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Categories: Steady Partner, Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: My House
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Im lying in the bed asleep, when he slowly creeps into the room. Im naked and he slowly pulls the cover off of me, I feel a slight chill but it’s not enough to wake me up, but then I feel his tounge on my already hard nipples from my current wet dream. I start to moan, but am still asleep because it’s a dream I think…

Then he slowly makes his way below, I really start to make noises, he finally finds my clit and starts liking it rapidly. I finally wake up and relize that hes in between my legs, I lok down at his head an pull on his hair gently. He looks up and gives me a big smile and then continues to eat me, as he does I can feel myself getting hot, and my body starting its first climax. I start to quiver all over and then scream loudly, and squirt all over him and myself…

He goes to the living room and I hear him talking to someone. It sounds like a girl, but I’m so horny I didn’t care what was going on. All of a sudden I hear hip hop music and I start to wonder, I walk to the living room and all I see is a red head with big ass boobs and a nice size ass. I smile at her showing off my freshly shaved pussy. She comes up to me and kisses my neck and then French kisses me.I see Tim watching us make out, and I see his dick already straining to get out of the confines of his pants. This is what I always wanted a 3 some with another girl. I start stripping her down and I feel myself getting even wetter as I glance her curly red pubic hair. She lowers me down on the couch and kisses my nipples and scrapes her teeth against them. She goes lower and starts to slowly lick my pussy….

I see Tim watching my reaction, and he comes to us watching the red head lick my pussy. He looks down at her pussy and I smile at him giving him permission to go ahead and get some of her taste, pretty soon she starts getting as loud as I am. After that I got jelious and told Tim to stop I wanted some of her to so he comes up and kisses me letting me taste the red heads juices, ohh that was the best tasting pussy I ever tasted. I say to the red head “Let me taste you to, she slowly got herself and me into a 69 position, where she was on top…

I see Tim watching intently and I whisper in her ear let’s get him together. We went to him and pulled off his pants and shirt. His dick was as hard as it could be. We slowly moved to our knees and started licking him up and down slowly. He starts to make loud moans. Then he pulls me up and kisses me and then says I want to eat you to, so I slowly move to the bed and they follow me…

As we were walking to the bedroom the red head tells me her name is Mary. Tim lays down on the bed and Mary starts to lick him and suck him he pulls me to him roughly and sits me on his face, it felt so good,,, we went on like that with all of us moaning and sweating it was wonderful…

Tim tells me and Mary to get on top of each other. I layed on her and Tim roughly sticks his dick into my wet tight pussy, I scream loud because it feels so good. He all of a sudden plunges into Mary, she screams louder than me I’m amazed because I thought no one could be as loud as me…

He comes all over us both and we have fun licking it off of each other. We get in the shower and mess around and then Mary as she goes out the door says next week then….

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