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Before I begin my story, let me introduce myself. My name is Tom King, a successful author of erotic novels. Some are romantic but most involve BDSM and Torture with Femdom and Slavery added to satisfy my fantasies. I make an adequate living, even though my novels will never make the best sellers list. I had just finished my latest and decided I needed a vacation combined with rest and relaxation. So here I am driving in the beautiful Ozark Mountains headed to a remote cabin I found for rent on the internet. I chose this location for the privacy that I cherished so much.

The cabin was everything I could have asked for. Located off the road surrounded by trees and thick bushes, a person would not know it was there. I didn’t see any cabins nearby, so my privacy would be honored. I unloaded my supplies and fixed myself a drink to enjoy on the front porch. The sky was turning a combination of gold and orange as the sun set behind the trees giving me a since of peace and tranquility. Later I decided to make it an early night because I was exhausted from the drive, and headed straight to bed. When I woke the next morning, I had the strong feeling someone had been in my room during the night. I moved that thought to the back of my mind, thinking it must have been a dream.

Fixing a picnic lunch of wine, cheese and bread, I decided to explore one of the trails I had seen when driving in. The trail was well kept, giving me the feeling that it was used often. I discovered a lake along the way, and decided this would be the perfect place to relax and have lunch. After I ate, I must have dosed off, because I was startled awake by the sound of a gunshot in the distance. Perhaps I wasn’t as alone as I thought.

Sitting on the porch enjoying a drink and the sunset, I was startled when I heard a voice call out my name. Standing on the end of the porch was a very attractive woman, smiling at me, asking if I would mind if she joined me. Pulling up a chair, she told me her name was Carrie and lived a half mile down the road. I asked how she knew me and that I was renting the cabin, she said she had seen me down at the lake and recognized me since she had read some of my books. I was flattered, and right away I knew I wanted to learn more about her. When we finished our drink, Carrie asked if I would join her for dinner. She said she wasn’t much of a cook, living by herself; mostly what she cooked was done in a microwave.

After cleaning up, I dressed and walked over to her house. It was like the cabin, well hid from the road. Carrie said to join her in the kitchen while she cooked, fixing me a very strong rye and water. When I finished, she fixed another which I didn’t need because I was already feeling very dizzy. I never did get to eat.

Waking up with the worst hangover I ever had was the least of my worries. I found myself naked curled up in a cage that was built for a large dog. Looking around, I could see I was in a well equipped dungeon similar to the ones I had written about in my books. I knew there was no need to scream because there was no one to hear me. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep but that was impossible with the bright lights directly over my head. Eventually I passed out because when I woke there was a bowl with water and a slice of bread. This was not a meal I would enjoy. The water must have been drugged because after drinking it I again became dizzy and passed out.

This went on for what had to be a week before I met Carrie again. When she opened the cage I was too weak to put up any resistance while she put a collar around my neck, locking it in place, then attaching it to a chain anchored to the floor. Taking a hose down from the wall, she sprayed me with cold water, all the time telling me I stunk and was no better than the wild boar she had shot days before. When she finished, she pulled me to my knees forcing me to crawl over to a wall equipped with wrist and leg restraints. Helping me to my feet, she attached them and removed the chain hooked to my neck.

Carrie left me hanging there and returned later with a bowl of soup. She said it was loaded with vitamins to give me back my strength, so she could start my training. When night came, she would reattach the chain to my neck and release me to lie on a pallet she placed on the floor. When she left, the lights remained on which was torture in itself.

After a week my strength returned and my training began. “Tom, if you give me any trouble I will put you back in the cage and we will start over again. If you want to live to write another book, you will do every thing I say and do it without hesitation. You will address me as Mistress and that will only be when I give you permission to talk. You will not stand unless I tell you too. Torturing you may feel like punishment but it will make you obedient and realize you are nothing more than a lowly slave serving your mistress." She told me to shake my head if I understood and accepted my new place in life. Without having to think at all, I shook my head immediately. “Good now we can begin,” said Carrie with a look of triumph on her face.

After having me lie on a table, she placed a ball gag in my mouth, saying it was so she wouldn’t hear me scream. Next she strapped my legs and feet then my head and another across my chest. Satisfied I couldn’t move she turned and placed a set of piercing needles on my stomach. “I am going to pierce you in a number of places putting in large rings I can attach chains to. I will start off easy with your nipples",she said with a smile.

