My wife is a total slut (part 1)   added 8 years ago
  By: wickedheart  Age: 40  Country: Canada

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Categories: Oral Sex, Identified partner, Cuckolded, Anal Sex, Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: A Bar
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I've always fantasized about cheating, but more specifically watching my partner cheat on me. Over the years that my wife and I have been together I've always got the feeling that she had cheated on me, which to be honest I'm fine with, but it's always been a bit of a weird subject when it would get raised. As I said I've had my suspicions, knowing my wife is bi, and it's always turned me on.

When we first started dating, I knew she was playing the field and so was I. We had a don't ask don't tell sort of thing going which she seemed to prefer. I knew that she had cheated on me with an ex-boyfriend pretty consistantly.

I first almost caught her during the night of our engagement party. As I can't actually prove it I often imagined it went something like this. Her ex-boyfriend Tom and his friend George were there, I had been drinking pretty heavily and so had she. We were both off mingling with the crowd of friends and I had gotten pretty distracted. During this time she had slipped out the upstairs backdoor of the bar onto the fire escape and nto the adjacent roof of the building next door with Tom & George under the pretenses of smoking a joint (something that always makes her horny) to celebrate the occasion.

With the crowd inside and them having a nice secluded spot I know it couldn't have been long before my lovely wife was standing between them stroking both their hardening cocks through their pants grinning wickedly. Leslie would have faced Tom kissing him and stroking his cock while her back faced George. It wouldn't be long before Tom would have pushed her head down to his crotch, bending her over and sticking it in her face. By now George would be pulling down her pants to her ankles and taking down her underwear too. Leslie working long and deep on Tom's pole while he held her by her hair and forced her to suck it's full length. George would be on his knees behind her licking her wet slit and fingering her, getting her ready for the experience to come.

Leslie's coat would be on the ashphalt roof as she knelt in between them, fully naked taking turns on their hard cocks. Storking them and sucking them off in unison and turn. They were both using her for the slut she is. Tom would then pick her up and bend her over as he slaps her ass before entering her from behind. George would then get into position in front of her as she would rock back and forth on their two dicks. I would imagine they would trade her back and forth for a time. Until eventually she would climb around George's waist and hang from his neck, while Tom got behind her and as George held her while fucking her dripping wet pussy, Tom would come in from behind and stick his monster in her tight little asshole. She would be sandwiched between the two studs with nowhere to go and no way to stop as they would pound both her holes for all they had.

The feeling would be getting her off and she would be screaming as she came, while we all carried on, unaware, inside. They would be relentless and only stop as her naked body would go limp. Eventually they would let her fall to the ground ontop of her new fur coat. She would be there sweaty and collapsed, exhausted only to have to go back to sucking both their pricks and pulling them until they both would errupt all over her face and tits. I can see her licking their sperm clean from them and herself as she would lie there collapsed on her new fur coat.

Eventually Tom & George would make their way back inside and ask me if I'd seen Leslie. It wasn't even until then that I thought about the fact that I hadn't seen her in a bit. I went looking for her outside but didn't see her, as I came back in she was coming out of the ladies room looking a little red. She hugged me and kissed me asking me where I had gotten off to. Later that night we went home and fucked for the rest of the night until morning.

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