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Categories: Identified partner, The Fetishists
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Location: A bed
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Romantic

When she's totally calmed down, She turns me on my back. She scoots down to lay her head on my belly and amorously runs her hands up and down the length of it.

“It's so round and perfect...”

She kisses it softly and looks up at me.

“You probably guessed by now that I'm pretty good at picking up on insecurities. I like to eradicate them by means of exposure. Your belly is just one part of your body that you're insecure about. It also happens to be my favorite part of a woman's body.

“When I was still a boy, one of the things I thought about the most was being a father. I would watch my father embrace and kiss my mother, and when she was pregnant, he would embrace her belly. I would always imagine myself the father, kissing my wife and embracing my unborn child inside of her. Nothing seemed more fulfilling to me.

“I suppose there was a bit of a power trip in it, too... she was unquestionably changed and owned by him. Well, I found out I was a girl, and along with all the other disappointments that I told you about before, was that of realizing I could never father a child. I would never know the fulfillment of a woman giving herself over in such a way to me.

“When I started actually seeing a real doctor in the States, they took x-rays of me, and there is a lot more to my sex than anyone thought. I do have female organs, yes... but I was also born with undescended testes. They don't really work, but they secrete. So you could say that I basically 'shoot blanks'. I say 'basically' because there was a small amount of sperm produced when I gave them a sample. But it was minuscule.”

She shakes her head. “They'd most likely die on their way.” She strokes my belly again. “So close, but no... a fantasy never fulfilled. Do you believe in miracles, Becca?”

I feel sad for her, but we had only known each other a few months and I didn't want to take a position on it. Sure i believe in miracles. Sacha was a miracle to me. Various other miracles had taken place in my life and on a small scale, seem to happen to me every day. So I decided to tell her just that. I sit up and look at her. She reached up to stroke my cheek and lets her index finger fall down my neck, between my breasts, and swoop in a circle around my bellybutton. Her eyes follow her finger as she moves it down, down o my clean-shaved pussy.

She smirks. “Yours is almost as freakish as mine... So tell me, am I going to fuck a woman, or a little girl?”

I bite my lip, half embarrassed from her making fun of my shave job. My pussy purred at the thought of her making me her little girl, though.

“Well, a woman would know what to say.”

She gets the same look on her face as she did the night before, when she held my snail trail on the towel up to the light.

“There is a bag under my bed. Would you get it for me please?”

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