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Jenny and Dobby

I work in a firm where this girl called Jenny. She is really beautiful and has a figure of a goddess. What's incredible about her is that her waist is 23 and really slim but she has a pair of DD on 34 Chest. Her buttocks are also perfect pear shaped and i love to climb upstairs behind her to look at her lovely pears. I also love to stand close to her chair to peek in to her lovely brests.

She is quite beautiful and has lovely thick black hair so this fantasy is for her.

Jenny and I are quite close friends and Jenny pretty much tells me everything that goes on in her life( with some exceptions). Jenny's Boyfriend was a very good looking african guy, he must have a big dick because she sometimes complained that her pussy gets ripped when he does it roughly and when he goes too deep she feels that its hurting in her stomach. Also when he fucks her in the ass, the pain is excruciating for her. She loves him a lot and enJennyys satisfying him no matter the cost everytime but she told me that there has to be a special occasion for Jenny to allow him anywhere near her ass.

I knew that she loved Mr. Big quite a lot, i found out this by an accident. Once she needed my help to move her stuff from one house to another and that was the first time i saw her bed room. So next week I thought of just visiting them and see how its looking. (she lives in a shared house), i rang the bell and one of the guys who live there opend the door, he recognized me from last week shifting so he said, "hi, come in, i think Jenny is upstairs and Mr Big has gone out to buy something, can you please ask them to put the music down a bit please?". I thanked him and came upstairs, when i knocked at the door i heard nothing, so i opend the door only to see that Jenny is bound with something, her hands tied behind her back her knees and ankels tied together and she on

her knees with her boobs laying on the bed..There was also some brusing on her brests and butt. I had never seen her naked before so i was shocked! I wask shocked in so many ways.. first, she was a proud girl, she never let peopel touch her, or allow people to pay for her drink etc. Second, she always keeps herself decent and never shows off too much of herself, now here was Jenny in front of me bound with tape on her face, Her lush boobs were on the bed like cakes brused and battered and her buttocks were bruesed also. I was there for a min just looking at her in the corner of the room frozen in time, then when i looked at her face, i could see that she was all red and angry, i ran quickly to help her, to remove all this stuff, so first i removed her face tape and instead of her thanking me, she goes.. "What are you doing here?" i said well i came to visit you and she said cant you see i am busy? LEAVE ME!... i said "but.".

and she said Look thanks for your help but please go away I am busy... so i put the tape back on her and left the place.. I was very confused, angry and surprised (wish i had my camera) we never talked about this afterwards. So coming back to the point, they had a very strong relationship.

Few days later when we met up for drinks, Mr Big asked me why i left.. and i said well Jenny was not happy for me to stay as she was

indisposed, and Mr. Big laughed and said, "haha. like that INDISPOSED, look come on man, you should have stayed it would have been fun.." I wanted to say something but i stopped because Jenny's face was going red and i could tell that she was really not happy about us talking about this, so i simply said ok maybe next time and went to get another round of drinks. She never talked about it and weeks past by i was desprate to get her naked and fuck the living daylights out of her, but you know how it is once you are designated "FRIEND" you have no chance to do anything with the girl you simply worship.

My only chance was Mr Big's unusal offer, so one friday evening i said to Jenny, why dont we have a drink in the evening with Mr. Big when he finishes his work, she was busy doing some paper work and casually said "ok if he is free we can go for a drink" as if not

caring for it at all. I came by around 4pm and she said that Mr. Big would really like a drink with us. I smiled and went back to my desk.

In the evening as soon as Jenny's round came up I asked Mr. Big, "Mr Big, you know you said that i could have stayed longer at your place when i came?" He said, that was sometime back mate.. why you asking now. I said well i would like to Jennyin in if you dont mind. He looked at me seriously and said yeh sure mate but there is just one condition THERE IS NO GETTING OUT.. I thought to myself he thinks i cant see Jenny hurt so he is saying that. I said, yeh! ok and Mr. Big had this big grin and said, i am glad you said that because since you came i have been meaning to try some things which includes you.

