”

“Oh, its for a habitat for humanity kind of thing.”

“What month are you?” I needed to know so I could pose him next to things that were relevant.

“July.” Of course, he would say the hottest month of all.

“Okay. I guess let’s get you in the studio.” I stood up and so did he. He was taller than I would have guessed. When he was on TV he seemed almost short when he stood next to all his teammates who were just as tall as he was if not more so. He walked next to me as we made our way through the hallway. He smelled not of cologne or after shave like you might expect, he just smelled of soap. It was nice. It was manly. It was strangly erotic. “Back there behind the curtain is your dressing room, sorry we don’t have anything fancier. You can disrobe there and there is a towel to wrap around yourself on the table by the curtain.

“OK.” We were about to walk away when he called out. “Claire?” He reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me to face him. “Thank you so much for doing this. I owe you one.” He gave me a sexy smile and walked toward the dressing curtain.

I walked toward my desk and looked over to Michelle. She was smiling at me and I mouthed ‘OH MY GOD!’ to her. She laughed and shook her head and I grabbed my computer. I brought it over to the photography area and plugged my camera into it.

While I was waiting for them to connect, I looked around my studio for anything that was summer like. I grabbed a few sheets that were a warm honey color and then grabbed some baby oil. Just to enhance what he already had going on. The thought of him rubbing that all over himself was an intense turn-on. I felt heat stir under my skin and fire with a single shot right to the juncture of my thighs. I took a deep breath and tried to redirect my thoughts to a more professional place, and it almost worked. Until Max walked out in nothing but his towel.

He stood there like a picture of perfection. Every muscle in its place. Light hair on his chest, a trail of hair from his belly button to…well…south of his belly button. I took him in. I looked at every rippling part of his stomach and chest, then I moved to his arms. They were strong and hard. They were the kind that could lift you up, slam you against a wall in the heat of passion, hold you up as he entered you and then still be strong enough to bite into when you were reaching your climax.

Suddenly, I realized what I was doing. For almost a full minute, he had been standing there and I hadn’t even looked at his face. I looked up and he had an amused sexy smile splayed over his lips.

“Like what you see?” He laughed a little at his own cocky comment. I blushed and shook my head.

“If you like, you can go over to the futon and get comfortable.” I gestured toward the futon draped in the silky honey colored fabrics.

“Alright.” Max walked to the futon with a new kind of strut. It was full of confidence and promised satisfaction. He sat down on the futon and spread his legs open. The towel fell open and I could see everything. Though he wasn’t hard, he was still big. His muscular thighs lay open and his manhood hung between them. The sight of his muscular thighs lying open and his manhood between them was almost too much.
I was suddenly reminded of how long it had been since I had been with anyone. Over a year! This was torture. This man was sent here to torture me! I tried to steady my breathing and once again, I realized I was just staring at him. I looked into his face again and he was really amused this time.

“I like the way you are looking at me you know. It’s really turning me on. But there is a problem.”

“What is that?” I winced. I didn’t want to know what the problem was.

“I don’t think I’m supposed to be hard in these pictures, but that is what you are doing to me.” He gestured toward this towel. That was when I saw the faintest starting of a tent form on his towel. I was making Max Kenderly hard? I was almost proud of myself.

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, but it was half hearted. I wasn’t sorry. I wanted him to feel the same heat that was surging through me. I wanted him to be desperate with need. I finished prepping the camera and set the automatic setting on my auxiliary camera. I always had one of those running, just in case the pictures I was taking were ruined somehow. The auxiliary camera was hooked up to my computer and it would take roughly 45 pictures a minute.

“Ok, are you ready to do this?” I said. I looked up and the towel was gone. It was just him. The camera was rolling and he was completely naked. His skin was shiny with oil. “You already put the oil on?”

“That’s what you wanted, isn’t it?” He looked at me with a dangerous heat in his stare. He was right. Him naked and completely lubed up was exactly what I wanted. But he didn’t need to know that.

“If that’s how you are comfortable, than that is what you should do.” I looked away from him and stared at the floor. My camera faced the floor too, but the auxiliary was still running.

“Oh, are you going to be professional now?” He ran his big strong hands over his chest and slowly down his stomach.

“I’m always professional Mr. Kenderly.” I peaked up from my gaze on the floor and his hand was nearing his manhood.

“Like hell you are.” He grabbed his cock in his fist and slowly started stroking it.

“You are a client, I am the business owner. I can’t be like this with you.” I shook my head and turned around. As badly as I wanted this man, I couldn’t put my business on the line.

