Subway lust: 6 train story   added 8 years ago
  By: elDiablito212  Age: 41  Country: United States

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Categories: The Audience / Voyeur
Tags: nyc ny manhattan york new crowded subway anonymous titilation
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

I have a fantasy where I'm riding home and both me and an attractive woman are holding onto the pole in the middle of the car. When we get to Grand Central Terminal people crowd onto the 6 local and we're both pushed up against each other. I am holding onto the pole at mid level and she gets pushed up against it her crotch resting on my hand. As cool and indifferent New Yorkers neither of us acknowledges or reacts to our contact and both continue to stare ahead blankly.

As we start moving uptown again everyone standing is jostled around and unintentionally her crotch is rubbed back and forth against my hand. We still don't acknowledge each other and she doesn't adjust herself or move off my hand. We've passed the 59th street station and despite having several opportunities to move or to take a seat she's still standing there in front of me. Fuck it I decide and extend my middle finger into the fold of her crotch against her skirt and watch subtlely for a response. Nothing, so I slowly pass my finger back and forth rubbing against where I'm guessing her clit is and still no sign of a reaction on her face.

I begin to rub her more aggressively being careful not to make it obvious to anyone else around us which makes this that much more fun - doing this in a crowded subway car full of strangers. We're staring blankly past each other but after a few more minutes I notice a slight twitching in her eye and a very subtle tremble in her upper lip. She pushes herself harder against my hand to steady herself and I continue to rub her as I enjoy her tortured look as she tries to not let it register on her face. As her orgasm is building she presses so hard against my hand it almost hurts but I continue rubbing and finally she cums and lets out a barely audible yelp as I watch the tension ease from her face and she relaxes onto the pole.

When we reach the 86th street station she walks out past me without so much as a word, a look, a number or anything which is fine because the moment was everything and it was done - from start to finish on our commute.

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