When Jenny came to our table back Mr. Big was still smiling and she said, what's going on, why are you smiling like that. Mr Big said, dobby here has decided to Jennyin in with us. Jenny looked at me, she said are you insane? I told you never to talk about it. I said in protest "no you never talked about it at all, and she said well duh! why do you think that was". Mr.Big pressed Jenny's thigh and said, "Jenny" in a tone I never heard and she went quiet. Mr big asked me what i was doing on sunday and i said nothing so he asked me to come over around 11am.

Jenny kept looking down and did not speak a word, I felt that i had betrayed Jenny, and after a while i wispered to Jenny, "Jenny, look i am sorry ok? I will tell Mr Big that i am not going to come. Finally, Jenny looked at me and said, look dobby, i like to keep my home and my work seperate and my sex life is completely seperate, i didnt want you to include you in this because you may get hurt, Mr Big is quite unrelenting. This could affect our friendship or even work lives", so i said ok i will go and tell him now and she said "NO! Dobby, you cant do these things, its too late now, you wanted to see me naked didnt you? well you will see a lot more then that... and dont worry about me, I dont mind.. really!. I said ok and left as soon as i finished my drink.

Saturday came and i spent most of my time self grooming and in anticipation and come sunday i was knocking at Jenny's Door.

Knock! Knock!..

Big opend the door, and asked me to come in, we sat down in the kitchen table and started having a glass of wine. Big said, jenny has gone to the shops and its a good time for me to explain some stuff, i was listening lntently.

He said, jenny and i have a loving relationship but she always wants some more, and for sometime we have been doing things like what you saw the other day. I am getting bored of it and i wanted to add an extra person, but jenny does not want to share me with anyone so i thought since she dont want to share me maybe i can share her with someone. I know you have hots for jenny man, so this is your chance to enjoy her. She wont say nothing so you do what you like, but it is a three some so dont panic ok? whatever happens in that room let it be.

I did not understand what big had said, surely he is not going to do anything with me, i mean i am not gay and neither is Big, so i agreed. Jenny came after a while and sat down with us casually. She had a glass of wine also and then we all went upstairs in the bedroom.

Big comanded cloths off, i didnt know who he was talking to but as he was talking his own cloths off i did the same and jenny had already dropped everything. Then he said jenny go suck dobby and jenny came down on her knees and crawled to me and started sucking my dick. I was smiling and jenny was looking down, so i said jenny look me in the eyes when you are sucking my dick, she looked up this time she was not angry but eager to please me. When i was fully erect, i told her to go doggy style and i started fucking her. She was quite tight, as i was fucking jenny, big came close to her mouth and jenny started sucking his dick, slowley i could see that he had a huge dick and jenny was enjoying it quite a lot

Then Big went in the bathroom and came out with some cream, SHIT! i knew this was not a good idea this guy is bigger then me twice over and oh no.. no way! i was just about to get up when jenny pulled me back to her, and said dobby, do you love me? and i said yes instinctively. Jenny said, dobby big is going to leave me and i will kill myself if he did, please let him do what he wants please please please and with that she kissed me, it was such a loving and deep kiss that i forgot everything else.. well until there was this warm feeling at the edge of my ass, big was saying dobby realax ok? i have you now and if you dont cooperate you will have a rip in your ass.. SHIT!.. jenny was holding me firm and big;s big head was already pushing at my protesting ass.

I bit on jennys boobs jenny cried out at the same time as i did, big had not waited for me to relax what ever that meant. I had this sharp sensation of pain and my legs had given way to the pain, i flopped on jenny with my dick still inside of her, some how it had grown even more. Big started pounding my ass and his thrusts were making me fuck jenny. After a few min i thought that it was over but oh no.. big kept pushing inside and then i had another sensation of deep pain, i think he had past my butt and was going into my entestines.. it really was unbarable and i was about to protest but jenny said, dobby i know its the second pain.. its ok you can do the same to me later but please hang in there its just a little more.. a little more it was not!

Big was relentless he certainly ripped my ass as it was bleeding and every thrust he made gave me a sharp pain until it was over.

Big came inside my ass and then left us alone and went to the bathroom, i had tears in my eye, and jenny was kissing me all over. It was odd feeling, but i fucked jenny twice over afterwards.

We did these things few more times until jenny left the job and then both of them disappeared somewhere.

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