“What if, as a client, I tell you that’s what I want?” He stroked his manhood slower. I saw it grow in his hand. I felt the wetness between my legs bubble.

“Max, this is wrong.”

“Yeah. It is. But, maybe you need a little bit or wrong.” He scooted toward the edge of the futon. “Come here, Claire.” Like a victim of mind control, I walked to him. I stood in front of him and then he stood up. He came close to me and touched my hair. “I think it has been a long time since you were touched by a man.” He murmured into my ear. I suddenly grew defensive.

“That is none of your business, Max.”

“It is my business, If I’m going to do what I think I am going to do.”


“If it has been a while for you, then you should be especially sensitive to my touch.” He stroked his fingertips down the back of my neck and I shivered. I began to tremble under his touch. “Yes, like that. If it has been a while for you, than I will need to move slow.” He moved his lips to my neck lightly brushed his teeth against my flesh.

“Max, we have to stop.” My voice was shaky and weak.

“Don’t deny me what I want, Claire. Since I first saw you today, I have wanted you. Now, you are here in front of me, and I obviously want you.” He gestured toward his hard-on. “No one else is here.”

“My assistant is.” I looked to her desk and she was gone. Michelle and her damn coffee breaks. “Nevermind, no she isn’t.”

“So, can we do what we both want to do?” He kissed my shoulders and bit into the soft skin. I moaned and leaned into him.

“Yes.” I whispered. I felt his smile against my skin and his strong arms wrapped around me. His lips found mine and I kissed them feverishly. Before I knew it, my shirt and bra were gone and his lips were around my nipples. I gasped and dug my nails into his back. He turned me around and together we moved to the Futon. He pushed me to lay down and I did. Then, He kissed my stomach and unbuttoned the first button on my jeans. Then, he unclasped the second button. Then, he slowly slid the zipper down. For every inch of new skin revealed, his kissed and tasted it. I moved against him as he worked. Then, he began pulling my pants off of my hips and down my legs. He tossed them aside, then the only thing between him and my pussy was the flimsy silk of my thong. He kissed my pussy through the silk. He breathed hot breath through the fabric and then, he clamped his mouth down on me. I rolled my hips under him and I moaned out loud. In the midst of my movements, I barely felt him slide my panties down, but then, I felt his tongue against me.

“Oh, my god.” I felt like I could melt into a puddle under him.

“You like that?” He was so damn cocky. He smiled and went back to doing what he was doing. He slid his tongue up my pussy and let it linger on my clit. He flicked it a few times and let his tongue slide back down my folds to my opening. The heat under my skin was too much and suddenly, my entire body clenched. I screamed out as I came and he shoved his fingers inside of me at that moment. Just as one orgasm was ending another one fired off. My body was convulsing and my pussy was pulsing wildly around his fingers. My back arched and he reached up with his free hand and pinched my nipple hard. That was when my third orgasm exploded inside of me.

“Oh, fuck!” I yelled. My body was completely at his mercy and for a minute, I didn’t think he was going to stop. But then, he pulled his fingers out and crawled up to my face. He gently swiped my lips with his fingers that were drenched with the juices from my pussy.

“Suck them.” He said in a strained whisper. I took his fingers into my mouth and tasted them. As I rolled my tongue up and down his fingers, I heard him make shuddered breaths and it was as if he was vibrating all over. “I can’t take it anymore.”

He kneeled on the ground between my legs and positioned his hard cock at my opening. It had been so long since I had had sex, and I was nervous about the pain there would be, but he had gotten me so worked up earlier that I was nice and slick. He slid his massive cock into me. But the third thrust he was as deep as he could go and he just kept pumping and pumping.

“God, you are so fucking tight. You feel so good, Claire.” He growled the words. I felt his cock surge in and he kept hitting all the right spots at just the right time. Soon, I was arching my back and feeling yet another orgasm beginning to take hold.

“Max, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum for me baby, Cum all over my cock!” With that, I exploded from the inside out. I rolled my hips against him as he fucked me harder and deeper. Then, I heard him roar and felt him shoot his load into me.

When everything grew quiet, he collapsed on top of me. Our breathing slowed and he gently pulled out of me. I felt his hot cum drip from my pussy and he laid down next to me. Then we heard the beep of the auxiliary camera.

“Oh my god!” I sat up in horror.

“What?” I reached for me and pulled me back down next to him.

“I recorded that whole thing!” I covered my face in shame. How could I have been so stupid?

“What do you mean?”

“That camera over there was taking a picture about once every second and a half.”


“Yeah, I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be. Lets see the proofs.” He smiled at me and kissed me. That was when I realized that this may have been the best photo session ever.


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