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Well This Started Back In High School So I Was Taking To This Girl Named Brenda(Who Is A Name Im Using To Protect The Real Person) And Anyways We Had Been On And Off For IDK About A Year Maybe Like Only 10 Months Anyways the Reason We Were Always Yes And No And Like Fighting Was Bc She Wanted Bondage And I Had Never Tried It B4. So One Weekend Her Parents Were Gone Fo A Wedding They Were Gone The Whole Weekend And I Was Suposed To Be At The Beach With A Friend I Go Over And We Mess Around A Bit And Have Normal Sex Nothing Really Big Happens Then She Starts Pulling Out All These Things( At The Time I Had NO idea WTF They Were) I Was Like WTF Are u Doing? She's Like I Want U To Do Something For Me Were Gonna Do Some Bondage Stuff And I Was Like No I Already Told u I Dont Want To Do That.

 anyways A HUGE Fight Takes Place And We Dont Talk For The Next 3 Years( Durning Those Years I Met a Girl That I Fell In Love With And She Taught Me All About Bondage The ABC's And SUPER Advanced Stuff Too Like Blades How To Cut Without Hurting Them Choking, How to Make Whips Feel Good, Fisting, And My Favorite How to Make A Girl Multiple Orgasam Till She Passes Out) Well One Day I Run Into Her And She Now Has 2 Kids And Was Like Hey How Have U Been ( Keep In Mind She Still Looks SO Dam Cute) Im Like Im Doing Fine And How Are U? U Look Good Even After 2 Kids, She's Like Yeah All My Money Goes To Them For Food.

Anyways We Went Out That Night And Picked Up Where We Last Left Off At. Anyways The Next Night I Went Over. It Was Just Her And Me( Her Kids We With her Mom) Anyways We Had A Glass Of Wine Hung Out Watched Like Half A Movie Bc Like 30 Minutes In She Started To Rub Her Leg On Mine Then She Gave Me "The Look" Well Its The Same Look She Used To Give Me Everytime She Wanted Sex. So We Started Getting Into It And To My Surprise She Was SUPER Tight Yes Even after 2 Kids.....

Anyways Were There Doing It For Like 30 Minutes More Then She Gives Me The Look Like I Hope U Dont Get Mad.....And She's Like BRB she Goes Into Another Room And Brings Back Like This HUGE ASS Box Full to The Top With Bondage Toys And Other Goodies. She's Like I Hope U Dont Get Mad But This Is My Thing I Cant Have Good Sex Without Bandage And I Was Like Its Cool( Hiding The Fact That I Know What Every Toy In There Was Used For)

Well I Tell Her To Lay Down And Relax That I'll Take Care Of Everything So She Did. The First Thing I Did Was A Little Bit Of Foot Fetish Then I Put Some Clamps On Around Her Nipples Like 5 In a Circle Around It Next i Put Some Clamps On Her Pussy Lips 3 On Each Then I Put A Chain From One Area To The Other And I Got A Dildo With A Clit Stimulator And Started Playing With her A Little. Ok The Chain Between The Clamps Is On There REALLY Tight....So The More Her Body Spasams The More Pain She Feels I Pushed The Dildo In as Far As Possible Then Left it There for A While.

Mean Time I Put A Colar On her With a Chain For Later On. I Also Cuffed Her Hands. So Now That I Finished That I Took The Dildo Out And I Tried To Start Fisting her a Little But I Could Only Fit In 2 Fingers Bc Yes She's that Tight After 2 Kids(I Still Couldnt Believe It) Anyways I Started Pulling On the Chain A Little And She Would Scream Everytime( Keep In Mind The Whole Time She's Screaming to Keep Going ) Till I Pulled The Chain So Hard That The Clamps Came Flying Off She Was Screaming Like She Wanted To Die But Still Told Me To Keep On. So I Got The Leash and Pulled Her up To Me And Kissed her Once. Then Turned Her Around On Her Stomach And Had her Back Towards Me I Got A Whip Single Whip and Went To Town On her Ass. Then I Stopped Whipping And Put A Butt Plug Up her Ass. Then Started Whipping It Again She Would Scream everytime The Whip Would Hit The Plug. Remember She's Still Handcuffed

Once Were Done With That I Leave The Plug there And Have Her Get On Her Knees And Give Me Oral Then Once Im nice And Ready I Wrapped The Leash around The Top Of The Bed( Her Bed Has A Canopy) Then Sat Her Down On Me And We Started Doing it Everytime We Went Down She Would Get Choked A Little

After About 30 Minutes Or So Of That She Came VERY Quickly With It Too......We Moved On I Untied Her And Took Off Her Leash.....Then I Ran A Rope From Her Hands Across The Bed And Under And Tied It To Her Ankles So That Her Butt Was Poping Out I Then Put 2 More Clamps On Her Nipples Only this Time I Ran The String Down Around The Sides Of her Pussy And Tied It To Her Butt Plug. So Once Again Everytime She Would Arch Her Back In Pleasure She Would Feel Terible Pain On Her Nipples. I then Start Doing her For Another 20 Or 30 Minutes.

Then Im About Ready To End The Sex Session So I Untied The Rope From The Butt Plug And Get A New Peice And Pull Her Head Back And Tie It Up To Her Hair So Whenever She Puts Her Head Down Those Clamps Would Rip Off Of Her Nipples Completely. So I Take Out Her But Plug and Put In her Bigest Dildo She Cried A Little While i Was Doing That. I Finally Have It Nearly All The Way In Then I Stick Mine Into Her Pussy And We Go At It. About 30 To 40 Minutes In She Starts Orgasaming

So While Im Still Fuking her I Safely Remove The Clamps So That She Can Drop Her Head If She Needed To. Then I Untie Her And Pull The Dildo Out Of Her Ass. Im Still Fuking Her The Whole Time Then I Make Her Multiple Orgasam About 1 Hour In She Has Passed Out And Wakes Up 20 Minutes Later I Had Already Untied Her And Laid Her Into Bed The Right Way Covered her With A Blankett And Got Under The Covers With her(Bc Even Though She Was Passed Out She Was Still Spasaming) So I Held Her Till She Woke Up And When She Did She Asked Me To Marry Her. All In All Not A Bad Sexpirence......Yes Thats My Word For An Encounter Like This. Oh the Whole Time I Didnt Cum.....I Know It Sux For Me But Then Again There hasnt Been a Single Girl That I Have Ever Been With That Has Made Me Cum.

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