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  By: TexasT11  Age: 27  Country: United States

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Categories: Other men, S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

I don’t think I’m gay, but I get really turned on by the idea of it sometimes, being the submissive member in sex I mean- so this is my fantasy:

I’m about 5’11-6’ tall but really skinny, only about 135 lbs. But that doesn’t mean I’m flabby, I’m a ripped, athletic guy with a 6 pack (almost an 8 pack) but it’s because I’m so skinny in an almost feminine sort of way. So I like the idea of an older man (since I’m only 19) who is much bigger than I am, stronger, and with a huge, uncut cock. I’d meet him online, and then arrange to meet him in person, maybe at his place or a hotel. Anyway, I would be his slut for the entire weekend, letting him do whatever he wanted with me.

I’d start by having him sitting in a chair with me in his lap, rubbing him down and kissing his neck. Then he’d begin to undress me, sliding his hand underneath my shirt first, then helping me get it off. He would work his way down to my zipper and belt, and work them loose as I continued to tongue his neck and chest. With my jeans off, I’m still in his lap and his hand is in my boxers, massaging my balls and cock. After a few minutes, I take his hand from my crotch, sucking his fingers as I slide my boxers to my ankles. When they were wet enough, I would lean in close to his ear and beg, “Oh please finger-fuck me!!” With my back arching over the arms of the chair and my feet squirming, he would work his fingers in and out of my tight asshole, testing it for what was to come.

When he was ready, he would sit me on the floor in front of him, and I would take his thick piece in my hands and begin to work up and down. Then, I would begin to tongue around his foreskin. Finally, I would take his complete size and hardness in my mouth and get it as far down my throat as I could, tasting his salty precum as it dripped from my chin.

When he decided he’d had enough, he’d walk me to the bed and begin to lube up his cock, and his twink’s asshole. Then he would pin my arms above my head and prod my hole with his cock. Once he got the head inside, and I could feel the sting, he’d begin the in and out motion, going deeper and deeper until his balls were slapping against my ass in rhythm with my moans.

When he was about to cum, he wouldn’t tell me, he’d just shove his full size inside of me while cramming two fingers into my mouth at the same time for me to suck on, and then blow his load inside of me. As it dripped out, down the back of my ass and my inner thighs, he would shove his cock back in my mouth for my to clean the extra cum off. If I hadn’t cum too by that time, then I’d let him tell me what to do with that too-

Maybe someday…

^hope you liked it, maybe more later. I would love any feedback you have also, or a hot email about how you'd be my strong man...^

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