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We got back to my place after dinner about 9pm. It's cold inside so we get close to stay warm.
We are standing in the middle of the room, His arms wrapped around me, my head on his shoulders. His warm breath feels good against my neck and face. His lips start down my neck, my heart beats faster as my pussy gets warmer.

I look up into his eyes and kiss his lips soft and long. He removes my shirt and then his own as I toss my bra to the floor. My nipples brush against his lightly haired chest as his hands move down my bare back and sides. Slowly his lips reach my shoulders, as we move towards the bed. As I lay back his lips find my breasts and he begins making circles around my nipples with his tongue. I run my fingers through his hair as my nipples get harder between his lips. He sucks on one nipple while cupping and massaging the other breast.

We roll over, him on his back and me above him kissing his chest. While kissing down his body I reach down and begin to remove his pants. I pull down his boxers revealing seven inches of lovely semi-hard cock. I take hold of it and lightly kiss the tip and down the shaft to his balls and back up. Upon reaching the head again I wrap my lips around just the head moving it in and out slowly, sucking gently. He's almost rock hard as I take more of him in my mouth. I taste a bit of precum as his head reaches the back of my throat.

But there I stop. I sit up, lay back removing my pants and spread my legs revealing my little furry cunt, dripping wet.
"Your turn" I say with a wink. He leans forward, kissing my thighs as he moves in. He can feel the heat coming from my juicy cunt. He gently kisses my lips and moves up till his lips wrap around my swollen clit. He slides his tongue back down and licks up pushing slightly between my lips, cupping it to gather my wetness into mis mouth. His tongue continues up and flicks my clit. He does this again but deeper and again, deeper still. His tongue finds the mouth of my love hole, I moan softly.

He sits up on his knees and lifts my legs to his shoulders, kissing my knees and thighs. He gently brushes his cock against my slippery lips teasing my pussy, driving my crazy. He keeps my legs closed as he rubs his cock between my thighs and against my clit. I'm getting so hot that the juice on my pussy feels like it's starting to boil.

He lets my legs go to each side. He slides his cock just inside my lips, not entering completely but but moving up and down teasing my clit. I'm so hot and so ready to feel him inside me I beg him, "Fuck me, fuck my tight little pussy!" He places his head right at my love tunnel and gently pushes in. A soft moan escapes my lips. So wet and hot, "Deeper" I say, he pushes in stretching my pussy to the limits. He slowly continues until all of him is inside me, his balls touching my ass. And there he holds, waiting, letting feel him filling me.

He takes it all out and then back in, easier and more slippery this time. he begins making slow long strokes as I begin to moan. He moves faster as he lowers his body, letting his hips do the work as I wrap my arms and legs tightly around him. He pushes in as deep as he can each time as I move a hands to rub my breast and my clit.

My passionate cries grow louder as the energy inside my body builds. "I want you to cum first" he says as continues to pound my soaked cunt. I squeeze his cock with my pussy with all my strength. "so close!" I call out between my moans of intense pleasure. He keeps thrusting harder, faster, wetter until finally a scream of passion explodes from me as waves of intense pleasure pulse through my body. Beautiful streams of love juice squirt out around his cock still thrusting in me as I fall back limp.

My body is tingling all over as he continues to thrust and asks "Where do you want me to cum?"
"In my mouth" I reply. He slides out of me and moves up, straddling my chest.
I grab hold hold of his dick, drenched in my pussy juice and take it in my mouth. Relishing the taste of my own juice as I stroke with my hand what won't fit in my mouth. "oh yes, getting closer" he says as he fucks my face.

"oh take it baby, oh yes!" He calls out has his cock throbs and his white, hot, cream load splashes against the back of my throat, filling my mouth. I continue stroking, making sure to get every last drop out of him. I open my mouth to show him his tasty cum swishing around on my tongue then close it and swallow and again show him my mouth, empty. He reaches down and scoops a bit of cum from my lip and I suck it off his finger. I grab his now softening cock to suck out the last bits of cum.

Then he laid back on the bed and I crawled up into his arms and laid my sweaty head on his shoulder. He pulled a blanket over us, so warm and cozy as we drifted off to sleep.

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