The needle she chose was at least a half inch in diameter. Showing no mercy, she slowly pushed it through my right nipple extending the pain for as long as she could. When finished there she did my left nipple and then pierced me above my belly button. Next taking an even larger needle, she pierced each ear twice followed by my nose. Tears of pain were streaming down my cheeks but that didn’t slow her down at all. Then she took a bottle of alcohol and poured it into each hole. I was on fire and could do nothing about it. Then Carrie pushed two inch rings in each hole, soldering them so they could not be removed.

“Now we come to the fun part. I’m going to pierce your dick and ball sack so I can pull you along whenever necessary,” Carrie said while picking up a half inch needle. “I know this will hurt but it has to be done.” Carrie started messaging my dick, and to my surprise, I was getting hard. “You must be enjoying this, the way your little dickey is responding. This will make the piercing a lot easier” she said, placing the needle at an angle in my pee hole. Pushing it through at a very slow pace, I passed out.

Carrie wasn’t going to let me miss the pain she was inflicting, so she shoved an ammonia capsule under my nose. Pulling the needle out she quickly pushed through a ring that was larger than the others. Next she grabbed my sack and stretched it as far down as possible, making a whole at the bottom and another between my balls. The first she said was to apply weights and the second to match the one in my dick when she wanted to lead me around. She removed the ball gag and I thought it was over. “Stick out your tongue and hold it there and don’t you dare attempt to scream.” Grabbing my tongue with a pair of pliers, she pulled it out as far as she could. Taking the same needle she had used on my dick, she pushed it through about an inch deep in my mouth. This time she took a smaller ring and inserted it. After soldering these together, she removed me from the table and hooked me to the chain on the floor, telling me to get a good nights sleep.

I must have slept through the morning because when she came down she was carrying a cold bowl of soup. “This will be easier on the tongue than hot soup. I want it to heal as fast as possible,” she said while spooning the soup into my mouth. After I finished eating she had me stand and walk to the table again. This time I was told to lie on my stomach as she attached the straps. Once secure, she opened a cabinet and returned with an electric hot plate. “This is to heat up the brand I made while you were out, and still in your cage. Aren’t you interested in what it says? I forgot you can’t speak or turn your head so I will read it to you. It reads property, “Property of Mistress Carrie” This way every one will know who you belong to,” she said as she placed it on the hot plate. When i was hot enough, she pressed it directly over my ass at the base of my back. Smelling the burning flesh, I again passed out. This time she didn’t wake me, instead placed me on my mat face down, attaching me to my chain.

I was left alone for a week while I healed. Carrie came down every day with my meals releasing my hands so I could feed myself. This was my reward for not giving her any trouble. “Does this remind you of any of your novels? This one was my favorite,” she said. My pussy would get so wet, it would start dripping. Then I would masturbate, having the best orgasms of my life. Every day since I have been torturing you, my orgasms have come quicker and with more intensity. I don’t know what I will do when you are no longer around.” I was thinking does this mean she will release me or could it mean something worse.

The next month was spent with Carrie hooking a chain to one of my rings, leading me to the lake and back. Some days she would have me kneel at the end of the driveway as cars passed staring at me. I knew better than to object, since I had been punished with a whip and cane for not obeying fast enough. All my will to resist was gone.

One morning Carrie came down with a huge smile on her face. “Tom, do you remember the ending to the story?” I nodded yes. “This is where the slave is tied to a cross and left in the sun begging for mercy. He was left there for days until his master decided it was time to sell him or trade him for another slave to torture. Follow me to the back yard because there I have a cross waiting for you.” I lay down as instructed while Carrie tied my hands and feet. “I am not sure this will hold you in place,” she said turning toward the house. Don’t go anywhere, I will be right back.” She returned holding a hammer and a hand full of large spikes. “Not only will this hold you in place, but it will make your crucifixion complete.” Driving the spikes into my wrist and feet, I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. Once finished, she attached the top of the crucifix to a rope that stood it up when pulled through a pulley that was attached to a nearby tree. She then attached a sign at the bottom that read “Here stands my loyal slave. May he rest in peace”. Leaving me there, hanging in the hot sun, she went to the house and returned with a lawn chair and a glass of lemonade. When I asked if she intended to let me hang there until I died, she only smiled and had another drink of her juice.



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