Peeping Tom with a little Dickey   added 8 years ago
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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive
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Sitting on my patio, I could hear the splashing of water next door. I had consumed a few beer, and was topping that off with Margaritas, feeling brave I walked over to peek through the fence to and see who was swimming. Getting out of the water was the most beautiful redhead I had ever laid eyes on. She didn’t look that old until she removed her top. No teenager could have a set of tits like that. She had to be a 36D if she was an inch. Her thong bottoms were no larger than a postage stamp that left nothing to the imagination.

Even though I was a little tipsy from drink, my five inch dick had a mind of its own. I reached down and dropped my shorts to have a good wank, when someone walked up behind me, scaring the shit out of me. It was my next door neighbor Rita. Instead of being upset, she told me to pull up my pants and come over and meet her daughter who was home from college for the long weekend. How could I say no?

I followed Rita next door and I met Dari, her daughter. To my amazement, she didn’t put her top back on. If Rita had red hair instead of raving black, they could have passed for sisters. I knew Rita was single and bought the house with her settlement from her divorce. She had moved in two months ago, so I really had only spoke to her in passing.

“How about another drink Tom,” Rita asked as she was going inside. I figured this must mean she wanted me to stay.” Mom, I’ll fix the drinks, you go on upstairs and get comfortable,” said Dari. I settled down in the lounge chair next to where Dari was sitting. I didn’t want to miss a chance to look at those beautiful tits.

When Dari returned, I asked her what she was studying at college. “I am taking psychology as my major. We are studying how the Germans broke down there prisoners to get information about the Jews. Some of there methods were truly bizarre.”

When Rita returned, she also had a drink for me. I knew I was drinking too much, but I didn’t want to leave these two beautiful women. As usual, I was thinking with my dick instead of my head. I never finished the drink Rita brought me because I passed out.

I don’t know how long I was out, but when I woke up, I was in a very strange place and in an uncomfortable position. My hands were chained to the ceiling and my feet were spread and chained to the floor. On top of that I was totally naked. I was hanging from the ceiling and couldn’t yell, because my mouth was stuffed with what had to be a pair of panties, and taped shut.

It seemed like I had been there for hours, but it was probably less than an hour. The lights came on and I heard footsteps coming down stairs. I was shocked to see Rita and Dari approaching me dressed leather corsets and six inch stiletto boots.

“Well, how is our little peeping Tom. I see your little dickey has shrunk up. Does that mean that you are scared” asked Rita. “You don’t look like the same man that was starring at my daughter through the fence.” Dari walked over and grabbed my balls and squeezed them till I thought I would pass out again. “I guess you can tell you were drugged and are now at our mercy. Since I am studying psychology, I thought I would practice on you,” said Dari. “Don’t forget the physical torture our little peeping Tom with his little dickey will have to endure,” said Rita. Already I was totally humiliated.

“I’ll bet you don’t think we are so beautiful now” said Dari. “I think mother, you should start with a little physical pain to start”. Rita turned and opened a cabinet that was filled with whips and canes and other tools of torture. Taking out a four foot whip with 12 inch leather strips hanging from the end, she snapped it a few times in front of me to give me an idea what was about to happen.

“I think I will remove your gag Tom. The basement is sound proof, and I love to hear a man scream in pain”. Rita said with an evil smile on her face. She had not even hit me and I was crying like a baby. “Is Tom and little dickey afraid of what is about to happen, said Rita. Dari is home for the weekend, so we have lots of time to play.”

She started on my thighs and worked her way up to my chest. For such a small woman, she had a lot of strength. When she stopped on the front, Dari approached me again, grabbing my balls twisting them and them taking her boot and slammed it between my legs. I was screaming and crying at the same time. “I see your pathetic little dick has shrunk some more. Before this weekend is over, you will wish you had a pussy instead,” said Dari. “How can you call yourself a man with such a little dick? Mom said you were divorced, and I can see why. What you have between your legs could never satisfy a woman. Are you sure you aren’t a sissy fag waiting for some hunk of a man to be your master. Maybe you want to be a slave to a beautiful mistress, and service her pussy when she comes home from a date with her cunt filled with hot creamy cum. That must be it, because little dickey is starting to get hard.”

Rita walked behind me and started strapping my back. She hit me without showing any mercy. When I felt blood starting to run down my legs, I passed out.

It must have been the next morning before my tormenters returned. The first thing they did was throw a bucket of ice water in my face. “You stink and should be hosed down, but you may think we were trying to show some mercy,” said Dari. Believe me, when we finish with you, your body will not be able to tolerate a warm bath.” First taking a length of very thin wire, Dari wrapped it around my balls separating them and then twisting it around the base of my dick till I thought it would cut through. “Lets see if little dickey gets hard now”? said Dari with a grin on her face. I want to see how long it takes to turn purple and then fall off. Perhaps we should just castrate him and then his little dickey could shrink into a small clit.”

Dari then took a paddle out of the cabinet and gave my balls a good work over. Every time she hit my balls, I had to thank her and ask for another. When she was tired of hitting me, Rita came back with a four foot bamboo cane. She started by striking my lower legs working up to my shoulders. I could feel the whelps forming on my back. When she tired of that, she brought out nipple clamps with spiked ends and attached them to my nipples. Dari took two weights and attached them to the clamps. Seeing that my balls were starting to go from purple to black, Dari removed the wire, and replaced it with weighted clamps. I thought my balls would soon fall off. Finally they left.

Returning to the basement, and I didn’t know if it was still Saturday or Sunday morning, Dari asked how the peeping Tom with the little dickey was doing. I just hung my head and remained mute. I had willed myself to sleep trying to ignore the pain, so I had no way of telling how long I had been there.

Rita turned to the cabinet and brought out what appeared to be an extra long flashlight. I was wrong. One touch to my chest and I knew I had been electrocuted. She punched me all over my chest, legs and back with me screaming to the top of my lungs. Dari then took it from her and applied it to my balls. I wished I was dead, the pain was so intense. Again and again Dari pressed it against my balls and dick, each time increasing the voltage. I could smell the skin starting to burn. “I didn’t know torturing someone could be so much fun,” commented Dari.

Looking into my crying eyes, Rita said I had not seen anything yet. This was when she brought out what looked like a transformer and plugged it into the wall. She and Dari then attached wires all over my body except my head. “I have never used this machine before, so I am curious how much pain it can cause,” said Rita. It has ten numbers, so I will start with number three.” Every half hour she would turn the dial up another notch. When she reached eight, I could smell flesh burning. “Mother you are being too easy and too slow,” said Dari and turned the dial to ten. The last thing I remember was hearing my scream and feeling my eyes popping out of my head.

“That is just the pits,” said Dari when she saw I was dead. Mother, what will we do Sunday for fun now? I’ll have a whole day with nothing to do.




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