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Categories: Identified partner, The Fetishists, S-M / Domination / submissive
Tags: cumm tasting degrading
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Master/slave
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Humiliating

As I walk from the bathroom, Sacha shows me to the linen closet. I open the door and the shelves are bare.

“Look down, Cro-Magnon.”

Feeling foolish, I squat to grab two towels.

“Take two more.”

It's still dark, and when we reach the bedroom, she instructs me to open and lay out a towel on the bed and put the others next to it. She sits on it and picks up another towel to dry her body. I reach to pick up a towel to dry myself.

“Ah! Not yet. I will dry you, but I will dry myself first.”

“What should I do?”

“You will stand right there and let me admire you. Right by the window.”

The light coming into the dark room through the blinds makes curvy stripes on my body, the drops of water on my skin glinting.

Sacha wrings out her braid inside the towel and tosses the towel into the hamper.

“Do you take your braid down?”

“Sometimes. Okay, come here and kneel before me so I can dry your hair. Keep your hands at your sides.”

She grabs a towel from the stack and briskly dries my hair, shoulders and mid-back with it. When she gets to my breasts, her movements become slow and gentle.

“Stand up.” She tosses the first towel into the hamper.

I stand up as she unfolds the second one. I breathe deep as she slowly, amorously dries my belly, my lower back, and my ass. She skips my crotch and moves on to my legs. When she finishes drying my second leg, she keeps my foot on the bed with my leg still raised. She softly dabs my crotch dry.

She starts massaging and pulling at my labia through the towel and looks up at me, moving her other hand up and down the length of my raised thigh. I return her gaze, lips parted, breath shuddering. Biting her lip, she coarsely wipes my vulva front to back. She holds the towel up to the light and tilts it to make visible a thick, glistening snail tail. Her eyes narrow as she looks down at it and then up at me, and she sucks in her cheeks and rotates her jaw.

“What a shame to waste it.”

I look at her with nervous anticipation.

“Get back on your knees and scoot close to me.”

My teeth start to chatter as I do as I'm told. Still holding the dirty towel in one hand, she takes the back of my head into her other hand. She massages the back of my neck and looks into my eyes, her face very calm. I've been wanting this for so long, and yet, suddenly, my face goes numb with fear. I guess it's because her expression didn't look so tough and mean anymore... it kind of made me think she was going to do something she'd truly feel sorry for. All of a sudden I start thinking, What if she wants to suffocate me, killing me with my cumm? I feel tears coming, but I don't want her to see that I'm afraid, so I start blinking really fast to keep them from rolling out. I think she's massaging my neck to keep me calm, but it's having the opposite effect. It just makes me think even more that she wants to kill me.

She tilts her head and furrows her brow as she studies my face. Her expression goes calm again. “Open your mouth.”

I take a big breath as I let my jaw drop. She shoves her fingers, covered with the dirty towel, into my mouth so far back that I gag. Her other hand is holding my head in place so that I can't move back. She moves her fingers back and forth down my throat. I clasp her arms and dig my nails in as my tears roll out. She stops moving her fingers, but she doesn't take her hand out.

She moves her face closer to mine. “Are you alright?”

Thank God. I nodded my head yes, through muffled sobs.

“You sure?”

My sobs become sighs as I start to relax, and I nod my head yes again.

She resumes moving her fingers in my throat, moving my head against them.

“Then suck, bitch... I didn't put this in your mouth for nothing.”

As my grip on her arms loosens up, I sigh in total arousal as I suck on the towel. She got the right part on my tongue and I could taste my cumm. I close my eyes and caress her arms as her gagging and moving my head start to feel more like I'm being massaged inside and out. Heat flourishes in my breasts and belly. I must have been gyrating at this point, but my concentration wasn't quite in that area. The only finger she doesn't have in my mouth is her thumb, and I feel her start to stroke my cheek with it.

“Swallow, girl...” She almost whispers.

Oh, god... I think I love her. As I stop humming long enough to swallow, I can hear her breathing heavily. Maybe I won't have to wait till tomorrow for her to make a mess of me after all...

“Look at me.”

I open my eyes and look at her as she somberly watches me suck and swallow. She keeps her fingers moving in my throat until I swallow a good three or four times. Watching me swallow gets her really worked up and I can feel her hand on my neck getting really hot. She takes the towel out of my mouth and tosses it into the hamper. My mouth is still hanging open, and she grabs my shoulder in one hand and my hair in the other and tongue kisses me open mouthed, holding my head to hers while grazing my nipples with her other hand. I wrap my arms around her neck. As she closes her mouth on mine and sucks the air out of my lungs, the kiss seems to last minutes. Our lips finally part and she rests her forehead on mine as we catch our breath.

“I know I won't be at my best if we go on tonight. I'd rather leave you high and dry for a few hours. Let's rest. Come into bed.”

Her bed is comfortable and clean. She pulls the heavy comforter over us and clasps me to her. We kiss some more, enveloped in each other's heat. Feeling dizzy again, I lie my head in the crook of her neck and shoulder.



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